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www.cardboardia.info Cardboardia is a country without a territory but with a functioning political and economic system. The members of the community or “Personages of Cardboardia”, are the majority of the country’s population - now reaching several tens of thousands of people.

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  • Professional Community of Architects, Designers, Performers and Creative Managers Cardboardia
  • in cooperation with professionals!
  • We took simple elements -Communication -Education -Entertainment
  • We put together unite people who like to create, teach and have fun mainly from -Russia -Holland -Germany -USA -Slovakia -UK
  • We have developed an internship programs for the beginners and young specialists - design and architecture (working with cardboard) - communication - creative business
  • We build large-scale towns out of cardboard, which can be used for life to live and work
  • We organize parades and performances
  • Great atmosphere! Real emotions!
  • Powerful experience! New friends and partners!
  • We arranged more than 300 events, including more than 30 city celebrations and festivals - Russia (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Perm, Ulyanovsk, Gusev, Kolomna, Pervouralsk) - Europe (Berlin, Helsinki, Kosice, Riga) - Asia (Yilan)