Advanced Link Building & SEO Strategies

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Jan Hrkach ✔ CEO ♦ Strategic Web Marketing Group♦ SEO ♦ Video Marketing & Placement ♦ Advanced Link Building ♦ Niche Market Control

Transcript of Advanced Link Building & SEO Strategies

  • 1. Strategic Web Marketing GroupSearch Engine OptimizationVideo Marketing And PlacementAdvanced Link Building ProgramsUnique Niche Market Control ServiceWe are a privately held marketing company in the United States thatspecializes in the delivery of SEO services and content publishingstrategies for small and large organizations.We specialize in finding niche markets for businesses that want to bringtargeted and qualified visitors to their web properties.
  • 2. Search Engine OptimizationA s your online business grows you will want to increase its footprint inyour niche market for longevity and stability. Search Engine Optimizationis one of the most important marketing strategies that should beimplemented as your business grows and is often underutilized by internetbusinesses.Building your authority in the internet space should be an on-going process,much like conventional marketing efforts of large companies using print,radio and TV. Building multiple sources of traffic should be part of any onlinebusiness.It has been our experience that relying just on paid traffic can result in adisaster, in the event that your traffic source stops, becomes too expensiveor no longer performs.
  • 3. There is a tipping point on the internet where you can dominate your niche byusing SEO strategies to build a strong safety-net of consistent traffic for yourbusiness.Natural Organic search engine optimization provides branding and extendedmarket reach that will target potential clients and lead them back to you and yourinternet properties.So How Can We Help Your Business?After a thorough consultation we will identify your goals and evaluate nichemarkets through keyword analysis and finding targeted areas of the internet topenetrate.In our unique Niche Market Control program, we will use our high rankingauthority blog network to put your message in front of the right market quickly.These online efforts will bring targeted traffic to your website giving us theopportunity to evaluate the best traffic source for your business.
  • 4. Video Marketing And PlacementVideo Marketing has become a viable way to brand your business and get yourmessage in front of qualified web traffic.Quantcast, a media measurement service,,always in the top 5 websites on the internet with traffic trends always on therise.Google owns and from a natural search aspect Google favorsYoutube videos and ranks them well in natural organic search if they are properlycreated.If you have not seen a video thumbnail in search you will surly recognize themwhen you do see them, they demand authority and attention.
  • 5. Videos In Search The Power Of VideoWe always encourage our clients to have or implement Youtube channels in theirSEO marketing. We can build, upload and even create videos if you do not havevideo content.There are several options available to take advantage of video marketing. We candiscuss the options during your strategy consultation.Video Case Studys Real EstateClick The underlined Link to Play VideosExample -1 (Home For Sale & YouTube Video) Play this example by clicking here
  • 6. Advanced Link Building Building Unique And Quality Inbound Links To build authority and search engine placement long term, your websites need strong inbound links to gain and sustain higher placements for particular keyword terms. The Strategic Web Marketing Group can provide link building services that are in the best practices with natural search and proper methodologies to gain relevant links and build authority to your website. What Is Link Building Video > Click To Watch General Link Building Video How Many Links Do I need? > Click To Watch How Many Links Do I need
  • 7. Advanced Link Building Is usually step two in the process of ourSEO strategiesFirst we will penetrate organic search finding relative traffic using our NicheMarket Control network.Once we identify valuable organic placements that bring good traffic thenwe will either start advanced link building strategies to sustain our sitenetwork in search for your business or build authority and rank your ownweb properties to bring the desired traffic directly to your site.
  • 8. Advanced Link BuildingWatch This Video To See This Strategy In Practice >>AdvancedLink Building VideoWe use an organic network of thousands of unique sites to build linkauthority.Depending on your current sites age and authority will determine howaggressive we can build links and push your site into the natural searchengines.
  • 9. Niche Market Control OverviewThe Niche Market Control network is a large network of high ranking web sites wecontrol. Using this network and control strategy we can place sites organicallywhere search visitors can be found in your niche and test the quality of traffic at will.Using this program we can effectively and quickly determine how your site will do ifyou penetrate these niches.Understand this is different than just buying placement adds such as google ad-words or banner adds that redirect traffic to your sites.Being found in organic search is an advantage for you. Typically authority sites arefound ranking high in natural search and this immediately adds creditability to themedia you present the first time viewer.
  • 10. Niche Market Control OverviewWhen The first time viewer finds the content on the niche network we can use avariety of reliant information to educate the visitor about who you are. Video is anoption and we have found works well video tends to keep the attention of thevisitor.Short articles with images is also effective and mixing images video and writtencontent if presented well can make a powerful first impression. Remember thisprocess it to educate the visitor and then qualify them and lead them back to yoursite to further build trust.Watch this video next to get a better understanding of this programPlay Video >> Niche Market Control Video Overview-1
  • 11. ConsultingThe Strategic Web Marketing Group provides guidance and consulting tobusinesses of all sizes. If your company already has an in-house webdevelopment team, product managers and/or editorial groups we can use ourservice to better implement SEO and strategic marketing efforts across allprojects.Content placement strategies, defining niche markets (Control Your Niche), andassessment of in-house processes are just a few of common topics. Whether weneed to work with senior management or individual departments, we will immerseourselves in your business logic and provide effective strategies to grow yourviable brand and ultimately grow your business.To schedule a complementary consultation please call866-485-8066Email us at: