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Transcript of Abraham, Sylvia - How to Use Tarot Spreads

  • 8/20/2019 Abraham, Sylvia - How to Use Tarot Spreads


  • 8/20/2019 Abraham, Sylvia - How to Use Tarot Spreads


    Bing You Taot Readngs to Life

    " a Tarot reader, I found most of the spreads fai  nating .. I was particularly nriged wth the ren caation spread and some of the others in the

    Spiritual Seekers chapter" -Edain MCo Author of H o Do Auomaic ing

    A common problem for Tarot readers is how to put the cars together so they make e Being a good

     sto teller is only the ginng; you also need to  bring the cards to life in a dramatic way that stays  with your subjecs long after they have gone home. The 37 exclusive spreads in ths book ll help you gain the condence to do just that! Let the spreads help you er some of the most commonly asked

    questios about:

     Love and romance  Home and il  Buness ad nance  Major life events

     such as marriage pregancy and divorce

     Travel and relocating  ner fears and

    rsoal development  Spitual growth and

    pt lives

    Plus H o U Tao Spad includes the  upright and reversed meanings of each card as well

    as the steps to conducting a sitve Tarot reading

  • 8/20/2019 Abraham, Sylvia - How to Use Tarot Spreads


    Aout te Autor

    yvia Abaha is owne of he Cosic Lante Bookstoe in Long Beach Caifoia whee she has

     been in bsiness seing etaphysica books and  sppies fo oe than  5  yeas he has devoted ove 20  yea to eading the aot and teachng oth es how to intepet the aot

    To Write to te Autor

    f yo wish to contact the atho o wod ike oe infoation abot this book pease wte to the atho in cae of Leweyn Wodwde ad we i

    foad yo eqest Both the atho and pbishe appeciate heang fo yo and eaing of yo enjoent of this book and how it has heped yo Leweyn Wodwide cannot gaantee that evey ette wtten to the atho can be answeed bt a i be fowaded. Pease wte to

    yva Abaha o eweyn Wodwide

    O Box 64383, Dept K0027 t. Pa MN 55640383, U.A

  • 8/20/2019 Abraham, Sylvia - How to Use Tarot Spreads


    wyn's Hw  Ss

    How to UseTarot Spreads

    Sylva Abaham

    1998 wllyn Puictins

    St Pu innst 55640383

  • 8/20/2019 Abraham, Sylvia - How to Use Tarot Spreads


    w  U  p Copyrght © 1997 by Sylva

     Abraam. Al rghts reseed. Printed in te Unted States of America No part of this book may be used or reproduced n any manner wtout wrtten permsson from Llewelyn Publications except n the case of bref quotatons emboded n crtcal artcles and reews

    FIRT EDTIN Second prntng, 998

    Cover by Lsa Novak  Book edtng, desgn, and layout by trd Sandell

    Lbrary of Congress Catalogng-n-Publcaton Data  Abraham, Syla 924-

    How to use tarot spreads : awers to every questos  Sylva Abraham  1st ed

      m ISB 156718002-7

     Tarot 2 Fortune-telng by cards I Ttle  BF1879T2A38 997 333'2424-dc21 724733


    Llewellyn Worldwide ds not participate in, endor or have

     any auhoity or responsibility conceing private businessrnctions tween our authors and the public. All mail addresd to the author is foarded but the publisher cannot unless specically instcted by the author gve out an  address or phone numr

    Llewel bcat

     A Dvson o Llewel Wodwide, Ltd.O Bo 64383, St aul M 5564-0383

  • 8/20/2019 Abraham, Sylvia - How to Use Tarot Spreads


    o by Sylva Abaham

    H o Read he Ta e K Wod Syem

  • 8/20/2019 Abraham, Sylvia - How to Use Tarot Spreads



    hpr  NRODUON O RO

     ajor an inor cana Court Cars itional Inormation

    hpr  LOVE ND RONE

      New Lover  Romantic ttraction

    Lover prea agical Love Guie or Lovers

    hpr 




    32 38

    46 3 62

    HOE ND FLY SSUES Family Plems Health prea  Thie in he Home Lost rticles prea

    64 7  79 83

  • 8/20/2019 Abraham, Sylvia - How to Use Tarot Spreads


     Table o Contents

    hpr  HGH FNNES


    sess Sprea Career Sprea awsit Sprea oney Sprea Work Sprea egal atters Sprea

    hpr  LFE'S BG DESONS

     Relatioship Problems arriage Sprea Preancy Sprea Divorce Potential

    hapr 

    ON HE OVE 

    Desire to Move Taking a Trip Relation Sprea

    Planning a Vacation

    8 94

    04 09 9 29

    32 39 4 

    8  3


  • 8/20/2019 Abraham, Sylvia - How to Use Tarot Spreads


    Table o Contents ix

    hptr  SEEKNG SELF-KNOLEDGE

     All About Me 8

    What Is My Destiny? 9 Facing My Fars 98 Old Habit Patt  24 Information Spread for

    the PastPresentFuture 28

    hptr  SPRUL SEEKERS

     Spiritual Aspiration 22 Reincaation Spread 28 Contacting Spirit Guids 23 Soul Mate Sprad 238

    hptr9 ]US FOR FUN

     Wish Spread 248 Ys or No 28 Magical otry Spread 2 Through t W 2

    Tarot Spread Worshts 2

  • 8/20/2019 Abraham, Sylvia - How to Use Tarot Spreads



    Afte witing my st book How to Read the Tarot:

    e K Word System,  a fiend sggested I  wite a book on aot speads Bsy with othe ojects at the time, I  pt that idea on the back be. Sd dey, ding the ealy monts of 99 I fond  myself involved with witing this book on Tat  speads When the time is ight, eveything fals into

     place o so it seems to me   want to thank Lynnette fo he pesistence and

     he help, and Cathy who gave me a diffeent slant on  seveal of the speads. My thanks to Gilbet and Phillip fo thei inpt and all my othe stdents who  paticipated  this endeavo I also wish to  my

    daghte Lee fo he atistic help with the speads Seveal of the speads conceed family membes  whom   coaxed into sitting fo a eading

    o all Tat eades who may need new ideas  abot speads I  hope this ook will   helpfl. o the new aot eade who wold like to ndestand  how to ead the aot   hope this book lls thei  needs as well

    Sv Ab

  • 8/20/2019 Abraham, Sylvia - How to Use Tarot Spreads


    Chaptr 1


    T TART

    THER HAS BEEN MUCH INFORMATION AND  conjecture on the egnnings of Tarot ut no con-  clusive proof of its orgns. Many ope eieve that Tarot was discovered in the fourteenth century and

     have woven stories around this idea in order to sup- port their premise One thing is for surethe Tarot  wors! The cards have een in use for centures and that s poof enou of their authenticit

      a enner the more oos you read aout Tarot the more confident you l ecome The Tat

     cards are ideal tools for meditation and y woring  with the cards ths way you wil dover her infor-  mation aout them hat you wll not nd   s

    The folowng pages provde thumnail setches of the upright and reversed meanings of each card  ased on a system I developed in my oo How to

    Ra th at h K Wo Sytm. Some readers  prefer to use the cards in their upright meanings onl If t wors for them great! If you ish to use  reversed cards in your reading cu