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Lucy Ye Noah Yastrow Jennifer Owens Keagan McDonnell M O N S T E R E N E R G Y
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I worked with a group to research about Monster Energy, discover consumer insights and create a strategy for the brand campaign.

Transcript of Ad Campaign for Monster Energy Drink

  • Lucy Ye Noah Yastrow Jennifer Owens Keagan McDonnell M O N S T E R E N E R G Y
  • The Monster Beverage Corporation was established on April 25, 1990 and is currently based in Corona, California. The company develops, markets, sells and distributes alternative beverages, including but not limited to non-carbonated iced teas, juice cocktails, fruit beverages, dairy drinks, coffee drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks. The Monster Beverage Corporation started its line of energy drinks in 2001 and is one of the leading brands in this category.1 The corporation is a division of the Hansen Beverage Company. According to Hansen, its mission statement and goal is to satisfy consumers' needs for superior quality and great tasting, healthy, natural and functional beverages. [The] beverages will be positioned as an upscale brand and will often be marketed at a premium to competitive mainstream products2 Marketing Problem: While Monsters primary competitors are targeting multiple segments of people, Monster only appeals to a narrow target audience, specifically to males interested in extreme sports and video games. Marketing Objective: Monster can expand its target audience by appealing to women 18-34 with busy lifestyles, while maintaining its current target audience of males. This can be done by changing the extreme and grungy perception of Monster to generate a more positive mainstream image. Additionally, Monsters low- calorie and sugar-free drink options should be highlighted in hope of attracting more females, many of which are a part of the health-conscious trend. Introduction
  • Situation Analysis Product Category Definition Sales: Monster Beverage Corporations sales have increased $86 million dollars from 2012- 2013.4 The forecast of energy drink popularity shows consistent increase in sales growth from 2008 to 2018, despite concerns about the safetiness of consuming the beverages.3 Competitors:4 Monsters primary competitor is Red Bull North America Inc. which holds nearly half of the market share, while Monster holds just over a third of the market share. Monsters secondary competitor is Rockstar International, followed by Amp, which is owned by PepsiCo Inc. Rockstar has less than 10% of the market share and Amp has 3%. Rockstar and Amps sales have gone down in the past year, while Red Bulls has continued to increase by nearly 10%. Issues Facing Category:5 60% of users are concerned about the safety of energy drinks and a majority of non- users avoid these beverages because they believe that it is bad for them.
  • Health Consciousness: Consumers are dissuaded from buying energy drinks because of the excessive caffeine levels in them.6 There is a overall sentiment that energy drinks are bad for your health.7 People recognize the dangers of mixing energy drinks with alcohol.8 Naturality:7,9 Consumers are either unaware of all the ingredients found in energy drinks or unfamiliar with what exactly the ingredients are; thus, energy drinks appear to be unnatural. Instead of drinking energy drinks, many people prefer healthier ways to be alert such as working out or getting proper sleep. Work Ethic:9 Students and working professionals often need to complete inordinate amounts of work in order to be successful. Energy drinks are used to help the individual finish his or her work. Energy drinks help with sustainability throughout the day. Ex: All nighters, final exams, etc. Situation Analysis Key Category/Brand Trends
  • Brand Overview10 : Monster Energy earned $620.4 million in 2012 and $705.4 million in 2013. Monster Energy alone has a 26.3% market share, while Red Bull has 41.3%.. 4 Ps of Marketing: Energy Products:11 Monster Energy: Unleash the Beast Ultra Blue: Based on Epic Snow Mountains/Towns (Zero Calories; Zero Sugar - Less sweet than regular Monster) Ultra Red: Homage to the Coming of Age in America (Zero Calories; Zero Sugar - Change is good) Lo-Carb: Low calories Zero Ultra: No calories for the Monster Girls Cuba Lima: Based on the Cuba Lima Cocktail Absolutely Zero: Helps fight fatigue, improve mental performance and focus and motivates you to work (No calories) Ubermonster: Declare war on the ordinary; We put the camo pattern on our new Monster Assault can because we think it looks cool. Plus it helps fire us up to fight the big multi-national companies who dominate the beverage business. Assault: Same as Ubermonster, Viva la Revolution but different look Khaos: Energy: Energy and juice in one M-80: Inspired by surf in Oahu Import: Cool, re-sealable can M3: Packs 16 oz. into 5 oz. (Not a shot) Price:12 Approximately $1.99 per can (16 fl oz.) Distribution:13 Monster is a distributor partner with Anheuser-Busch, since 2006. Communication (Promotion):14 Call of Duty (Sweepstakes) Java Monster: Win a North Shore Surf Trip (Sweepstakes) Great American NightMare (LA) Monster Girls (Meet the Models) Skate Park Situation Analysis Brand Assessment
