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AdGrads: From Exeter To Adland

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A short presentation I wrote when visiting my old University, Exeter. It was themed around how I got into advertising, and largely to do with one of my blogs, AdGrads ( Read it if you'd like to know how to go about getting into advertising.

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  • 1. AdGrads:From Exeter To Adland

2. Will Humphrey Strategist, Lowe [email protected] Hello there. 3. I graduated - and was like the guy on the left 4. but part of me always wanted to make things 5. so I blogged 6. got hired 7. and worked at a few agencies (some of them are still here). 8. since I got in, the landscapes changed 9. the industrys gone from this... 10. to this.. 11. and it changes how you look for inspiration, ideas 12. tips to get some advertising loving or even love. Heres 13. 1. find out whatpeople are talking about 14. 2. have a perspective (however weird things get) 15. 3. rememberthere are no barriers 16. 4. ignore stereotypes 17. (because stereotypes are what most ad agencies do) 18. 5. be aware of how you come across 19. 6. keep sharing your ideas 20. 7. or put a new twist on an old song 21. 8. listen to see if like-minded people are interested see if your thinking spreads 22. (you dont want just one guy like this talking to you) 23. 9. dont take it seriously and above all 24. 10. be nice - to everyone. 25. Finally, a couple of things to bear in mind 26. working in advertising is sometimes like being a student 27. and the best work always gives people something to do. 28. Want to know more? Google adgrads Thanks for listening.