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Abyss Beer Marketing Strategy Presentation

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    marketing plan

    ABYSSDessy Germosen Saing Heng Hy Kasama Ruengwijitra Sirikwan Rukdang

  • our mission

    We want to become Americas highest leading dark beer provider. We will strive to achieve nationwide awareness and gain loyalty from the dark beer drinkers who are looking for a high alcohol contented beer that will bring satisfaction, passion, life and enjoyment to the consumer.

  • target markets

    Demographics: Males & Females, 24-55 Income of $50,000+ College Educated Middle to Upper-Middle Class Geographics: Primary Locations: New York City, Chicago, & Los Angeles Secondary Locations: Washington D.C., Boston, & San Francisco

  • swot analysis


    highest alcohol beerwithout a bitter taste quality brand image new alternative forconsumers young company with socialmedia networking


    highly competitiveindustry brand awareness &recognition new, small company


    craft brewers continuinggrowth over the past 3 years room to obtain market sharefrom other beer companies


    increasing alcoholtaxes & prohibitions brand loyalty bargaining powerof suppliers

  • competition

    main competitors indirect competitors

    Wine red/white Domesticred/white importeddessert & fortifiedchampagnesparkling

    Liquor vodkarumwhiskeyscotchbrandygintequila

    Premium Budweiser Bud Light Stella ArtoisCoors Light

    Sub PremiumBusch Busch LightNatural Light

    ImportsCoronaHeinekenGuinnessDos Equis

    Craft Samuel Adams Sierra Nevada Lagunitas

    Super Premium Blue Moon Michelob Ultra

  • success

    Our Key To Success Is: Provide A High Quality Product Expand Our Distribution To Cover Many Areas. Utilize New & Efficient Technology To Ensure The Quality Of Abyss

    Issues We May Face: Lack Experience Need To Invest More Money & Time To Attract Potential Customers

  • market research

    Research Methods: Face-to-Face interaction surveys & questionnaires (website, email, social media, telephone etc.)

    Limitations & Challenges: Responses that are biased and/or have faulty data making gathering accurate information difficult Funding for design & printing is limited

  • marketing mix

    Place: restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. supermarkets & convenience storesPrice: $7.99 / 6-pack, $13.99 / 12-pack, $24.99 / casePromotion: Advertising (print, billboards, commercials, online, social media, etc.) Beer Expos & Festivals Promotional Products (coasters, bottle openers, foam bottle holders)

  • contingency plan

    Geographic Contributors& Retailers

    Learn &Adapt

  • conclusion

    to have an effective and profitable product:

    we will be organized within our organization& maintain interpersonal relationships withour staff, suppliers, & distributers. Learn from our competitors to be able to beahead of them in the industry. rely heavily on promotions to make the publicaware of our new product. enforce our position as an enjoyable, creative,innovative, experienced, & unique beer.

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    EST. 2014

    net contents: 12 fl. oz alc. by volume 30%