  • Strengths:16,17,18,19 Monster is the second largest brand in the energy drink category. Revenue is expected to reach $2.5 billion by 2014 ($200 million in 2005). Featured personalities and endorsements include Don Jamieson, Paul Thacker, The Dingo and Tiny Lister. Monster appeals to its current target audience of males 18-34 very well. Monsters no-calorie product sold nearly $21 million in measured multi-outlet channels up until May 2013. Monsters low-calorie line had the second-highest growth in energy drink sales; it made $19.4 million in sales. Weaknesses:20,21,22 Consumers are intimidated by Monsters brand personality, which is aggressive and masculine. Monster has a narrow target audience and attracts primarily men who are into video games and extreme sports. Many consumers are unaware of the variety of flavors that are available. Opportunities:22,23 People know that energy drinks can wake them up, so we can emphasize this in terms of making consumers more productive throughout their busy days. Consumers are living on-the-go lifestyles. In a poor economy, Monster has the opportunity to utilize its cheaper price to gain a competitive advantage. Threats:24,25 Red Bull dominates the market as the leading energy drink brand by appealing to a widespread audience. Societal trends towards health and the all-natural jeopardize the market for energy drinks. There are concerns about product safety, leading to many lawsuits.26,27 Huffington Post reported that a 14-year-old girl died in 2012 from drinking two Monster Energies Chairman and chief executive officer of Monster Beverage Corp., Rodney Sacks, said, Inaccurate, speculative and biased articles continue to be published regarding energy drinks and, in particular, the caffeine levels therein, Situation Analysis SWOT15
  • Situation Analysis Primary Competitors
  • Competitive Analysis Red Bull (4 Ps) Price:28 Red Bulls USD sales are $2,824,141,147. Approximately $2.99 per can (8.3 fl oz.) Place: Red Bull is sold in drugstores, convenience stores and global distributors. Products:29,30,31 Red Bull targets the athlete, worker and socialite. The company is headquartered in Austria. Slogan: Wings when you need them. All cans are 100% recyclable Energy Products: Red Bull Cola Red Bull Sugar-Free Red Bull Zero Calories Markets Quality Ingredients: Caffeine + Taurine + B-Group Vitamins + Sucrose & Glucose + Alpine Spring Water Promotions:32 Red Bull TV Athletes: U.S.: Travis Rice; Australia: Sally Fitzgibbons; Germany: Sebastian Vettel Events: F1 Racing: Sebastian Vettel (2013 Champion); Red Bull Cliff Diving Sports: Motorsports, Bike, Surfing, Snowboarding, Games, Music, Adventure, Skateboarding
  • Price:33 Approximately $3.00 per can (8 fl oz.) Place:34 Rockstar is sold in drugstores, convenience stores and grocery outlets in 30 different countries. Products:34 Rockstar targets those who have active lifestyles from athletes to rockstars. Original Slogan: Party like a Rockstar 20 different flavors Energy Products: Rockstar Coffee Rockstar Recovery Rockstar Energy Juice Promotions:35 Action Sports: BMX, Snowboard, Ski, Snowmobile, Surf, and Wake Boarding Motor Moto-Sports: Nascar, Rally and Snowcross. Live Music: House Party Tour and Breath Carolina Competitive Analysis Rockstar (4 Ps)
  • Price:36 Approximately $1.50 per can (8 fl oz.) Place: Amp is sold in drugstores, convenience stores and global grocery distributors. Products:37 Amp targets the athletes who play hard but also those working hard. Amp is a subsidiary of PepsiCo. looking to rethink energy and experience evolution. For those looking to fuel life, career, and anything else that matters to you. Energy Products: AMP Focus AMP Active AMP Boost Promotions:38,39 Sponsors Dale Earnhart Jr. from Nascar Sponsors UFC Fighters, Chad Mendes and Urijah Faber Sponsors snowboarding events across the U.S. Competitive Analysis Amp (4 Ps)
  • Competitive Analysis Price/Location Comparison 40,41,42 Red Bull Monster Rockstar Amp Shaws 3.69 2.19 2.29 2.29 CityCo. 3.99 2.99 2.99 2.99 Target 3.69 1.79 1.59 N/A Stop 3.68 2.19 2.29 2.29 &Shop Red Bull Monster Rockstar Amp Shaws 7.99 7.99 N/A N/A Target 5.99 5.99 5.99 N/A Stop 7.99 7.99 N/A N/A &Shop Per Can (16oz.) 4-Pack (Red Bull 4-packs contain 8.4 oz. cans, while all other brands 4-packs contain 16 oz. cans) Although Red Bull provides the least amount of product in its energy drinks, it is still the most expensive brand in the energy drink market. Monster has the competitive advantage of being one of the cheapest products in the energy drink market, which can be used to appeal to consumers. Its energy drinks are good quality and affordable. Monster is also available at most retail locations, while some competitors struggle with distribution.
