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  • 1. About meEmily Anderseni grew up in elkton,maryland from1996 to 2010 andmoved tosarasota, floridatwo years ago!!!i spend most of mytime drawing andplaying music.

2. usually its just doodles and nothing much more than that, but i draw allthe time. 3. I love animationand aspire to bean animator of myown cartoon or fora big namecompany like Pixarand Disney. 4. yeehaw friendsother than drawing, i like to play piano and ukulele,spend time with our animals, write, read, or prettymuch anything that sparks my interest! 5. k thanks momahh yes the scalene triangle beavers are cool i like beaversive alsoillustratedchildrens books. 6. the coolkids.............. wowThese are my pets.the betta fish isatlas and the indianringneckparrot/parakeet israahi.they really mean alot to me, and raahiwill live to around20-30 years, andhes only 20months right now. 7. YEAh *fist pump*i do a lot ofdumb stufflike makesprites too ifyou knowwhat that isthis isbasically myroom 8. i really like movies and i watchreally bad ones with my friendsit kind of became a hobby 9. i like this thing called homestucki really love it to death and i draw pictures of it a lotif you ever get the chance to, i highly suggest you read it. its really amazing!!! 10. end ppppp