Advanced LinkedIn Guide for puzzled job seekers

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How to Leverage LinkedIn Hands on Workshop March 7th 2013 Daniel Alfon really

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Presentation for job seekers with 50-300 LinkedIn connection by Daniel Alfon (at DBM Israel) Parts 2,3 & 4 are also available [but are not free downloads]. They deal with Connections; Groups; Recommendations; Virtual Road Shows; Using LinkedIn Rich Media,API and more I have lectured to several startup accelerators about Advanced LinkedIn strategies, but this document is focused on job hunt

Transcript of Advanced LinkedIn Guide for puzzled job seekers

  • Hands on WorkshopMarch 7th 2013 Daniel Alfon How to really Leverage LinkedIn
  • Network: AKT GuestPassword: aktaktakt
  • Daniels Advanced LinkedIn Guide Job Hunter edition B2B Business Edition Entrepreneur Edition Student & Alumni Edition
  • Agenda: Topic Slide1 Intro 22 LinkedIn No-Nos+No U 103 Suggested LI workflow 32 Build 41 Connect 64 Contribute 83 Broadcast 98
  • Todays presentation is availableto attendees in Daniel AlfonsProfile on LinkedIn this week:
  • What should you do after today?1. Rewrite your profile so it educates your target audiencesabout what you bring to the table2. Improve tagline3. Applications-install 1 to 3 on profile [presentation/video] 4. Update email address & photo 5. Know the next steps are a connection strategy that suits you [read:avoid over-connecting], and that you should leverage groups
  • How toLeverage LinkedIn
  • Your host - Daniel AlfonDaniel has given presentations about networking,LinkedIn and Twitter in Israel, the UK, the RussianFederation & France.* LI Profile:* Twitter: @Danielalfon* G+:
  • Ice Breaker #1Do you think you are using all/most ofthe possibilities offered by LinkedIn?
  • In your opinion, what are some of themistakes LinkedIn users make?
  • 18 Common LinkedIn Mistakes
  • 18 Common LinkedIn Mistakes