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    Developing young men and women of character – leaders now and for the future.

    AEGD Academic Excellence, Growth and Development

    Academic Excellence Program (2019)

  • Future Problem Solving

    The collective ingenuity of human civilisation is leading to more advancements in technology and innovation. It is quite likely that a permanent human settlement will eventually be established on another planet within our galaxy. Although this might occur in the not too distant future, there are still some problems that will be experienced in conducting a planetary mission.

    But, who could we rely on to identify and design a range of effective solutions to these potential challenges?

    As we look up and beyond our solar system, we need Future Problem Solvers (from Grades 1 to 4) who are capable, willing, and courageous to take the next giant leap. They will embark on a voyage of exploration and discovery to understand the wonders of our world and universe.

    Exploring new issues, technology, and information will leave our Future Problem Solvers with a sense of awe and astonishment. Ultimately, it is their curiosity and creativity that will overcome the hurdles that currently (or potentially) face human civilisation.

  • World Scholar’s Cup

    The World Scholar’s Cup is an interdisciplinary, inquiry-based learning program that aims to develop essential critical thinking skills. In this challenge, students are urged to discover incredible tales, concepts, and information across a range of subject areas. These include: Art and Music, Literature, Science, History, Social Studies, and a Special Mystery Topic (usually based on Philosophy and Reasoning, and other unfamiliar theoretical concepts).

    Once they are equipped with this knowledge and understanding, students work individually and collaboratively in a number of challenges. The Collaborative Writing Challenge sparks each student’s imagination as they needed to produce a creative or persuasive piece. Assisting one another at the beginning of the process allows each individual to receive multiple ideas and input from their peers, which would eventually come to life in their writing.

    The Scholar’s Bowl is one of the many trials that students encounter. With buzzers in hands, there are a frenzy of whispers amongst each team to answer each question without being heard by their neighbouring rivals. Teams can either cheer with excitement when the correct answer is revealed, or exhale chuckling sighs as they were all so close to scoring precious points.

    Debating is another key challenge for each team. With only fifteen minutes to prepare, our speakers are required to respond to a number of central topics and propose their central arguments with poise and confidence; persuading the audience to agree with their justified and rational points.

    Once the debating concludes, students move to another secret location for the Scholar’s Challenge. Preparation is the key for this particular task. Under timed conditions, each student completes a multiple-choice test and has to recall their previous knowledge of the material covered throughout the seven disciplines; applying this to new and familiar scenarios or questions.

    World Scholar’s Cup - Beijing 2019

    We have had incredible success at the Gold Coast Regional Round, and Global Round in Beijing, China. Emboldened by the support of their peers and teachers, eighteen students qualified for the final round, The Tournament of Champions 2019, which is to be held at Yale University (Connecticut, United States of America) later this year. Thorough preparation is always needed as our students compete against other exceptionally minded individuals from all corners of the world.

  • The da Vinci Decathlon

    Each year, at the Queensland and National da Vinci Decathlon, students discover a new and thrilling theme that provides the foundation to all of the mystifying trials.

    In the midst of perplexing challenges, students realise that they needed to be flexible in their thinking, and frequently reflect on their decisions, experiences, and comprehensive knowledge whilst completing each and every task throughout a range of disciplines.

    An example is in the discipline of English. Teams have to face a number of unique and difficult tasks based on perception, reflection, and interpretation of images and literary techniques. Members of the team are challenged to discover hidden meanings and themes from numerous pieces of stimulus whilst developing short responses.

  • Young Innovators In our Year 5 to 9 Honours program,

    students undertake an epic journey of scientific and technological investigations to solve the many problems surrounding inefficiency. We dare our students to imagine how to improve and rectify issues that can face society on a personal, local, national, and global scale. Ultimately, students work collaboratively to drive their projects forward in order to create commercially-viable innovations.

    It is an exciting and rewarding process that leads to students presenting their newly founded ideas and designs to the College community at the annual Academic Excellence, Growth and Development (AEGD) Gala Evening.

    The Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge (Australia)

    The Australian Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge provides the perfect opportunity to bring likeminded, innovative minds together to form a community of entrepreneurs. In small groups, each Year 10 and Year 11 Honours student works collaboratively to create a more sustainable future for generations to come. Each student will use their strengths and knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to create a new commercially-viable product or service.

    There are three rounds in this competition. The first round requires each team to compose an Investment Pitch, which provides a persuasive and engaging outline of their product.

    The second round increases in difficulty as teams are required to submit a Business and Technical report. They must also provide striking graphical representations of their designs to wow their investors. Knowing how the product will work and how much profit can potentially be made will be the main focus on the reports.

    At the third round, all qualified participants will be invited to attend the Innovation Summit. Teams will deliver a six minute presentation that summarises and explains the technical and business aspects of the team’s concept, and receive five minutes of feedback from the panel of judges.

  • edX

    In our Year 10 and 11 Honours program, we challenge our students to imagine themselves beyond the school environment; launching into key positions within the workforce. Students enrol in online courses from top Ivy League institutions, which include Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University.

    A.B. Paterson has partnered with edX Inc. to offer its student’s courses and programs (in a range of disciplines) designed for business professionals and those already holding advanced degrees. It’s a learning experience unlike anything you’d find at a traditional school!

    UCAT Preparation

    We provide additional opportunities to ensure that each selected individual is capable and willing to undertake an intense preparation course in addition to meeting the standard curriculum and sporting requirements at the College. For students wishing to enter the field of Medicine, Dentistry, or other Clinical Sciences, they will need to sit the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) as part of the admission process.

    Specially tailored online material will be provided to selected candidates to gain further insight into the types of questions and skills needed to complete the test. Progress reports will provide detailed explanations and statistics in order review their personal performance.

  • SAT Preparation

    Studying abroad – especially at a tertiary level – can often seem like a rare and unattainable dream. Being immersed into unfamiliar culture and society can also be quite daunting, but the benefits are overwhelming. Rather than imagining what life might be like in the busy streets of New York, selected students can begin their journey to be a true global citizen in their final years of Senior School and make preparations to enrol at a well- established university in the USA. Our Department helps make those dreams come true!

    Sitting the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a mandatory process for any application to an American university. Selected candidates will be provided and have access to online material to sufficiently prepare before sitting the series of exams.

    10 A.B. Paterson Drive, Arundel Gold Coast, Queensland, 4214 Phone 07 5594 7947 Fax 07 5594 7650 Email CRICOS 00902F