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  • TABLATURE; EXPLANATION TABLATURE A six-line staff that graphically represents the guitar fingerboard. By placing a number on the appropriate line, the string and fret of any note can be indicated. For example:


    5th string, 3rd fret 1st string, 15th fret, 2nd string, 15th fret, play~ together

    an open E chord

    Definitions for Special Guitar Notation (For both traditional and tablature guitar lines) 1/2

    ;;;; ;;; SLIDE: The first note is struck ;;; and then the same finger of the TREMOLO PICKING: The BEND: Strike the note and fret hand moves up the string Irem. bend up 'h step (one fret). to the location of the second note is picked as rapidly and note. The second note is not continuously as possible. struck.

    Full ;;; ;;; Harm. SLIDE: Same as above, ;;; NATURAL HARMONIC: The BEND: Strike the note and sl. except the second note is bend up a whole step (two struck. fret hand lightly touches the frets). string over the fret indicated; then ~ is struck. A chime-like sound is produced.


    = SLIDE: Slide up to the note RELEASE: Strike the note. indicated from a few frets A.H. ARTIFICIAL HARMONIC: Bend up 'h (or whole) step, below. A The fret hand fingers the note 1/2 (or FuU) ;;; then release the bend back to indicated. The pick hand the original note. All three notes produces the harmonic by are tied; only the first note is ;;; using a finger to lightly touch struck. the string at the fret indicated in SLIDE: Strike the note and parentheses and plucking ~h 1/2 (or FuU) sl. slide up an indefin~e number of another finger. =

    frets, releasing finger pressure

    GHOST BEND: Bend the note at the end of the Slide.

    up 'h (or whole) step, then A.B. ARTIFICIAL 'PINCH"

    strike it. 8wJ, HARMONIC: The note is

    ;;; i: fretted normally and a

    PICK SLIDE: The edge of the harmonic is produced by adding the edge of the thumb

    1/2 (or FuU) pick is rubbed down the length A.H. or the tip of the index finger of

    !~ of the string. A scratchy sound the pick hand to the normal GHOST BEND AND is produced. pick attack. High volume or RELEASE: Bend the note up distortion will allow for a greater 1/2 (or Fun) 'h (or whole) step. Strike ~ and toundlq pitch: E variety of harmonics. release the bend back to the original note.

    = HAMMER-ON: Strike the first

    = (lower) note, then sound the

    TREMOLO BAR: The pitch of Full higher note ~h another finger

    = a note or chord is dropped a

    UNISON BEND: The lower by fretting ~ ~hout picking. '" specified number of steps, then

    note is struck slightly before the returned to the original pitch. higher. It is then bent to the pitch of the higher note. They

    = PULL-QFF: Both fingers are

    are on adjacent strings. in~ially placed on the notes to be sounded. Strike the first ;;; (higher) note, then sound the PALM MUTE (P.M.): The note ;;; is partially muted by the pick VIBRATO: The string is lower note by pulling the finger vibrated by rapidly bending and off the higher note while hand lightly touching the releasing a note ~h the fret keeping the lower note fretted. string(s) just before the bridge.

    hand or tremolo bar. FRETBOARD TAPPING:

    III Hammer ('lap") onto the fret- Iiiiii ...,FFlED STRING~ A SHAKE OR EXAGGERATED board w~h the index or middle percussive sound is produced

    VIBRATO: The pitch is varied 3 3 T P P T P H finger of the pick hand and pull by laying the fret hand across

    to a greater degree by vibrating off to the note fretted by the fret the strings ~hout depressing ~h the fret hand or tremolo hand (''T'' indicates 'lapped" them to the fretboard and strik-bar. notes). ing them ~h the pick hand.


  • Tablature Explanation page 17

    II ...


    T A R

    II .. ~

    . @T I

    Vivace J = 138 G/D


    ..... ..... 11if

    . ~ ~ :::

    ~ Bm

    MOOD FOR A DAY As Recorded by Yes

    (From the album FRAGILE/Atlantic Records)

    Ft/C# G/D F#lct G/D

    n .. 1 I -4 * "'-4 ... ..... -

    ::: ,.

    * ~ ~ *Gently tap face of guitar.

    A G

    r-'1 r:J nnn ilr::-J ,..... r-r-, Fr1

    r r r r HP r "1- "1"1 ~ HP H

    ~ ::. ...--... ~ ':!

    , ,

    Music by Steve Howe

    ~ ~ il r-n :

    -4 -4 ... ... -4 -4 ~


    G/B F#/A#

    J::'r'::::1 ~ ~rJ .

    r "I#r "I I r

    To Coda Bm G F# H G/B F#/A# -+ NC n~n~fi

    ::> -3-. .. n..m r::t _ _r-r-, Fn II .. ~


    r r \I r HP ~

    ~ HP ----~




    r "I rr-, I

    - r "I#r ~H ~

    , ~

    Allegretto J = 92 Bm/D

    Copyright 1972, 1988 Topographic Music Ud.

    18 THE ACOUSTIC CLASSICS All rights for the World adminislered by WB Music Corp.

    All rights reserved Used by Permission

    ., r-i I " ~3--. ~

    . I (" "I

    poco Tit.


    E7 G

    - f fr Grad. pick closed to sound hole)

  • " ... @)

    II ..


    II ..

    " .. @)

    II ..


    II ..

    0 P Em/G ~

    'I r' *sul tasto



    'Play over fingerboard.

