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  • 7/27/2019 Adcb and Nabd




    Name: ADCB


    ADCB is 65 percent owned by the state-controlled Abu Dhabi Investment Council, andIT is third-biggest bank by assets in UAE.

    the bank changed its name to Abu Dhabi commercial bank after merging with Emiratescommercial bank and federal commercial bank on 1985.

    The bank is public shareholding company with limited liability they have 33 branchacross UAE in addition two branches in India and an offshore banking unit in the

    Cayman islands.


    There are 6 branches in Al Ain:

    Branch Address Contact Numbers Working Ho Services

    Al Wagan


    Al Wagan

    P.O.Box: 21879

    T: +971 3


    F: +971 3


    8AM to



    Al Yahar


    Al Yahar Area

    P.O.Box: 81084

    T: +971 3


    F: +971 3


    8AM to



    Bawadi Mall


    Bawadi Mall

    P.O.Box: 87532

    T: +971 3

    7028982F: +971 2


    10AM to

    10PM Sat-Thu, 2PM

    to 10PM Fri


    Industrial Al Ain- Industrial


    T: +971 3


    8AM to ATM

  • 7/27/2019 Adcb and Nabd






    P.O.Box: 24699 F: +971 2





    Khalifa Street

    P.O.Box: 1280

    T: +971 3


    F: +971 2


    8AM to



    Main Branch Sanaya Road

    P.O.Box: 15180

    T: +971 3


    F: +971 2


    8AM to



    Activity Scope :

    Adcb participates in Sharjah National career Exhibition 2011 ADCB today annouced itsparticipate career Exhibition 2011, which is taking place from 23rd-25th Feb center in

    sharjah, where many uae nationals will be visiting the showroom opportunities available

    in finanical and banking sector. ADCB and du partner once again to offer SMEs cutting-edge product services The

    partnership offers SME clients the latest smart phone, the IPhone when they open an

    ADCB business Edge current account whilst also new award-winning business super plan

    from du.

    ADCB signs MOU( Memrandum of understanding) with Marriage Fund Adcb is proud topartner with the Marriage Fund. This cooperation comes to serve the community.The

  • 7/27/2019 Adcb and Nabd




    Mou covers various aspects to supporting the funds marketing and health campaigns

    and group weddings initiated by the fund.

    Vision and Mission :


    To build a partnership with our customers that lasts a lifetime by

    1. treating every customer as an individual .

    2. offering innovative products and unparalleled service.

    3. never forgetting that our customer has a choice .

    Our Vision

    To be the number one bank of choice in the UAE. A constantly innovating, financially successful

    organization of the highest integrity, respected by our customers, by our competitors and by the



  • 7/27/2019 Adcb and Nabd




    Dealing with people is like digging gold .To get an ounce of it, one may need to Separatetons of dirt.

    Looking for positive result does not mean over looking defects .Negative individualsalways Criticize. part of building a positive attitude, a practice of Do it now habit is

    essential. An Organization should make the best now and utilize the present to the

    fullest . Never leave for Tomorrow which one can do today. Education does not mean what can get from college. A person can and will be successful

    with or Without education if he/she has a character commitment, conviction, courtesy and


    Attitude starts at the top and spreads throughout the organization, good or bad. Bossescoming Early and leave late set an example that is productive and respected and also

    fosters better work Ethics and commitments. bosses that treat subordinates with respect

    and consideration, getting to Know their personal lives and families by demonstrating

    care and concern , will not only get the Same in return but their

    action will promote the same good behavior among employees and with Customers.

    Moreover, employees will enjoy their work experience more, performing more effectively

    Resulting to complete customers satisfaction of service in return.

    SWOT Analysis

    Strength Weakness

    Theyoffer the lowest Interest rate for

    personal loans among all banks starting from

  • 7/27/2019 Adcb and Nabd




    57.97% Goodlocation where customers can park

    their cars easily and can find the bankeasily7Theyoffer very fast services for ordering

    &issuing (Cheques books, Debit Cards ,credit

    cards, Loans & Opening new accounts.

