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  • 8/7/2019 Abingdon Village



    This application was prepared using Excel, Microsoft Office 2003. Please note that using the active Excelworkbook does not eliminate the need to submit the required PDF of the signed hardcopy of the application andrelated documentation. A more detailed explanation of application submission requirements is providedbelow and in the Application Manual.

    An electronic copy of your completed application is a mandatory submission item.

    Applications For 9% Competitive CreditsApplicants should submit an electronic copy of the application package on a CD prior to theapplication deadline, which is 2:00 PM Richmond Virginia time on March 11, 2011 . Failure to submit an electronicopy of the application by the deadline will cause the application to be disqualified.

    Disclaimer:VHDA assumes no responsibility for any problems incurred in using this spreadsheet or for theaccuracy of the calculations. Check your application for correctness and completeness beforesubmitting the application to VHDA.

    Entering Data:Enter numbers or text as appropriate in the blank spaces highlighted in yellow. All other cells areprotected and will not allow any changes. The format for cells has been set to accept text, currency,percentages, etc. as appropriate. Enter any number without commas or dollar signs. Enterpercentages beginning with a decimal point. There is no text wrap-around feature, so care must betaken to enter text so that it does not extend beyond the right margin of the page. Enter in only enoughtext to fill one line and then drop to the first yellow cell of the next line. Each page of the application is aseparate sheet in the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet contains numerous error checks which aredesigned to assist you in identifying potential mistakes in your application. Please note that these mayappear as you enter data because many are dependent on entries later in the application. Do not beconcerned with these messages until all data has been entered. Also note that some cells containerror messages such as "#DIV/0!" before you begin. These warnings will disappear as you enternumbers necessary to complete the application.

    Assistance:If you have any questions, please call Jim Chandler at (804) 343-5786, Dale Wittie at (804)343-5876, Cara Wallo at (804) 343-5714, Jaynell Pittman-Shaw at (804) 343-5733 or Rebecca Roweat (804) 343-5518. Please note that we cannot release the copy protection password.

    Staff email addresses:jim.chandler@vhda.com - dale.wittie@vhda.comcara.wallo@vhda.com - jaynell.pittman-shaw@vhda.com - rebecca.rowe@vhda.com

    Please Note:Applicants should submit all application materials in electronic format only.There should be distinct files saved to 1 or more CDs (as needed) which should include the following:1. Application For Reservation the active Microsoft Excel workbook2. A PDF file which includes the following:

    - Application For Reservation Signed version of hardcopy- All application attachments (i.e. tab documents, excluding market study and plans & specs)

    3. Market Study PDF or Microsoft Word format4. Plans - PDF or other readable electronic format5. Specifications - PDF or other readable electronic format (may be combined into the same file as the

    plans if necessary)6. Unit-By-Unit work write up (rehab only) - PDF or other readable electronic format

    Notes:-Do not submit any files on a flash or thumb drive.-Do not submit any application materials via TaxCreditApps@VHDA.com or to any email address unlesspecifically requested by the VHDA Allocation Department staff.

    v1.1.2011 Instructions

  • 8/7/2019 Abingdon Village


    2011 Federal Low Income HousingTax Credit Program

    Application For Reservation

    Virginia Housing Development Authority601 South Belvidere StreetRichmond, Virginia 23220-6500

    Deadline for Submission

    9% Competitive CreditsApplications Must Be Received At VHDA No Later Than

    2:00 PM Richmond, VA Time On March 11, 2011

    Tax Exempt BondsApplications should be received at VHDA at least onemonth before the bonds are priced (if bonds issued by

    VHDA), or 75 days before the bonds are issued (if bonds

    are not issued by VHDA)


  • 8/7/2019 Abingdon Village


    Low Income Housing Tax Credit Application for Reservation

    Electronic Copy of the Microsoft Excel Based Application (MANDATORY)Scanned Copy of the Signed Tax Credit Application with Attachments (excluding market study and plans & specs) (MANDATElectronic Copy of the Market Study (MANDATORY-Application will be disqualified if study not submitted with application)Electronic Copy of the Plans (MANDATORY)Electronic Copy of the Specifications (MANDATORY)Electronic Copy of the Unit By Unit Work Writeup (MANDATORY if rehab)$750 Application Fee (MANDATORY )

