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  • 7/28/2019 Adi Summer 2011 News ADI


    Dear Members and Colleagues,Thank you for the warm welcome.The outpouring of support and kindwords has been incredible! To thosemembers whom I have not had thepleasure of meeting yet, please allowme to introduce myself. My name is

    Amy Johnston and I am the new Exec-utive Director of ADI. I already knowmany of you through my work with theNational Institute for Direct Instruc-tion (NIFDI), where I have workedfor the last four years. Prior to that, Iwas with an educational technologycompany that develops computer/web-based DI curricula. I am fortunate tohave had the experience of seeing theDI community from the outside-inand, more recently, from the inside-out. What I have noticed from bothperspectives is that while we haveincredibly dedicated, talented folks onour side (not to mention the data), we

    also have a long way to go towardsmaking effective, research-validatedteaching practices and curricula some-thing every student has the opportu-nity to benefit from.

    Bryan Wickman, ADIs former Execu-tive Director, is now our Director ofConferences & Training. Together, wewill be working to significantlyincrease our offerings of workshopsand conferences across the county,

    including a first for ADIwebinars!Other exciting initiatives youll hearabout in the months to come includethe launch of ADIs new website andnew opportunities for collaborationwith others in the DI community.

    Our immediate goals will be to expandour membership and focus ourfundraising on sustaining our work.This means we must focus more on

    Hello and Happy Summer! We are sopleased that we are able to bring youthis issue of theDI News. Many of youare reading it while in attendance atthe National DI Conference in Eugeneand we are so happy you are here. If

    you have been here before you knowwhat is in store for you. If this is yourfirst time we cant wait for you toexperience the fun, insight and learn-ing that go on here.

    This issue of theNews brings an articleby Amy Johnston. Please take this

    opportunity to read and discover whothe new executive director of the

    Association for Direct Instruction isand what her plans for the future ofthe organization hold.

    The articles Hey, Look at Me! byRandy Sprick, You May Be a TeacherIf by Randi Saulter and Don Craw-ford, and A Dose of DI from Donnaby Donna Dressman are designed tobe useful on the ground in schools.

    We hope that you find them as full ofhelpful suggestions as we did. And in

    Effective School Practices

    Direct InstructionDON CRAWFORD and RANDI SAULTER, Editors

    newsA New Director, New Ideasfor DI Instruction

    SUMMER 2011, Volume 11, Number 3

    In this issue

    3 Equal Opportunity: A Fairy Tale

    6 Hey, Look at Me

    7 The (Never-Ending)Battle of City Springs

    9 You May Be a Real Teacher If

    11 A Dose of DI from Donna

    12 Martins Musings

    an on the ground narrative, RhondaL. Richetta, principal of City SpringsElementary Middle School, takes usfor a tour inside The (Never-Ending)Battle of City Springs.

    Equal Opportunity A Fairy Taleby Anne Berchtold is also in thisissue of the News. Anne is a newermember of the ADI board who hascontributed a thoughtful look at the

    education system.

    As always, we have a very thought-pro-voking and interesting piece by Dr.Kozloff. His contributions never fail toinclude new ways of looking at teach-ing and learning.

    We hope that as you read this issueyou are enjoying a bit of time off andplanning new ways to use the infor-mation in the News to inform yourwork with students, teachers andadministrators throughout the com-

    ing school year.

    continued on page 3

    AMY JOHNSTON, Executive Director, Association for Direct Instuction

    ADI News

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  • 7/28/2019 Adi Summer 2011 News ADI


    2 Summer 2011

    DI News provides practitioners, ADI members, the DI community, and those newto DI with stories of successful implementations of DI, reports of ADI awards,

    tips regarding the effective delivery of DI, articles focused on particular types ofinstruction, reprints of articles on timely topics, and position papers that addresscurrent issues. The News focus is to provide newsworthy events that help usreach the goals of teaching children more effectively and efficiently and commu-nicating that a powerful technology for teaching exists but is not being utilizedin most American schools. Readers are invited to contribute personal accounts ofsuccess as well as relevant topics deemed useful to the DI community. Generalareas of submission follow:

    From the field: Submit letters describing your thrills and frustrations, prob-lems and successes, and so on. A number of experts are available who may beable to offer helpful solutions and recommendations to persons seeking advice.

