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Real estate for the Adirondack Park. USA's largest state park! 6 million+ acres. If it's in the park, we can find it!

Transcript of Adirondack Real Estate

  • Serving the ENTIRE Park and surrounding


    Members of Six (6) Multiple Listing Services. ACHR reaches

    out from the Greater Albany area, to the Greater Glens Falls

    and Lake George Region, all of the Champlain Valley townships up to the Canadian Border, and westerly to the beautiful Lake

    Placid and Tug Hill regions, plus into the lush St. Lawrence

    County communities. Our mission is to help our customers,

    clients and friends sell and purchase properties in our beautiful

    Adirondack Park (the largest state park in the USA! )

    518-532-7900 HQ

    518-532-9970 Fax

  • The Adirondack Park

    The Adirondack Park was created in 1882 by the NY State Legislature and includes

    over 6.1 million acres of public and private land.

    The Park is part of the Canadian Shield which are an older formation underlying half of

    Canada. Rocks making up the Adirondacks are about 1 billion years old.

    The Adirondacks is home to over 130,000 New Yorkers with 105 towns and villages.

    It is the most unusual park in the US with its untouched forest, thousands of ponds

    and lakes, wilderness trails and spectacular mountains!

    The Adirondacks

    were originally

    claimed by two

    Indian nations, the

    Iroquois and the


    The name

    Adirondacks is still challenged to-

    day; with some say

    it is an authentic

    Indian word used by

    the Iroquois who

    referred to the

    Algonquin's who

    were forced to live

    off tree buds and

    bark during hard

    winters. Other

    historians say it was

    derived from a tribe

    of the St Lawrence

    back in the 1500s and meant They of the Great Rocks.

    Trees or rocks, come visit for yourself. You are sure to have a wonderful time

    with our quaint villages and vast wilderness.

    Visit our FREE concierge site about the Park, soon:

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  • A survey done by the Na-

    tional Association of Real-

    tors of 6,000 homeown-

    ers and 2,000 renters re-

    veal several important

    answers: Pride in owning: Most people buy

    homes to have control over where

    they live and enjoy. Although invest-

    ment features are important, the psychological reasons for buyingthe satisfaction of owning and freedom from paying rent .

    Perhaps the largest ever of attitudes toward home

    ownership showed that 75% of owners and 66% of renters

    considered pride of ownership an important reason for


    Good investment: 76% of owners and 69% of renters said the investment aspect of ownership was important.

    Make home a reflection of you: Also an important reason mentioned by more than 6 in 10 owners and renters was an owners ability to control and modify a homes features.

    Long-term appreciation: People considered home ownership a good invest-ment because they view it as a long-term investment. Historically, home

    prices have risen at relatively steady rates. Making the home a reflection of

    oneself was an important reason mentioned by more than 6 in 10 owners and


    Settling down: More than 6 in 10 renters said settling down was an impor-tant reason to buy.

    Leverage investment: people borrow a great deal to buy a home, yet they receive the full benefits of price appreciation.

    Source of savings: home ownership always has and continues to comprise the single largest source of savings for American households.

    Sacrifices are worth it: Almost 7 in 10 renters in the NAR home ownership survey said they planned to buy a home in the future. More than three-

    quarters of these people said they are willing to sacrifice to do that. Page 3

  • Page 4

    An excellent investment; a rare opportunity to own an exclusive privately

    owned estate of this magnitude in the Adirondacks located in Upstate New

    York. This spectacular 6,000 sq. ft. custom-built executive residence incor-

    porates the grandeur of American and European styling. It is nestled on 213

    acres with open meadows filled with wild flowers and trails leading through

    lush secluded wooded forests. Recreation is at your doorstep with cross

    country skiing and hiking on the property, boating and fishing five miles away,

    or enjoy winter sports at one of the nation's premiere winter playgrounds,

    Lake Placid, and Whiteface Mountain only 30 miles away-- truly a paradise for

    all seasons.

    From its inception, this magnificent residence was surrounded by mystery

    and the thrill of adventure. It was custom built by Miss Lilly, an internationally

    recognized figure in the film industry. While traveling throughout the United

    States, she was captivated by the beauty of the Adirondack Mountains and

    their similarity to her homeland in Switzerland.

