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Transcript of Action learning project

Title of My Action Research Presentation

How Does a Bad Economy Affect the Human Experience?Name: Anne Jeanette Mendoza Date: 12/07/2011


Part 1: Background InformationThe Great Depression in New MexicoConducted in a New Mexico history class over a two week span.Integrated three content areas: social studies, language arts, arts educationGrades 10-12Required course for graduation; provided good sample of student population


Part II: Needs AnalysisWhy I chose this project: Student led teaching approach Student choiceConnected curriculum to students surroundingsEnabled students at different academic levels to reach the same learning goals


Part III: Unit PlanEssential question: How does a bad economy affect the human experience?Three parts: Black Tuesday, Dust Bowl, New DealStandards targetedSocial studies: history, economicsLanguage arts: writing, language, researchArts education: visual arts, creative process


Part IV. Lesson PlansDay 1: Introduction to Great Depression unit: Hearts ActivityDay 2: Black Tuesday: cause and effectDay 3: Dust Bowl lettersDay 4: The New Deal: Great Depression, Dust Bowl, and New Deal summary paperDay 5: Research for New Deal Project



Part V: Instructional TreatmentImplementation:

active participationCovert and overt thinking

Differentiation:giving students choice modifications monitor and adjust



Part VI: Data CollectionAssessment Checking for student understanding through active participationObserve- monitor and adjustFormative evaluationsSummative evaluationsrubric


Part VII: Assessment Results


Part VIII: ReflectionAfter completing this unit, I learned that giving students choice in accomplishing their learning goals is easier than I thought it would be.The unit helped students learn more about the historical significance of their surroundings, and how events happening today can mirror events in history.The unit enabled students at all academic levels to accomplish the same learning goals.