  • Problem to be solved/key insight: Monster does not appeal to those outside of the male, edgy, sport enthusiast schema. Only appealing to its current target audience limits Monster from obtaining additional sales, gained by other leaders in the category, particularly Red Bull. We found that consumers are currently concerned with health, mindful of their everyday experiences and leading hectic lives, as a part of our key insight. We have found that Monster can use its variety of flavors to its advantage; it can better attract female consumers by emphasizing healthy alternatives such as the no-calorie energy drink. We also discovered that de-grunging the brand image will appeal to a wider audience, one that can use the extra energy Monster provides . Brand Positioning Statement: To active and hard-working individuals, Monster is the beverage company that is committed to fueling and sustaining your energy throughout the busy day. Advertising Objective: The goal of this advertising campaign is to make Monster more approachable as a brand. We want consumers to believe that anyone can use Monster Energy on any occasion. Repositioning the brand will make Monster more personable. Monster Energy Drinks can get people through their busy day or give people the power to do amazing things such as running a marathon. In addition, the campaign will aim to increase brand awareness, especially to those who do not typically use or know about Monster. We want to steer the brand into a more mainstream direction without alienating its current users. Certain print ads will emphasize the no-calorie and no-sugar-added products in attempt to attract women. Appealing to women will broaden the target audience. Our commercial will feature a male professional so that Monster can continue to attract its current male-oriented audience. Our ads will also work to appeal to working professionals and students so that Monsters target audience increases further. Monster has a strong rugged brand identity so the campaign must work to make the brand more approachable for everyday people. Campaign Strategy
  • Target Audience Current Target Audience:43 Those who drank Monster in the past 6 months: Gender: Male 18-34, specifically 18-24 Reads: Xbox magazine, Game informer magazine, Maxim Television Shows: Adult Swim, MTV2, Comedy Central Sites Browsed: Occupations: Construction and maintenance Desired Target Audience: Retain current audience of men 18-34 Expand to: Females 18-34, who lead busy and active lifestyles Everyday students, workers and athletes (male and female alike) who have a hectic lifestyle and need extra energy to get through the day The key objective is to expand the target and increase sales without alienating Monster s current loyal users. Monster must modify its brand perception, while staying true to its brand personality in order to expand its currently male-only focused audience. Monster can continue to emphasize its traditional products, appealing to the masculine males, but also emphasize its healthier energy drink products to attract the female consumer. Monster can prosper with this shift and gain sales from this untapped area of the categorys consumer audience.
  • Target Audience Research Busy women 18-34:44 Women are increasingly purchasing natural or organic products over non- organic options. 34% of women 18-34 seek and purchase products that have the sole purpose of improving physical health. This shows that Monster needs to emphasize the zero-calorie and sugar- free product line, making products that appeal to these types of consumers more well known. Girls like pink. Boys like blue. Women are more likely to buy a product if the packaging is pink. In order to attract females, bring Monster Ultra Pink, the zero-calorie and zero-sugar product packaged in a pink can to the forefront of consumers minds. Traveling Trend: Women between 18-34 have taken an average of 5 leisurely vacations in the last two years. This heightened interest in traveling indicates that women like to have new experiences and break through boundaries. Our consumer insight is that women 18-34 are shopping for more health-conscious products and living fast-paced lives. There is a shift toward spontaneous and adventurous actions such as frequent travel.
