Accutek At25 At32 At380

Accutek At25 At32 At380
Accutek At25 At32 At380
Accutek At25 At32 At380
Accutek At25 At32 At380
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  • 8/14/2019 Accutek At25 At32 At380



    A C C U - T E K , +Manufacturer o f R rearmsMODELS AT-25. AT-32, AT-380

    This manual should always accompany this firearmand be transfen-ed with it upon change of ownersWp.

    SPECIFICATIONSCaliber:Magazin e Capac ity : .25. .32 or .3805 rounds 1.25 caJlbcr - 7 rounds5.650 Inches4 Inches2 a /. In ches16 ounces for aluminum frame20 ounces for stainless steel

    a.A . Length:a.A . H eight:B arrel L en gth :Weight:

    SAFETY AND BASIC RULESAccu-Tek flreanns are desIgned to preventaccidental discharge with the ulmostsecurity: however. handHng fi.reannssafely Is your ow n personal responsibility.Neglect to falIow basic Orcam1s rules cancause serious Injury or death to thehandler or others. Read and follow Uleseinstructions to ensure safe operation ofy our fire arm ..Always treat every fireann as if It were

    loaded..Never pOint a firearm at anything you donot Intend to shoot..Always be sure of your target and whatIs beyond your target.

    .Never place your finger on the triggerunUl you are ready to sh~t..Always keep your firearm pointed In asafe d ir ec tion.

    . Never aJlow your flrcann to be usedby anyone who has not read thisInstruction and safety manua1..Always wear {."'jc and ear protectionwhen sh oo ting ..Never carry or store your flreann withthe hammer in the cocked position..Always store your unloaded firearm andammunition separately. locked ifpossible. and Inaccessible to chUdrenand unauthorized persons.

  • 8/14/2019 Accutek At25 At32 At380


    3801 Frame 19 3809 .380 necoll S pring2 ;{H02 Slide 3209 ,3 2 R t:c oll Sprin~3 3806 .380 Uarrcl 2009 .25 Recall Spring3206 .32 Barrel 20 3843 Magazine C atch S pring

    2506 .25 Harrel 21 ~'U:{:~:i Sea r Spl'ln g4 3839 ManuaJ S afety 22 3815 TrIgger Sp ring5 3820 TrlggC 'r Guard 23 3811 .380 .32 Hammcr Spring6 :iH46 Tr lp ,ger Assemhly 2511 ,25 H am mer Spring7 3808 Magazine C atch D utton 24 3835 E xtractor P in8 3832 Extractor 25 3822 Scar Pin9 3818 R ear S igh! 26 3824 Hammer Pin10 3807 Safe ty P lunger 27 3811 1'rfgger Pin11 3805 F irin g P in 28 3844 T rIgge r Guard Pin12 3828 Ejector 29 3819 Grips13 3836 Safety D isconnect R od 30 3825 Grip Screws14 3827 Scar 31 3849 .380 Magazine15 3847 I-lammer and 3850 .3 2 MaRnzln eIlammcr Strut Assembly 3851 .25 Magazine16 3813 Extra cto r Spring 32 3852 T rlggcr G uard Screw17 3HI4 Safety P lunger S pring 33 :i857 T rIgger G uard Lock W asher18 3812 F iring P in Spring




    ~1"33"- 32 31For current parts price list, send $2.00 to factory to cover handling charges.

  • 8/14/2019 Accutek At25 At32 At380


    SAFETY:The safety is local_cd on the left side of theslide. By pushing the safety lever down asfar as possible so that the white dot Isexposed, thus tndlcatlng the MaN"position. ThIs blocks the firing pin fromthe hammer and disconneds the trigger.By pushing the safety lever fully upwardexposing the red dot indicates the MOFF"f ir ing posit ion .WARNINGI Accu-Tek Incorporates a well-designed safety device; however never relycompletely on any safety mechanIsm . Allmechanical devIces are suhject tobreakage. wear or Incorrect m aintenanceand should never be trusted.AMMUNITION:Use only commercially manufacturedammunition and only of the caliber forwhich yuur pistol is chambered.WARNING I The use of non-5tandard,reluaded ur hundloaded ammunitionvoIds all walTantles. The use of suchammunttion can cause damage to thefirearm and serious injury lu the shouteror to others.LOADING:To load the magazine push down the frontof the follower with the rim of thecartridge. UJen slide the round backunder the magazlne Bps. Repeat untilmal'!;azlne is loaded W ith up to 5 rounds.Note: The .25 caliber is up to 7 rounds.To unload the magazIne. push eachcartrfdge forward until it ts no longer heldby the magazine lips.Load your firearm by keeping your fingeroIT the trigger and the safety "ON"! Insertthe magazine In the pistol by pushing Itupward Into tile magazine weH until It Isretained by the magazIne catch.Grip the pistol w ith your shoottng hand.keeping the muzzle pointed In a safedirection. W ith your other hand, grasp theseITated surfaces at the rear of the sltdeand pull fully to the rear then release It.promptly allowing it to return on its own.This action will chamber the ftrstcartridge, cock the hammer and the pistolIs ready for firing. (If the sltde is toodlfficult to pull bar:k. cock the hammerfirst. This will enable the slide to be pulledback with less spring pressure.)