    News: Report news of interest to ADIs members.

    Success stories: Send your stories about successful instruction. These can beshort, anecdotal pieces.

    Perspectives: Submit critiques and perspective essays about a theme of currentinterest, such as: school restructuring, the ungraded classroom, cooperativelearning, site-based management, learning styles, heterogeneous grouping, Regu-lar Ed Initiative and the law, and so on.

    Book notes: Review a book of interest to members.

    New products: Descriptions of new products that are available are welcome.Send the description with a sample of the product or a research report validatingits effectiveness. Space will be given only to products that have been field-tested and empirically validated.

    Tips for teachers: Practical, short products that a teacher can copy and use

    immediately. This might be advice for solving a specific but pervasive problem, adata-keeping form, a single format that would successfully teach somethingmeaningful and impress teachers with the effectiveness and cleverness of DirectInstruction.

    Submission Format: Send an electronic copy with a hard copy of the manu-script. Indicate the name of the word-processing program you use. Save drawingsand figures in separate files. Include an address and email address for eachauthor.

    Illustrations and Figures: Please send drawings or figures in a camera-readyform, even though you may also include them in electronic form.

    Completed manuscripts should be sent to:

    ADI Publications

    P.O. Box 10252Eugene, OR 97440

    Acknowledgement of receipt of the manuscript will be sent by email. Articles areinitially screened by the editors for placement in the correct ADI publication. Ifappropriate, the article will be sent out for review by peers in the field. Thesereviewers may recommend acceptance as is, revision without further review, revi-sion with a subsequent review, or rejection. The author is usually notified aboutthe status of the article within a 6- to 8-week period. If the article is published,the author will receive five complimentary copies of the issue in which his or herarticle appears.

    Direct Instruction News


    Randi SaulterEducational Consultant

    Don CrawfordArthur Academies Charter SchoolsPortland, Oregon

    Editorial Board

    Kerry HempenstallRoyal Melbourne Instituteof TechnologyVictoria, Australia

    Martin KozloffUniversity of North Carolina,Wilmington

    Vicki SniderUniversity of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

    ADI Board of Directors

    Anne BerchtoldLee County School DistrictCape Coral, Florida

    Timothy SlocumUtah State UniversityLogan, Utah

    Don SteelyiLearnEugene, Oregon

    Rose WankenChico Unified School DistrictChico, California

    Cathy WatkinsCalifornia State University, StanislausTurlock, California

    Leslie ZorefCastle Park Middle SchoolChula Vista, California

    The DI News is published in the fall, spring,and summer by the Association for DirectInstruction. The Association for DirectInstruction is a professional organizationdedicated to the development and dissemi-

    nation of information and training for usersof Direct Instruction.

    The Association for Direct Instruction wasincorporated in 1981 in the state of Oregonfor educational purposes. ADI is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation under Sec-tion 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Codeand is a publicly supported organization asdefined in Sections 170(b)(1)(A)(ii) and509(a)(1). Donations are tax-deductible.

    A copy or summary of the current financialstatement, or annual report, and registra-tion filed by ADI may be obtained by con-tacting: ADI, P.O. BOX 10252, Eugene, OR97440 (541-485-1293). ADI is registeredwith the state of Oregon, Department ofJustice, #79-16751. Copyright 2011

    Association for Direct Instruction.ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION RATES: $25U. S.; $30 (U. S. currency) Canada; $40Europe; $60 airmail to Europe.

    (ISSN 1540-0026).

    Managing Editor: Lynda Rucker

    Publisher: The Association for DirectInstruction

    Layout and Design:Beneda Design, Eugene, Oregon

    Contribute to DI News:

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  • 7/28/2019 Adi Summer 2011 News ADI


    Direct Instruction News 3

    donations, sponsorships, and grants.We will be asking for help more oftenand in more ways. And we will be ask-ing for volunteers to help build astronger DI community.

    As ADI moves forward into this nextchapter, we are recommitting ourselves

    to the work of advocating for the useof proven instructional methods thatresult in an outstanding education forall students.

    Please feel free to contact me at any time.If you are interested in volunteeringplease let me know and I will find a

    way for you to contribute. I also wel-come your input on things that wecoul