    NoPromotion7TheirInterest Rate on Car loans is high7

    WeakSystem of delivering the Post Dated

    Cheques to the Central Bank7Lowmorals7

    Opportunity Threats

    QatarNational bank is looking to merge

    and cooperate with other bank inUAE7Thereare new properties are being

    established and their owners are looking to

    lease / rent the properties7

    ADCBis trying to collect liquidity by

    providing high interest rates ofFDs7EmiratesBank is offering the best loan

    system in UAE7FirstGulf Bank trying to capture all

    governmental expenditure and government

    paymentsto local 7

  • 7/27/2019 Adcb and Nabd




    ADCB Findings

    Net profit of AED 903 mn compared with AED 861 mn in Q112 and AED 628 mn inQ412

    Record quarterly operating income at AED 1,744 mn, an increase of 5% over Q112 and13% over Q412

    Record quarterly operating profit before impairment allowances at AED 1,227 mn, up 7%over Q112 and 19% over Q412

    Noninterest income of AED 485 mn, an increase of 14% over Q112 and 73% overQ412, primarily due to retirement of financial liabilities and associated hedges

    Cost to income ratio significantly improved to 29.7% compared to 30.6% in Q112 and33.1% in Q412

  • 7/27/2019 Adcb and Nabd




    NPLs remain unchanged at 5.4% and provision coverage improved to 84.5% from 82.2%at the end of 2012

    Customer deposits up 2% at AED 111 bn compared to 31 December 2012, withsignificant improvement in customer deposit constitution, CASA customer deposits

    accounted for 32% of total customer deposits compared to 30% as at 31 December 2012

    and 25% as at 31 March 2012

    Loan to deposit ratio improved to 112.0% from 112.8% as at 31 December 2012 Strong capitalisation and liquidity levels, CAR at 22.29% and Tier I ratio at 17.55% as at

    31 March 2013


    ADCB had a good start to the year, delivering strong top and bottom line numbers which reflect

    and demonstrate the strength of our franchise. Net interest income was up 2% year on year,

    primarily driven by a 23% reduction in cost of funds.

    Operating expenses increased by 2% year on year, as we continue to invest in our business and

    overall cost to income ratio for the quarter declined to 29.7%. The bank has a robust liquidity

    management framework and our liquidity ratio improved further to 24.4% as at 31 March 2013.

    We remain strongly capitalized with a total CAR of 22.29% and Tier I ratio of 17.55%.

  • 7/27/2019 Adcb and Nabd




    About NBAD

    The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), The Number One Bank in the UAE, was

    incorporated in 1968 and is listed in the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX), under stock

    code NBAD.

    NBAD has been ranked one of the 50 Safest Banks in the

    World in 2009 and 2010 by Global Finance. It was also

    named in 2010 as the Best Bank in the UAE, for the second

    consecutive year and for the Bank time in a decade, by Euro

    money. NBAD has been recognized as a super brand by

    Super brands, the independent authority and arbiter on


    The Bank has a network of more than 100 branches in the

    UAE in addition to cash offices that are spread out in remote

  • 7/27/2019 Adcb and Nabd




    locations to provide banking services to customers all over the UAE. It also operates more than

    330 ATMs allowing customers to perform a variety of transactions.

    Besides brick & mortar branches, NBAD provides around-the-clock account access through

    internet banking, the SMS-based payment service Arrow; and personalized customer support

    through its 24-hBank Call Centre.

    NBAD provides its customers with a wide variety of financial services targeting all segments of

    the consumer and corporate markets in addition to fund management, brokerage, financial

    markets, leasing, property management and private banking businesses. The bank is organized

    into various client-focused divisions. They are the UAE Domestic Banking, International

    Banking, Financial Markets, Corporate and Investment Banking, Abu Dhabi National Islamic

    Finance (ADNIF), and Global Wealth comprising of Private Banking and Asset Management

    Group, and the wholly owned stock brokerage company Abu Dhabi Financial Services (ADFS).

    The Bank's wholly owned subsidiaries, Abu Dhabi National Leasing Company (ADNL) and Abu

    Dhabi National Properties (ADNP) are part of the Corporate and Investment Banking division.

    NBAD Vision Mission

    Bank Vision

    To be recognized as the Worlds Best Arab Bank

  • 7/27/2019 Adcb and Nabd