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Activating Activate!

Activating Activate!Barbara Marshall

What is Activate at Mount Tamar School?It is a process of de-activation (ie. becoming calm, ready to learn and able to be social).In other words,

Activate offers a sensory diet.

A sensory diet? Whats that?A sensory diet is a carefully designed, personalized activity plan that provides the sensory input a person needs to stay focused and organised throughout the day

It helps to manage the fight, flight, freeze response

Why do our learners need a sensory diet?To be able to listen and lookTo be socialTo be able to take in information and store itTo think and understandTo problem solveTo be able to do want they want to doTo be able to do what others want them to doTo have fun and to feel that life is worth living

What does a sensory diet look like?

Discharging: heavy work, every 2 hours, or less

Deep touch calms


Rhythm tools: engage organization


Discharging: heavy work/play, every 2 hours, or less