Abundance mindset vs poor mindset why rich people hate wal mart

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Transcript of Abundance mindset vs poor mindset why rich people hate wal mart

  • 1. Abundance Mindset vs Poor Mindset Why Rich People Hate Wal-Mart by mpn | on February 7, 2013
  • 2. I read an email yesterday from a guy namedTony who has earned over $140,000 inJanuary!Yes $140,000 in 1 MONTH!When ever I get to read or hear from someonemaking that kind of money I listen!He covered a subject that might offend someof you but there is truth to this lesson!Watch my video now and read his messagebelow!
  • 3. - Forwarded message -From: TonyDate: Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 12:46 PMSubject: Why the rich hate Wal-mart (its notwhat you think)I debated about sending this.Because I know some people will choose to beoffended and Ill probably get a ton ofsnarky comments in my InboxBut, the more I thought about it, the moreI realized that NOT talking about thiswould be a disservice to people.And, I was inspired by my friends Mike Dillardand Randy Gage who were among the first toget my thinking straight on this.So, here it is.-
  • 4. I refuse to walk into a Wal-Mart.I wont do it. Just BEING in a Wal-Mart makesme feel nauseous.And, you need to know WHY. And in order to understandthat, you need to read this entire email.See, I didnt grow up wealthy.But, from the time that I was old enough torealize that some people were rich and otherswere poor..I wanted to be rich.Not just because I could have nice things.That was partof it, sureBut because I wanted to be able to make enough moneyto do whatever I wanted to do.To me.being rich meant having FREEDOM. No one tellingme what to do.Well, when you have strong feelings about wealthand freedomyou also tend to have strong feelings aboutpoverty and weakness.I HATED being broke.I DESPISED it.A lot of peopleare broke and they dont care. A lot of people are brokeand they think its no big deal.
  • 5. Not me. No money meant no freedom. And Ifelt like a slave.And most wealthy people feel the same way.Because they are CONSCIOUSLY aware payattention now they are CONSCIOUSLY aware that thoughts,ideas andfeelings are contagious.Read that again.Its important.Thoughts, feelings and ideas are contagious.Or, to put it another way, you WILL becomelike thepeople you spend your time around.And that includes the people you see onTVthepeople you read about in books.and eventhe kind of person that habitually spendyour time listening to.Prove this to yourself right now.think aboutthis:
  • 6. You probably vote the same way as yourclosest friends.You probably laugh at the same jokes.You probably drive ABOUT the same kind ofcar.Bet you never noticed that before.But think about itWhens the last time you saw someone drivingabeat-up clunker whos spending most of theirtime with someone whos driving a Bentley?It might happen but its not often.You rarely see someone whos fit and trim whospendall their time with people who are obese.Its not good, bad, right or wrong.Its just how the world works.
  • 7. Ideas, thoughts and feelings are CONTAGIOUS.You willadopt the ideas, beliefs and mindset of thepeopleyou spend your time with. ==> And that includes thoughts of povertyand scarcity.And rich people know this. They know thatones mindsetis fluid. It changes constantly depending onwhoyoure around.And, for that reason, rich people deliberatelyandconsciously protect themselves from anythingand everythingassociated with struggle and poverty.Think about this
  • 8. Have you ever wondered why they live in gated communities? Have you ever wonder why they shop in exclusive boutiques? Have you ever wondered why they fly first-class and stay in $500/night hotels? Have you ever wondered why they play golf and tennis in exclusive members only clubs that cost thousands of dollars per year?Is it because they want to enjoy the finer things of life?Well, sure.But its also because they want to protect theirminds from the thoughts of poverty and struggle thatare held by the rest of society.because they KNOW that ALL THOUGHTS ARE CONTAGIOUS.Againprove this to yourself.Imagine thisThink of a time when youve felt GREAT about yourselfGREAT about your life.GREAT about how things weregoing.and then you walk into a situation where everyone
  • 9. is complaining about something.What happens to your own mindset?It goes straight in the gutter.Why? Because ideas, emotions and thoughtsare contagious.I cant say that enough. ==> The rich get richer because they chooseto surround themselves with otherprosperous peopleThe average person think theyre beingsnobbish and stuck-up!The rich see it as an unfortunate necessity oflife.And thats one reason why I never shop at Wal-Mart.
