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Output Content of the CLO Summit of AIESEC International

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  • 1. Customer Loyalty for Organization Summit Output Tier 3 Account Management
  • 2. #touch points delivered #satisfaction of customer (according to the survey) #ReRaised Solution Communication with customer: AIESEC has to use communication channels more active. Company is paying fee to AIESEC for get counseling and AIESEC has to give more quality service for this fee. AIESEC should have more delegation Communication should be very faster and should result in quick output. Results Problem Account Management Every account has one person responsible, a roadmap of communication and a plan for re-raise.
  • 3. Account Management For customer Better quality in customer service: one contact responsible for the account company gets the information they need easy to reach AIESEC AIESEC provides proactive and fast-responding service
  • 4. Account Management Solutions One person is Structure adaptation to responsible for every have ONE account, standardize account responsible d process and timeline of servicing, clear account transition scheme. Implementation of account management flow Account management education and customer loyalty behavior drive
  • 5. Account Management Solutions One person is responsible for every PPT Tools in this account, standardize 4 Rules of Account Management d process and timeline of Account Manager JD servicing, clear AM Customer Flow account transition scheme. Structure of the the necessary touch points Overall timeline Account Management MC Implementation Account Management LC Implementation
  • 6. 4 Rules of Account Management
  • 11. ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT CUSTOMER FLOW For every account you must have the following meetings: Legend: Physical Meeting Virtual Interactions (Fast calls, mails) RE RAISING
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  • 15. Interns supervisor & Account Manager / Reception Manager 1-2 weeks before realization (meeting or call)
  • 16. Interns supervisor & Account Manager / Reception Manager
  • 17. By phone with interns supervisor & Account Manager The check in with the intern must happen in the same frequency
  • 18. Interns supervisor, HR responsible This is the right moment for the account transition to the new account manager
  • 19. Interns supervisor, HR responsible and New Account Manager This should be aligned during all the internship process that the Account manager will change after every 6 months in the quarterly reviews
  • 20. Interns supervisor, HR responsible and/or CEO (if possible), Account Manager & newly elected VP Explain the role of the LCVP iGIP for the company and give the company the contact of LCVP iGIP
  • 21. By mail and phone with interns supervisor & Account Manager
  • 22. Interns supervisor, Account manager, CEO or HR responsible 1-2 week before intern leaves