  • Creative Strategy Who does the advertising talking to? Our print ads talk to women 18-34 with busy and active lifestyles, whereas our commercial speaks to everyday men who are working professionals. What single benefit should the advertising promise? Monster will give you the boost you need to beast through your daily drag or the boost you need to accomplish adventures such as snowboarding. Why should the consumer believe you? Monster is a leading energy drink brand. In 2012, the brand held 23.6% of shares in the energy drinks category. Over the years, the beverage corporation has sponsored events such as the world famous Isle of MAN TT races and has been the lead sponsor of the Speedway Grand Prix and Speedway World Cup in 2012.45 Events like these establish the brands reputation. If Monster is capable of getting Kyle Busch through 500 laps at Daytona, it can get you through that extra set of push-ups and math problems. What does the consumer think now?46,47 Currently, they think the brand is grungy and intense. They believe users of the product are typically involved in BMX or other extreme sports. The brand is also perceived as an underground or non-mainstream product. Consumers can easily recognize Monsters products because of the iconic M. What do you want the consumer to think after seeing the advertising? The goal of the campaign is to show consumers how Monster can be a reliable source of energy for any type of occasion. Monster can provide energy for tasks as extreme as women running marathons or as routine as students trying to study. The Monster brand must be approachable and its products must be applicable to a ones everyday life. The ads will show that people can accomplish anything with Monster on their side.
  • Creative Strategy Brand Personality Monster is an uninhibited brand that will stop at nothing to provide consumers with the back-up they need throughout their hectic days. Whether it be shredding on the mountain or working constantly at your desk, Monster understands the intense energy boost you need. With Monster, you can accomplish anything you want. There really are no limits. Creative Guidelines The creative executions will visually display how Monster can become a mainstream, integral product throughout the day. This campaign will use vivid colors and eye- catching images, while utilizing minimal copy. This will enable us to capture attention and maintain it long enough to send a clear, concise message. The copy tagline, Release the Beast Within, will be consistently displayed throughout the entire campaign. Each creative execution will also work to incorporate a social media element to it by including the following copy, Follow us on Twitter at @MonsterEnergy & show us how you #releasethebeast. The whole campaign encapsulates the overarching idea that Monster can help our consumer beast through any task. The goal is to create a positive perception of the brand, promoting the products ability to invigorate individuals and inspire them to accomplish everyday or even seemingly impossible tasks. These executions will display how Monster can push consumers towards greatness.
  • Media Plan When? As an energy drink brand, there is a need for advertisements throughout the year; seasonality is not particularly applicable. However, there should be bursts of advertising since there are specific times when consumers lives become more hectic. We look to launch the campaign in the new year to help fuel consumers as they are thrusted back into their daily routines, motivating them to accomplish their everyday tasks. It is also a time of resolution, when consumers are looking to broaden horizons and achieve new goals, some of which may seem impossible to accomplish. The campaign would continue throughout the year, but be promoted more during busier times of the year for our specific target audiences. For example, our campaign would be pushed more often during final periods for college students or end-of-the-quarter deadlines and reviews for working professionals. Where?48 For both men and women, we saw that the internet and magazines were frequently trafficked by the age groups of interest. For men ages 22-24, MRI+ showed an index of 102 heavy magazine users and 174 for heavy internet users; these figures were generally reciprocated throughout all ages. For females 22-24, MRI+ showed an index of 101 for heavy magazines users and 151 for heavy internet users. Because of these internet figures, we decided to place our commercial on the internet, rather than on television. We expect to place this advert as a commercial on sites such as, and other similar sites that utilze video media and are commonly accessed by our target. As a large portion of individuals within this age range are currently college or grad. school students, it is wise to also display print executions near college campuses, specifically on their public transportation systems and near their fitness centers.
