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Advanced Manufacturing, Innovative Partnerships , Advanced Communities. June 2013. The Polytechnical Model of Education. First Implementation of ‘Polytechnical Model’. a Polytechnical Model. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Advanced Manufacturing, Innovative Partnerships , Advanced Communities

A CMRC/CCC Partnership

Advanced Manufacturing,Innovative Partnerships,Advanced Communities.

June 2013

The Polytechnical Model of Education1First Implementation of Polytechnical Model

austinpolytech.org2 Polytechnical ModelThe Polytechnical Model is intended to provide a foundation for community development, industrial retention and reindustrialization by inspiring and preparing the next generation of leaders in all aspects of advance manufacturing Polytechnical ModelUnlike traditional vocational education, which prepares student only for work on the shop floor, Polytechnical schools prepare students for leadership at all levels of advance Manufacturing

Skills productionEngineeringManagementOwnershipIntellectual Property (Law)Polytechnical ModelOur approach is premised on the knowledge that we must re-discover, Re-define and rebuild manufacturing if we are to advance a sustainable society

Manufacturing is essential to building a broad base middle class Polytechnical ModelManufacturing Renaissance (in conjunction with CMRC) developed the Austin Polytechnical Academy in ChicagoThe Model has three primary, interrelated aspects1. Linkage to Manufacturing

2. Superior Academic Performance

3. A deep commitment to equity, access and development for all communities.

Polytechnical ModelThe Intention is to go Beyond the traditional Vocational/ Trade school model in terms of preparation and Post-academic opportunities

Our objective is the give every graduate a choice (Dual Pathway)

Going to a four year universityHelping to sustain a familySome combination

Austin Polytechnical AcademySmall, selective enrollment, public high school

College and Career PrepRequire Foundational competency Require Technical competency3-4 years of pre-engineeringProject Lead the Way Advanced machining for all studentsNational Inst. For Metalworking SkillCompetency base

Industry Credentials and Diploma

Austin Polytechs MissionPrepare the next generation of leaders in all aspects of manufacturingnot a trade school!

Skilled production positions



Policy, intellectual property, research, and related fields


Partners for Austin PolytechOver 60 industry partnerscompanies, colleges, and universities

Work experience opportunitiesPlant toursIndustry credentials Job shadowingInternships and summer jobsCareer-track jobs

10Rebuilding the Austin CommunityExposure and Orientation to ManufacturingPlant tours, career path concept, teacher education

Career ReadinessJob shadows, internships, soft -skills training, hard-skills (NIMS) training

Leadership Development (Capacity & Values)Student-owned manufacturing business, Sustainability Leadership Club, SkillsUSA, patent law workshop

Career PlacementEntry-level jobs explicitly connected to post-second education and career path, ongoing support & tracking


Rebuilding the CommunityDemonstrate that our economic recovery will be in communities most affected by the crisis

Link youth and adults to high wage careers through education

Austin Manufacturing TrainingCenter for adults

Post-secondary opportunities

Austin Manufacturing Innovation Park

Attracting, strengthening and starting companies

clcr.org12The Polytechnical Model of EducationThree Core Components:

Full alignment with the Advanced Manufacturing sectorFull institutional support from the public education to implement best practice in academic performanceDeep commitment to equity, access, and development for all communities

1. Alignment with the Advanced Manufacturing sectorFacility consistent with industry standardsCurriculum aligned with NIMSTraining for InstructorsActive Industry Advisory committee1. Alignment with the Advanced Manufacturing sectorIndustry Coordinator Creating a community of manufacturing PartnersFacilitating Partner connections to teachers and studentsPro-active weekly/monthly engagement with Partners

1. Alignment with the Advanced Manufacturing sectorYouth Coordinator:Get students and parents excited about manufacturingBuild community support: Inside/Outside gameCoordinate diversity of resources

2. Best practice in academic performanceAn evidence-based method of remedial learning to advance students to grade level.

All Polytechnical students must complete college prep curriculum along with technical courses and work-based learning experiences3. Commitment to equity and development for all communitiesOpening training facilities during evenings and weekends for parents and community residentsPartner with local CBO to provide Bridge trainingAustin Manufacturing Innovation District