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-Developed an ad campaign for a brand of sports drink called Activate. -Designed ads, developed media plan and media targets

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2. SWOT ANALYSISStrengths Twist cap - unique selling point Fresh vitamins No artificial flavors Notion that consumers are trying to be fit 3. SWOT ANALYSISWeaknesses Inability to find caps in same distribution centers as the fullpackage Concept of product is initially unrecognizable Labels are too busy The availability of the water just by itself Can be seen as overpriced Tagline is not catchy enough 4. SWOT ANALYSISOpportunities Use the twist cap as a unique selling point Green movement Notion that consumers are trying to be fit Ability to target very niche markets 5. SWOT ANALYSISThreats Cap idea can be copied Similar idea to established brands Consumers are more likely to choose a product they arefamiliar with 6. COMPETITORSMain Competition Gatorade & PowerAde Vitamin Water Propel SoBe Life Water Mio 7. STRATEGIES Personal Interviews Surveys 8. PRIMARYRESEARCHSurvey Results 86 % of the respondents answered that they have yet to tryActivate 59 % believe that the cap feature with the fresh vitamins wouldbe beneficial A majority of the respondents found the cap to be one of themost distinguishing features of the product 9. PRIMARYRESEARCHPersonal Interviews The Activate concept is appealing to both genders Most people consider the vitamin cap to be a feature that wouldmake Activate worth purchasing 10. Which area of the image stands out the most? 11. SECONDARYRESEARCH Scholarly Journals Social Media Blogs Market Research 12. FINDINGS Activate drinkers are extremely active on online platforms The packaging is appeals more to women Little emphasis on the separate sale of the caps Activate needs to expand to other locations based on the demandof consumers 13. TARGET MARKETTrendsetters Age 20-30 Gender: Both Income Level: Mid-Upper Education Level: Bachelors Degree+ Reside in Urban Areas Impulsive Consumers 14. TARGET MARKETTrendsetters Enjoy physical exercise and outdoor recreation Environmentally conscious Lead a healthy lifestyle Enjoy networking and building connections Interested in music Seek new experiences 15. MARKETINGOBJECTIVES Increase brand awareness Increase brand awareness amongstyoung adults by focusing on inducing trial of Activate products. Develop a favorable brand image by placing emphasis on threemain areas: Being green Ease and portability Increased health benefits from saving vitamins in the cap untilconsumption Increase sales by benefiting especially from taking market sharefrom competitors (versus benefitting from industry growth) Take the Activate brand to two additional metropolitan locations:Miami and New York City. 16. COMMUNICATIONOBJECTIVES Awareness Objective: to increase target markets awareness ofthe Activate brand by inducing trial of the product. Knowledge Objective: : to make target market aware of thebenefits of the cap of Activate products. Attitude Objective: : establish Activate as a lifestyle brand thatcares about the same issues as the target market. 17. COMMUNICATIONMESSAGE BECAPTIVATED 18. MEDIA PLAN Timing: May 2011 to May 2012 Includes traditional media and multiple forms of alternative media Continuous: Pandora, email, iPhone app Flighting (6 months): print ads, Hulu ad, Youtube ad, motionbillboards, Cap Tree, yoga mats 19. MEDIA PLANMedia Objectives Surround our target market in places that are perceived to begreen and healthy Sustain awareness of Activate brand by reaching at least 1.5% ofActivate drinkers at least twice a week Create a positive brand image in current and new locations 20. CREATIVE 21. LABEL RE-DESIGN 22. PACKAGING 23. TRADITIONAL MEDIA 24. PRINT ADS 25. PRINT ADS 26. PRINT ADS 27. INTERNET 28. INTERNET ADS 29. INTERNET ADS 30. INTERNET ADS 31. MISC. 32. EMAIL 33. ALTERNATIVEMEDIA 34. OUT-OF-HOMEMEDIACap Tree 35. PROMOTIONS 36. BUDGET 37. THANK YOU Deepthi CauligiKyndal HargrowAndrew Meschke Beatrice PoonChloe SykesBurcu YildizEugene Yip