    Tab A: Documentation of Development Location:A.1 Qualified Census Tract CertificationA.2 Revitalization Area Certification

    Location MapSurveyor's Certification of Proximity To Public TransportationTab B: Partnership or Operating Agreement, including chart of ownership structure with percentage of interests (MANDATOTab C: Virginia State Corporation Commission Certification (MANDATORY)Tab D: Principal's Previous Participation Certification and Resum (MANDATORY)Tab E: Nonprofit Questionnaire (MANDATORY for points or pool)

    The following documents need not be submitted unless requested by VHDA:-Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation -IRS Documentation of Nonprofit Status-Joint Venture Agreement (if applicable) -For-profit Consulting Agreement (if applicable)

    Tab F: Architect's Certification (MANDATORY)Tab G: Relocation Plan (MANDATORY, if rehab )Tab H: PHA / Section 8 Notification LetterTab I: Local CEO LetterTab J: Homeownership PlanTab K: Site Control Documentation & Most Recent Real Estate Tax Assessment (MANDATORY)Tab L: Plan of Development Certification LetterTab M: Zoning Certification LetterTab N: Copies of 8609s To Certify Developer ExperienceTab O: (Reserved)Tab P: Plans and Specifications and Work Write-Up (MANDATORY )Tab Q: Documentation of Rental AssistanceTab R: Documentation of Operating BudgetTab S: Documentation of Project BudgetTab T: Documentation of Financing SourcesTab U:

    Documentation To Request Exception To Restriction-Pools With Little/No Increase In Rent Burdened PopulationDocumentation of site location in an urban development area as defined in 15.2-2223.1of the Code of Virginia

    Documentation of the development participating in a locally adopted affordable housing dwelling unit program area asdescribed in either 15.2-2304 or 15.2-2305 of the Code of VirginiaTab V: Nonprofit or LHA Purchase Option or Right of First RefusalTab W: Attorney's Opinion (MANDATORY)Tab X: (Reserved)Tab Y: Marketing Plan for units meeting accessibility requirements of HUD section 504

    Please indicate if the following items are included with your application by checking the appropriate boxes. Your assistance inorganizing the submission in the following order, and actually using tabs to mark them as shown, will facilitate review of yourapplication. Please note that all mandatory items must be included for the application to be processed. The inclusion of otheritems may increase the number of points for which you are eligible under VHDA's point system of ranking applications, and mayassist VHDA in its determination of the appropriate amount of credits that it may reserve for the development.

    v1.1.2011 Submission Checklist

  • 8/7/2019 Abingdon Village


    Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Application For Reservation

    VHDA TRACKING NUMBER 2011-C-89I. General Information

    All code "Section" references are to, and the term "IRC" shall be deemed to mean, 3/10/2011the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. (Date of Application)

    A. Development Name and Location:1. Name of Development Abingdon Village Apartments2. Address of Development 502-506 Lowry Drive

    (Street)Abingdon Virginia 24210

    (City) (State) (Zip Code)

    3. If complete address is not available, provide longitude and latitude coordinates (x,y) fromlocation on site your surveyor deems appropriate.

    Documentation from surveyor attached (TAB A) (Only necessary if street address or street intersections are not available)

    4. The Circuit Court Clerk's office in which the deed to the property is or will be recorded:City/County of Washington County (ie; Richmond City, Chesterfield County; see application manual)

    5. Does the site overlap one or more jurisdictional boundaries? Yes NoIf yes, what other City/County is the site located in besides the one mentioned above? Town of Abingdon

    6. Census Tract the development is located in: 51191010500

    Is this a Qualified Census Tract: Yes No (If yes, attach required form in TAB A)7. Is the development located in a Difficult Development Area? No If no, applicant may request that the property be treated

    as if it is located in a DDA. If so, indicate by checking this box: (Note: This provision is NOT applicable to tax exempt bond deals.

    8. Is the development located in a revitalization area? Yes No (If yes, attach required form in TAB A)

    9. Is the development an existing RD or HUD S8/236 development? Yes No (If yes, attach required form in TAB Q)Note to #9: If there is an identity of interest between the applicant and the seller in this proposal, and the applicant is seeking points inthis category, then the applicant must either waive their rights to the developer's fee or other fees associated with acquisition and/orrehabilitation, or obtain a waiver of this requirement from VHDA prior to application submission to receive these points.