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Activate! Contents
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contents of an English book

Transcript of Activate! Contents

  • 4Unit Reading Vocabulary Grammar

    1page 8

    Faking it Matching topics with paragraphsMultiple-choice questions

    Jobs and skillsExpressions with do, get, nd

    Present simple and present continuousState verbs

    2page 18

    Who rules the school?Understanding details in a textPredictingMultiple-choice questions

    Education Making verbs into nouns(-ment/ -(at)ion)

    Past simple and past continuous

    Time to revise 1 page 28

    3 page 30

    Email friendsMultiple matching Multiple-choice questionsWorking out the meaning of a word in context

    Money and shopping Making nouns and verbs into adjectives(-able, -ible, -ous, -ful, -y)

    The futureWillGoing toPresent continuous forfuture useShall

    4 page 40

    Festival reportsMultiple matchingMatching facts/information with texts

    Outdoor entertainment Compound nouns

    Present perfect simple and continuous

    Time to revise 2 page 50

    5page 52

    Was I a bully, too? Missing sentences

    Right and wrongMaking adjectives and verbs negative (il-, ir-, dis-)

    Conditionals: zero, rst, second

    6 Page 62

    The game that made historyPredictingMatching headings with paragraphs True/FalseFocussing on speci c information

    Computers and the internetCompound nouns and adjectives

    Past simple and present perfect simplePresent perfectwith adverbs

    Time to revise 3 page 72


  • 5Listening Speaking Use your English Writing DVD

    My kind of musicMultiple-choice questions

    Giving personal information Completing a questionnaireRole play

    VocabularyAdjectives (-ed /-ing) Adjective + preposition

    Grammar Adverbs of frequency; Questions

    An email

    DVD Faking it

    Its a teens lifeListening for speci c information True/False Intonation

    Apologising and making excusesConversation practiceSentence stress

    Vocabulary Verbs and phrases v. phrasal verbs

    Grammar Relative clauses

    A story

    DVD Rule the school

    Spend! Spend! Spend!Listening for speci c informationMultiple-choice questions

    Giving advice and making suggestions Role playIntonation

    Vocabulary Word building: making adjectives negative (un-, im-, in-)

    Grammar Certainty, probability and possibility (modal verbs)

    A formal letter

    DVDTeens know how

    Making musicPredictingTrue/False

    Giving explanations and reasonsAsking and answering questions

    Vocabulary Adverbs

    Grammar Word order: direct and indirect objects

    An article

    DVD Scotlands re festival

    Body artMultiple matchingMatching speakers with statements

    Giving opinions, agreeing and disagreeingConversation practiceSentence stress

    Vocabulary Verbs with prepositions

    Grammar so, such a, too, not enough

    A letter of advice

    DVD Solving a problem

    Why dont we ?Multiple-choice questionsAnswer questions about situations, attitudes, opinions

    Expressing preferencesAsking and answering questions

    Saying what you have done recently

    Vocabulary Order of adjectives

    Grammar Countable and uncountable nouns; Quanti ers

    A review

    DVD Computer games

  • 6Unit Reading Vocabulary Grammar

    7page 74

    Historical truth or Hollywood ction?Matching topics with paragraphsMultiple-choice questions

    Dates and timesOrdinal numbersWriting and saying dates

    Past perfect simple and continuous

    8page 84

    What can take Aibos place? Multiple matchingFinding information in a text quickly

    Science and communicationPeople nouns (-er, -or, -ist, -eer, -ian)

    The passive

    Time to revise 4 page 94

    9 page 96

    Teen Big Brother is here! Multiple-choice questionsReading for details

    Describing personalitiesWords and their opposites

    Reported speech

    10 page 106

    Extreme environments!Multiple-choice questions

    Weather and environment Describing extreme weather

    Third conditionalWishes

    Time to revise 5 page 116

    11page 118

    We train hard for the Triathlon Missing sentencesUnderstanding words in context

    Health and tness, sportSports and sportspeople

    Obligation (modal verbs)

    12 Page 128

    Europa-ParkReference wordsMultiple-choice questions Reading for facts

    Holidays and travel Compound nouns

    Adjectives: comparatives and superlatives

    Time to revise 6 page 138

    Speaking File page 140 Writing File page 148 Vocabulary File and DVD activities page 152Grammar File page 164

  • 7Listening Speaking Use your English Writing DVD

    Messages from the past Multiple-choice questionsMaking notes

    Describing and comparing photos

    Vocabulary Expressions using time

    Grammar Ability (modal verbs)

    An article

    DVD Pirate legends

    Write? Text? Phone? Multiple-choice questionsChoosing the correct picture

    Describing a picture or an objectAsking and answering questions

    Vocabulary Phrasal verbs

    Grammar Question tags

    A letter of complaint

    DVDRobot challenges

    I cant stand Multiple matchingMatching speakers with statements

    Giving opinions and expressing strong feelingsRole play

    Vocabulary a/an, the or zero article

    Grammar -ing form and to-in nitive

    A description

    DVD Friends united

    Eat me!Multiple matchingDeciding who says something

    Asking for and giving information Role playAsking and answering questions

    Vocabulary-less, -free, re-

    Grammar have/get something done

    A report

    DVDSerious Amazon

    Have a go!Completing notes

    Showing interest, reacting to somebody elses opinionAsking and answering questionsConversation practice Keeping the conversation going

    Vocabulary do, play, go

    Grammar could/ must/should + have + past participle

    An essay

    DVD Tough triathlon

    Fear or fun? Multiple matchingMatching feelings to speakers

    Expressing preferencesComparingConversation practice

    Vocabulary Strong adjectives and descriptive verbs

    Grammar Future continuous and future perfect

    A story

    DVD Europa-Park