Active Noise Reduction in Ventilation Ducts

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Transcript of Active Noise Reduction in Ventilation Ducts

Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics Volume 11, 2010 160th MeetingAcoustical Society of America Cancun, Mexico 15 - 19 November 2010 Session 3aSP: Signal Processing in Acoustics3aSP8. Active Noise Reduction in Ventilation DuctsOliver Gaab*, Delf Sachau and Oliver Pabst*Corresponding authors address: Mechatronics, Helmut-Schmidt-University, Holstenhofweg 85, Hamburg,22043, Hamburg, Germany, ANC is commonly used in several noise exposed areas. The basic Idea has been extensively analyzed in literature, espe-cially for cancellation of sinusoidal noise in ducts. Here, the challenge for an ANC-System is the attenuation of undesired broadband noise in a ventilation duct with high air flow. In this case special consideration must be given towards the performance of the acoustic sensors while exposed to turbulent flow. The concept of a Swinbanks-source in combinationwith an adaptive filter appears to fit well for the given problem. Furthermore, causality constraints concerning the feedforward adaptive controller are analyzed with respect to sensor- and actuator placement. In an experimental setup with aduct of 8 m length and a diameter of 350 mm, noise attenuation of 14 dB in a frequency range from 50