    O/A E7

    -= - .. ~ . $f: 'I j r



    HPP ,----," i ~'r H P P w/naJIs..l HPP

    Esus4 H P P P

    =--- DA A G rn JIl :> rn r-ri :

    r r' r r P P ,---.., ..-... , , ~ ,


    F#7 5 +

    H ,---.., I , ,

    I I ~l ~' ~, fH r,it. 71if *T 'P ~....---..


    Bm ~3~ ~3~ )I Gm(B~ B~ C B~A/q ~~ ~ t:::::=:r--I

    HP P '----'''~r .. ~ ... H P P i w/nails..l --------- iTt" ~ .... ... ~""

    HP P )

    ----:"" HPP

    G D/A Em/G r --.--. t\

    -If t"' t"' t"' t"' ~~ r'

    , sl. r w/nail ...J

    ... ~

    N.C. ~3~ ~3~

    m-ifis~~ sl.

    J, =84

    Bm 112.

    f1:1 iii 11. F#/A#

    I s.;] F#/A# /F# F#7/E B .. M4 Bmrn :> m r-n r--r-,

    fH ,---..,


    Esus4 P


    'I #r ~


    D P :::---..

    r;] jJ~ D,-I' r

    mf P P rit. ....---.. ....--... ,

    : , I

    #r:resc. poc~ a poco r' I

    D E7/G#

    -oJ ""

    - - -1] ~- n rr5

    r r' I a tempo

    *T 'T=thumb A G J= 86D Gadd9 r-:n m i ppp3---, 'f>p3--. HP D Gadd9 pp3--. 'f>p3--. HP ~oJ ~J J~fl I III J.EI;I~n FA

    PPP P PP P HP ,---..,

    J .rm -Ir~1 rTTi J.m}1 n 61

    PP P ...--... PP P HP 2:"'>


  • D.S. al Coda ~

    II ... l"""'- I I ~ I I *r1 r--"I n

    . @) ~.. .. -ill -ill .. .. -ill -ill ... ... ... 11 I

    ft ~ :; :;

    I ':: ':: '::

    Coda Bm II ... r--1 A(6)

    'Exaggerated rake p with nails. G

    nnr1rJn.r.nnn n n

    II ...


    ~) I


    Ft H

    r-r--, Fr1 "I

    VH r cresco sub. Trrr .--...

    p. F#/A#

    II... I

    #f sl.1 (norm.)


    A >- G

    II ... FUm I e; II

    ---- -------- -----~

    r r

    G/B F#lA#

    r-r--, '~.

    r "I#y f'

    11 2. F#/A#

    ~ ~

    Meno mosso J = 84 D p-p-p3---.


    p p p p ~~

    Poco meno mosso



    ~ I


    r p

    D~3 Gad~3 P P --., ---,

    II ... JfflJ 1-1 I I T l Jlf:L-----n~ Ie;

    P P P P ~~ PP



    ~ L" iz '::

    D Esus4 p --... p

    J:JlfTl :

    l(norm.J r p p .--... ~


    p p P

    . I


    A G

    r-r1 r-r--,

    t r over sound hole ~ v v


    P P P P HP ~~



    P P ~",--," pp


    G/B F# H

    Fr1 I'TI

    fH ~

    D E7/G#

    JlOlto rit. - - - -

    P P P H P

    "I --

    rit.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - i H~~r P P wjR.H.

    ......... pp H

  • Tablature Explanation page 17

    DUST IN THE WIND As Recorded by Kansas

    (From the album POINT OF KNOW RETURN/Kirshner Records)


    Moderate J = 96 Rhy. Fig. 1 C

    **(Acous. gtr.) 'm

    Cmaj7 m i m m

    'Fingerpicking: m = middle; i = index; t = thumb (use thumb for all downstemmed notes).

    "Doubled by 12 stg. gtr.


    Am Asus2 C add9 C

    1 st Verse

    C Asus2

    Cmaj7 Cadd9 Am

    Words and Music by Kerry Uvgren



    Asus4 Am G/B C G/B A~

    close my eyes,

    (end Rhy. Fig. I)

    G Dm7 Am G/B C G/B

    on -Iy for a mo-ment, and the mo - ment's gone._. All my


    Copyright1977. 1978. 1988 Don Kirshner Music and SBK Blackwood Music Inc. All Rights Controlled and Administered by SBK Blackwood Music Inc.

    All Rights Reserved International Copyright Secured Used by Permission of the Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation


    dreams __ _


  • G Om? Am O/F# G _.--3---,

    eyes,_ a eu - ri - os - i - ty._ Oust in the

    tWl p

    p p p

    Am Am/G O/F# G Am G/B

    All they are_ is dust in_ the_ wind.

    i r H

    2nd Verse p p w/Rhy. Fig. 2 GfB

    C Am

    G Om? Am , (J ir Ita: ~


    5 IlJ tJdtU: []JRl acr GfB Same old just a drop of wa - ter in an end - less sea.--

    C G/B , (J t Am 11 I G Om? Am I EJ w=r f F f I (4 Uf3r J ;;;J All we do crum-bles to the ground_ though we re- fuse to see. __

    OfF. G

    &,;S f1 OfF. G

    I b1 EJ r --...-.'tJ II in the wind. __ _ All we are is dust in_ the

    Ah. ____________ _

    Amadd2 G/A -------------~--- F(#ll)/A F6(#II)fA



  • Violin solo (arr. for gtr.)

    VIn. I Am add2

    VIn. II


    G/A F($ll)/A

    w/Rhy. Fig. 1 ~---------------------.=----------------------- C II. 112. i=F=