    Sanctuary Oasis

    Price: $669,000

    Inventory #: RE0501

    Type: Residential

  • Price: $25 to $250,000

    Type: Land (residential & commercial)

    Farmers Choice Page 5

    After many years, the owner is offering choice farm land. Customize your

    lot. Estimate time line for subdivision process is 2 to 3 months. The

    owner will work with buyer on lot lines, and additional acreage avail-

    able. This region is well known for its trophy game and world bass fish-

    ing. The owner's own catch was published in the NY State White Tail Re-

    cord Book (12th ed.). Ring tail pheasants, turkey, moose, deer, and

    more. Enjoy snowmobile, hiking, ATV and great bass fishing on Lake


    AC0470 2 +/- commercial corner lot just before the village ($150,000)

    AC0471 15+/- acres cradled in the mountains away ($125,000)

    AC0474 2 +/- acres overlooking the hay fields ($49,000)

    AC0475 10+ prime field acreage w/mtn. backdrop views ($250,000)

    AC0476 5 +/- panoramic lake view acres ($125,000)

    AC0477 1/2+/- house lot w/lake & farm views ($87,500)

    AC0478 .4 +/- lot (prior mobile lot) w/spring & septic ($25,000)

  • Page 6

    Double Acreage - With some History!

    35 acres and 17.33 acre adjoined with 1,027 of road frontage with dual zoning. Large water reservoir

    from the historical mining days, some caverns as

    well. Property must be shown with agent. Own a

    piece of history!

    $39,900 USD (AC0413) - MoriahPENDING

    Quiet Country Road AcreageDelightful

    16.64+/- acres with 400 of road frontage. Nicely

    wooded land on quiet hard-pack dirt road. Excellent

    hunting and hiking areas, yet only 15 minutes from

    Vermont, 1 hour to the ski slopes and just 15

    minutes from two lakes (Lake George and Lake


    $48,800 USD (AC04141) - Crown Point

    Own BOTH sides of the roadno neighbors

    100 Surveyed acres with pond & streams, no logging

    since 82, zoned 3.2 acre low intensity zoning. Youll own both sides of the entire length of the 1/2 mile

    long town maintained, dead-end road. Now that is

    peace and quiet!

    $169,900 USD (AC0401) - Bakers Mills

    GORE is on the MOVE, as well as other Adirondack Towns. Investing in the ski resorts is what the top developers are doing? Perhaps you

    should look at this area for your next vacation investment. Rentals are great in this

    area, and the State of New York keeps putting more $$$ into this area. The Scenic

    Train is now connected and growing routes.

    Visit our power packed concierge site to explore all of what the Park can offer:

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    MANY OFFICES LOCATIONS AROUND THE PARK! Schroon Lake1098 US Main St. Our main office is full of activity. The hub location for EVERYTHING in the Adirondacks. 518.532.7900 Washington County 4156 County Route 30, Salem 518.584.3294 High Peaks Auction & Real Estate Office, Route 9, North Hudson. 518.532.9156 Speculator Speculator, 518.532.7900. North Country113 Flynns Line Road, Burke 518.483.4538 Lake George 2022 Route 9, Lake George, NY 518.668.2677

    Mill Creek Building Lot

    Nice neighborhood as it is nestled in the Adirondack

    Lodges and Mill Creek Association of fine homes.

    Affordable lot, but feel like a king without the price


    $42,500 USD(AC0458) - Adirondack

    3 Miles to Great Skiing

    Five + acres with 515 or road frontage on Route 28, driveway in place, sloping land and minutes

    away from Gore Ski Center


    $59,000 USD ( AC0415 ) - North Creek

    Acreage - 1.3 APA zoning

    81+/- acres logged over 20 years agoperhaps some timber value, nice stream running through property

    and lots of road frontage. Thurman is near Gore

    Mountain as well, so this makes a nice recreational

    parcel. Zoned 1.3 APA

    $137,900 USD (AC0419) - Thurman

  • Adirondack Acreage (2 offerings by same


    23 or 91 acres. Your pick. Enjoy the quiet part

    of town near state land and the lakes. Pharaoh

    Wilderness, Paradox & Schroon lakes nearby.

    Buy both and get a discount of $8KOFF MARKET

    $86,900 USD (AC0447) Schroon Lake (23 acres)

    $337,00 USD (AC0448) Sch