  • Recommended Media Vehicles Internet: Magazines: Runners World National Geographic Conde Nast Traveler Mens Fitness Ski Magazine Outdoor Platforms: Trains Buses Fitness Centers
  • Recommended Media Explanation Internet:49 We selected these internet sites for our video ad because they showed indices over 100, with the highest being 153 for Hulu. com. We also chose and because they were frequently watched by our target as well. Since our target audience does not heavily watch television but uses the internet heavily, we decided to play this ad as a commercial on these networks online websites. Additionally, we noticed that many females watch content on, and so our ad will appeal to them there as well. Magazine:50 Magazines have the highest index of heavy users in the age group we have selected. There is a gender crossover between quite a few of these magazines including Ski Magazine, which show indices at 232 for men and 121 for women. Surprisingly, for Mens Fitness, men had indices of 188 and women had indices of 121. We are placing our print ads in these fitness-based magazines to appeal to health-conscious users. Print ads will also be included in magazines such as Conde Nast Traveller and National Geographic to utilize the trends of our target, which are mindfulness and limitless living. Since the index for women reading Conde Nast is 142, it is beneficial to place the ad in this vehicle since it fits with the creative executions intention and targets the appropriate consumer.Outdoor Platforms:51,52,53 We chose to place our creative executions on trains and buses because a large percentage of males and females 18-34 who lead busy lifestyles depend on public transportation to get them to work or to school everyday. Ideally, the ads would be plastered on the exterior of trains and buses so that more people will be exposed to them. We want to use transit advertising because it delivers to a varied audience and makes it hard for people to ignore our ads. Since many males and females 18-34 attend college or graduate school, our ads will also be placed in fitness centers on college campuses around the United States.
  • Creative Executions Social Media Component Release the Beast Within Competition: This will be a one week challenge that encourages people to be more active and spontaneous in their everyday lives, promoting the trend of mindful living.53 Ex: Day 1: Run a marathon Day 2: Travel/explore a place youve never been to Day 3: Try crowdsurfing, sky diving, parasailing, etc. Use Instagram and Vine to record the memorable moments (#ReleasetheBeast). Share your videos and photos on Twitter after following Monsters account to be entered in the competition (@MonsterEnergy). We select 3 winners for the competition. Winners will get an all-expense paid 7-day trip to the country of their choice and get to cross some items off their bucket list. The idea is to encourage people to escape the tedious routine of their lives and to promote the importance of vitality in life. It motivates consumers to push themselves to new limits which goes with Monsters new theme of Releasing the Beast Within.
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  • Appendix: Additional Primary Research One-on-One Interview Questions: 1) When do you buy energy drinks? How often? 2) How do you decide which brand to buy? 3) What benefits do you seek from drinking energy drinks? 4) What is the first thing you think of when you hear the name Monster Energy Drinks? 5) What do you think of the image of the can? 6) Why do you enjoy Monster Energy Drinks? 7) What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of drinking Monster are? 8) What would you like to change about Monster Energy Drinks (i.e. Taste, look, brand image, etc.)? 9) Describe who you think Monsters typical consumer is. 10) Describe the taste of Monster products. 11) What types of advertising have you seen for Monster Energy Drinks? Are they effective ads? Why or why not? 12) What social events (i.e. Mountain Bike Competitions, etc.) would you like Monster to sponsor? Would these specific sponsorships encourage to purchase Monster more often? 13) What kind of lifestyle do you lead?
  • Appendix: Additional Primary Research Survey Questions: 1) What age/gender group do you belong to? 14-18 (male), 14-18 (female), 19-22 (male), 19-22 (female), 23-27 (male), 23-27 (female), 28+ (male), 28+ (female) 2) What are your personal Interests? (Select all that apply) Literary Arts, Visual Arts, Focus on Academics, Career Development, Video Games, Computers, Traditional Sports (Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Football, Hockey, Extreme Sports (Snowboarding, Skateboarding, BMX, Mountain Biking, Skydiving) 3) Do you drink energy drinks? Yes, No Why not? 4) If you drink energy drinks, how often? Never, Rarely, Once a month, Once a week, Several Times a week, Daily 5) Why do you use energy drinks? (Select all that apply) I enjoy the taste, To be more alert, To mix with other drinks, N/A 6) When are you most likely to use energy drinks? When at social events, While studying, When at work, When thirsty 7) What do you look for in an energy drink? Amount of Caffeine, Healthier Ingredients, Variety of Flavors, Taste, Price, Whats recommended by friends/media, N/A 8) Which of the following energy drinks have you had before? (Select all that apply) Monster, Rockstar, AMP, RedBull, Other 9) Which energy drink do you prefer? Monster, Rockstar, AMP, RedBull, Other 10) Why is this your favorite energy drink? Short Answer
  • Appendix: Additional Materials Figure 1: Mintel-Energy Drink Market Summary
  • Appendix: Additional Materials Figure 2: Ages of people who ride public transportation from the American Public Transportation Association