  • 10. See, some people know that I dont shop atWal-Martand they think its because Im one of thosepeoplewho hate Wal-Mart because theyre a hugecorporation.No.No, thats not it at all.I think Wal-Mart is a wonderful success story.Anyoneserious about becoming wealthy can learnsomething fromthem as a company.Thats not why I dont go to Wal-Mart.No, I dont go to Wal-Mart because I cantstand the way it makes me feel to be in there.The entire store is a monument to pinchingpennies.The entire store is devoted to the nickel offmentality.The entire store is designed for people who sayand thinkthings like this:
  • 11. There isnt enough money for everyone. The economy is crashing so I have to watchmy money. I cant afford what I want so I have tosettle. Were on a limited budgetThat kind of thinking is a disease that causespeopleto go through life as a victim.Thats the kind of thinking held by people whothinkthat life is happening TO themand that theydont haveany control over their quality of life at allTheyre slaves to their jobstheir bosstheirgovernment.The rich think very differently.
  • 12. Broke people say I cant afford it.Wealthy people say, How can I afford it?Rich people know that they are the CAUSE oftheir lifenot the EFFECT.Money doesnt own them.They own their money.They know that there is an infinite amount ofmoneyin the world and that ANYONE can choose toearn moreat any time they want.The difference between wealthy people andbrokepeople can be summed up like this: Broke people think life is happening tothem. Wealthy people know that they arehappening to their life.
  • 13. The more you start to think like a wealthyperson, the moreyoull understand what Im saying.And one day, you will walk into a Wal-Mart andyouwill LITERALLY FEEL what Im talking about.And it will make you sick.It will make you sad to be there.Youll feel like youre out of place. Likeyoure the ONE person who doesnt belong.Youll stand in the store and hear some guyin the next aisle complaining that the world isgoing to hell because of the price of a can ofbeans.and youll calmly walk away from yourcart, walk out the door and never return.Thats exactly how it happened for me.Now..
  • 14. I know that some of you are hopping mad bythis point. Because you DO shop at Wal-Martand youre saying: Well, Tony, its easy for you to say that. You dont know what its like for me and my family. Youve never been in mysituation.Well, thats probably not true.I HAVE shopped at Wal-Mart.and whenyoureso broke that youve gotten a car repossessedand evicted from your house..well, thatsabout as low as you can get.But heres the differenceEven during those time when I was sleepingon a friends couch or eating tuna three timesa day
  • 15. I was NEVER comfortable shopping in Wal- Mart. Because I knew I didnt belong there. See, theres a difference between being poor and being broke. Broke is a lack of money. Poor is a state of mind. And I was BROKEnot poor. Look, Im not saying you shouldnt save money when youre struggling. Or that you shouldnt use a coupon if it will help you stretch your dollars Ive done it.But, I AM saying that I will ALWAYS fightthe mindset of poverty wherever I see it. ==> Whether you shop at Wal-Mart is not the point. Everyone has to start where they are.The question is whether you are comfortable andhappy shopping at Wal-Mart.
  • 16. And, in my opinion, NO ONE should be.If you dont have the feelings, desires andgoalsto separate yourself from the restof average society..then I dont even know why youre on my list.Lets get this straight: AVERAGE people are never successful.Thats why theyre called average.You can come from an averageBACKGROUNDand become rich.You can have an average EDUCATION.andbecome rich.But, sooner or later, youre going to have todecideto become very UNAVERAGE.Otherwise youll just be another zombiewalking around the Dollar Store trying to figureout whetheryou can make a gallon of milk last until payday.
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