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AbsoGREEN uses powerful Control IQ engine to monitor and control HVAC, lights, machinery, occupancy and almost every other activity in your building.

Transcript of Absogreen Control Iq Installs

  • 1. Examples of Control IQ Installations Jason Vogel CEO

2. Control IQ Software

  • Since 1981 Systems Associates, Inc. (SAI) has provided energy management
  • software and hardware solutions to various industry segments including:
    • Industrial
    • Commercial
    • Educational
    • Health Care
    • Hospitality
    • Government

3. Control IQ Software

  • Supporting a vast array of drivers and language protocols such as BACnet, Opto22, ASIC,Metasys N2, Modbus, YorkTalk XL and others, CONTROL IQis capable of interfacing any number of different systems into one convenient front end.
  • Our end goal is the success of the system and saving the owner money. We can offer thatsuccess in the form of affordable name brandcomponents, expert engineering and control strategies that truly deliver the savings.

4. Dominos Farms - Ann Arbor, MI

  • 87,191 square meters
  • 3,500+ points in the system
  • 109.7 hectares campus

Dining FacilitiesHair Salon Fitness Center Dry Cleaner Art GalleryTravel Agency Petting FarmBookstore Post OfficeChapel 5. Hilton New York - New York, NY

  • 46 Floors
  • 1980 Guest Rooms
  • 558 points in the system
  • 13,935 m 2meeting space
  • Installed in 1991, the control system has served the Hilton New Yorkfor about 15 years. In that time the building has gone through several remodels and major system changes. The flexible nature of ControlIQ helped maintain continued service and savings

6. Prince Kuhio Federal Courthouse - Honolulu, HI

  • The benefits of these energy efficiency upgrades can be seen not only in the building being awarded the Energy
  • 86,386 square meters
  • 2,550 points in the system

STAR Label for Buildings but also in the approximately $200,000 in electricity costs that are saved annually. 7. San Joaquin Delta College - Stockton, CA

  • 73, 022+ total square meters
  • 3,500+ points in the system
  • 667,731 square meters campus

One unique aspect of this system is the Thermal Storage Tank. This tank stores up to 2,839,059 liters of chilled water and allows San Joaquin Delta College to generate chilled water during off-peak hours, storing it for use during on-peak hours With ten primary buildings and a remote central plant spread across a 165 acre campus, San Joaquin Delta College was a challenging installation. 8.

  • Since 1981
  • Open source language
  • BACnet, Modbus, and other interfaces
  • Preliminary Delphi interface for scheduling of fans
  • Easily integrate several systems into one common front end
  • Upgrading existing systems is our specialty.
  • Both a graphical and a tabular interface

9. Start screen can be customized with specific data 10. Graphical views provide instant data with right-click to edit/view point details. 11. Data can also be viewed in list format (note alarm point in red) 12. View of the chiller information including condenser water 13. Cooling tower information 14. Subsystems can also be viewed 15. Run reports to show live or historical trends 16. Todah Raba