Adjectives in Series

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adjective activity

Transcript of Adjectives in Series

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Words with double consonantCorridorConnectionTerraceArrangementApplauseOpposeCommitteePossibilityPossessionSuccessionReallyAppreciation

Words with double consonantPlanningCommemorateAttendancePermissionRecessDissolveEmbarrassAccommodationRecommendationTomorrowBusinessNarrativeCommunityExpressionWords with double consonantOccasionBattleWarriorSyllableAddressAccurateAttitudeSuppressWords with double consonantTomorrowSuccessOpposeTerraceAdjectives in SeriesArticle-Number Size-Shape-Quality- Color Nationality-Materials- Noun being Modified.Arrange the following:Table, a, brown, round, big

Green, plains, grassy, some, wide

Majestic, purple, several, huge, mountains

Beautiful, rose, white, a dozen of, VietnamArrange the following:A big, round, brown table

Some wide, grassy, green plains

Several huge, majestic, purple mountains

A dozen of beautiful, white, Vietnam rose.Arrange the following:Mice, white, blind, three

Rainbow-colored, a flock of, peacock, old

Arrange the following:Three, blind, white mice

A flock of old, rainbow-colored, peacockArrange the following:Noisy, a family of, giganticcyclops

Multi-colored, stuffed, an, human-like, array ofstatues