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  • 1. Seri Belajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas VACTIVE ENGLISH 5A Fun and Easy English Book Kelas V SDSemesterI Oleh : Ni L.P. Wiratmi NartiSTARTProduksi @ Mei 2011Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu PendidikanUniversitas Mahasaraswati Denpasar

2. UNIT IIISTANDAR KOMPETENSIKOMPETENSI DASARINDIKATORMATERI PEMBELAJARAN EVALUASIBy : Ni L.P. Wiratmi Narti Produksi @ Mei 2011 Pusat Sumber Belajar SD kelas IVUniversitas Mahasaraswati Denpasar 3. STANDAR KOMPETENSIBERBICARA Mengungkapkanmakna dalam teksfungsional pendek danmonolog, berbentukrecount, narrative danproccedure sederhanadalam kontekskehidupan sehari hari. 4. KOMPETENSI DASAR Mengungkapkan maknadalam teks monologsederhana denganmenggunakan ragambahasa lisan secaraakurat lancar danberterima dalamberbagai kontekskehidupan sehari haridalam teks berbentukrecount, narrative danprocedure. 5. INDIKATORSTUDENTS ARE ABLE TO : Give instructions Identify Verbs Read Procedure Text Write procedure text Tell Procedure Text using Spoken English 6. PEMBAHASANPENGERTIAN MATERI CONTOH SOAL EVALUASI1. Procedure 1. How to make a 1. Answer the 1. Readingtextkite.question 2. Listening 2. Listen and according to 3. Speakingrepeat.the text.4. Writing 3. Practice theDialogue 4. Write aProcedure textaccording tothe topic given 7. PENGERTIAN PROCEDURE TEXT PENGERTIAN PROCEDURE TEXT Procedure Text adalah text yang isinya berisi langkah-langkah atau cara-cara melakukan atau membuat sesuatu.Procedure Text terdiri dari : Aim/Goal Materials and equipment Steps 8. MATERI1. How to Make a Kite2. Listen and Repeat3. Practice the Dialogue4. Write a Procedure text according the topic given 9. EVALUASI I. READINGHow to make a kite Having a kite flying is interesting and make it byself is easy. Prepare the following materials to makea kite : Butcher cord Scotch tape or glue Sheet of strong paper Strong , straight wooden sticks of bamboo markers,paint or crayons. 10. LANJUTANAfter the materials have been prepared, the directions bellow iseasy instruction on how to make a kite :1. Make a cross with the to sticks, with the shooter stick placed horizontally a cross to longer stick.2. Tie the two sticks together with the string in such a way as to make sure that they are at right angels to each other.3. Cut a notch at each end of the sticks. Make it deep enough for the type of string you are using to fit in to. Cut a piece of string long enough to strecth all around the kite frame.4. Lay the sail material flat and place the stick frame face down on top. Cut around it, leaving about 2-3 cm for a margin. Fold these edges over and glue it down so that the material is tight. 11. LANJUTAN5. Lay the sail material flat and place the stick frame face down on top. Cut around it, leaving about 2-3 cm for a margin. Fold these edges over and glue it down so that the material is tight.6. Make a tail by tying a small ribbon roughly every 10 cm along the length of string.7. Decorate your kite with the markers! 12. EVALUASI IQUESTION A.1. What is the text about?2. What is the purpose of the text?3. Do you follow the steps?4. Do you think you can make a kite now?QUESTION B1. What materials and equipment do you need to make a kite?2. What is the first step should we do to make a kite? 13. EVALUASI IILISTEN ANDREPEAT 14. EVALUASI IIIIII. WRITING LOOK AT THE PICTURES ! WRITE DOWN THE PROCEDURE !You may use the following words :-Soil- manure -flower pot-- mix - trowel - water dipper 15. IV. SPEAKINGREAD THE DIALOGUE !PRACTICE IT IN FRONT OF THE CLASS !Arya : Hi Restu, what are you doing there?Restu: Oooh Arya, my young brother want to playing a kite. But I cannotmake it.Arya: Oowh thats very easy.Restu : Realy???? Can you help me please?Arya: Sure. We can make it together.(one hour later)Restu : is beautiful kite, I never seen before.Arya: Hopely your brother like it!Restu : I think soThank you Arya.Arya: You are welcome. 16. THANK YOU