    UNLOADING:Slide the safety lever to the ~OW (whitedol) posUlon and remove lhe magazine bypushing the magaztne catch button on thetop of the left side grip. Keeping the pistolpointing In a safe direction. pull tile slideback to eject the cartridge from thechamber. Holding the slide back. look Intile chamber to ensure the pistol Is empty.To de~eock yuur plstul. lite h,unmer mustbe grasped and then lowered carefully asthe trigger Is pulled.DISASSEMBLY:WARNING! Always check to make sureyour pistol Is unloaded before you begtn todisassemble.Remove the trigger guard screw, thenremove the trigger guard. fully retract theslide, 11ft up and mov(~ forward off theframe. Do not aHow the hammer to dropforward when the slide Is removed. as tllismay cause damage to Lnternal p3rts. Wesuggest thul YOli do not take down thisfirearm any further than is explained Intills manua1 .REASSEMBLY:WARNING! A ccu-Tek assum es no liabilityor responsibility whatsoever for tnjury.dcatil. or damage to property resultingfrom IncoITect reassembly. removal orallcrtng of uny purls In uny manner.W ith the hammer cocked, replace theslide on the baITI.:1.pull It back fully andpush It down on the frame and into thegulrle rails. then allow the slIde to moveforward tnto position. Now replacc thetrigger guard and secure W ith triggerguard screw m aking certain SCTCWI::;fullyseated before firing.CARE AND CLEANING:After dIsassembling. the barrel andchamber should be cleaned with a boresolvent. uslng a brush if needed. W ipe elryand all lightly. Use a solvent on cottonswabs or a patch 10 clean all exposedln tc rn al su rfa ce s.Lubricate all movtng parts W ith a lIghthigh quality gun aU. Be sure to lubricate1111.:onlHcl points bdwcen the slide andframe. and a few drops on the hammerstll)! spring. W ipe 01Tany excess 011.WARNING! Avoid use of solvents on gripsor prolonged use on black fintshed pistolsas 11may cause damage.

  • 8/14/2019 Accutek At25 At32 At380


    LIFETIME WARRANTYAccu-Tek warrants to the original retail purchaser thal each fireannmanufactured by Accu-Tek will be free from defects in matertal andworkmanship. Accu-Tek's obligation under this warranty shall belim ited to repairing or replacing. at its option. any firearm or partthereof returned (prepaid) to Accu- Tck and detennined by Accu- Tek tobe defective in either material or workmansip. Lifetime warranty doesnot cover sprtngs, plastic parts or black finish. A $5.00 handlingcharge must be included with the returned merchcmdise for shippingand handling. Contact your Dealer [or aulhorization and instructionsto return this ftreann for repair.This warranty is voided by the use of reloaded. handloaded, or othernon-standard ammunition.

    STATEMENT OF LIABILITYThis handgun is classified by the Alcohol. Tobacco and FirearmsDivision of the Intemal Revenue Service. U.S. Treasury Department. asa Firearm or Dangerous weapon and Is released by Accu-Tek with theexpress understanding that Accu -Tek is not n:sponsible and assumesno liability in any manner whatsoever for injury, death. or damage toproperty resulting from eithcr: intentional or accidental discharge ofthis handgun. or from its function when used for purposes orsubjected to treatment for which it was not designed. Accu-Tek will nothonor claims involving this fireann which result from any or acombination of any of the following: a) improper. careless or unsafehandling: b) use of the wrong caliber; c) use of ammunition other thanoriginal high quality commercially manufactured ammunition in goodcondition; d) unauthorized adjustments, repairs or altcrations:e) COITosion or neglect: 0 other influences beyond our direct andimmediate control. Accu-Tck will not honor any claim whatsoever bysecond or any subsequent owner of this firearm . Accu-Tek will not beheld liable lor any injury or damages to any person resulting [rom theuse of this fiream l [or any purpose including civil defense, policeactivity. hlmting dangerous game. or combat. This statement ofliability supersedes any other statement of liability. whether expressedo r implied .

    A C C U - T E K4525 Carter Court. Chino. CalIfornia 91710Phone (909) 627-2404. Fax (909) 627-7817