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  • 1. Acrostic Poems

2. Poetry O Type of writing that expresses meaning. O Poems are written with words chosen fortheir sounds and beauty as well as their meaning. O Different forms 3. Acrostics 4. Acrostic O Fun, poetic form O 5 easy steps O 1.Decide what to write about. O 2.Write your word down vertically. O 3.Brainstorm describing words O 4.Place your brainstormed words orphrases on the lines that begin with the same letters. O 5.Fill in the rest of the lines to create a poem. 5. CATCAT CATO CuriousO CuriousO CuddlyO AttitudeO CuteO TailO Ginger O Tails O Kitten O Paws O Attitude 6. Tiger Tiger O Is cute O Gold eyesO Ears are big O Tame O Really lazy 7. O O O OSURF Standing steadily on the board Use your arms and legs to balance Ready for a huge wave Fun, exciting you should try itO BOOK O Busy as a bee Iwas, O On the search of a break, O On picking up the book in the library, O Kept me smiling 8. Friends O CoolO FO ExcellentO Really CoolO DependableO IO AwesomeO Excellent O N O Dependable O S