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ABI full line product catalog.

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  • 1-877-788-7253 | ABI e q u I n e . c o m | ABI At tA c h m e n t s . c o m

    2012 Catalog

  • ABI Equine Products

    U.S.A.Made In


    How To Request Pricing or Purchase ABI Products


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    Lowest Fac tor y Direc t Pr ic ing No Dealer Markup 30 Day Money Back Guarantee* Direc t To Proper t y Shipment

    The ABI STory...

    ConTACT USASk oUr experTS!We believe trust is earned. To earn trust we must engage others with a heart of service, provide value and help improve their situ-ation. This is the core value of our team. We have great products that do amazing things and we have a great team to serve amaz-ing customers. Go ahead & ASK, our experts are here to serve.

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    Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. ESTExcludes Holidays


    Contact us directly at 877.788.7253 or online through our websites. ABI sells and ships products directly to the end user. No dealers or middlemen to ad-ditionally markup the product prices or offer less than satisfactory service or product knowledge. ABI is not like most manufacturers, we thoroughly enjoy working directly with our customers to help them research, select, purchase and service our products. When you call you will be assigned a product spe-cialist whom is very well trained with a vast understanding of the products, in-dustries and applications in which they are used. So give us a call, even if you are not yet ready to buy, we are here to serve.

    I have owned ABI equipment for many years and consider each ma-chine essential to operating my ranch. The quality is second to none and I appreciate the innovative equipment design that saves me both time and money. When I spend my hard earned dollars I invest in the most effective and best built equip-ment. I do this because I know it will actually cost me less in the long run and I get to enjoy the added benefits of owning the best from day one.

    - ClInTon AnderSon

    Need Product Details?If you need detailed specifications, complete features lists, more images, testimonials and product demonstra-tion videos please visit our websites.

    Equine Products:A B I e q u i n e . c o m

    Attachments & Implements: A B I a t t a c h m e n t s . c o m

    ABI is a true American company, born out of American ingenuity, that was founded with the principles of innovation, integ-rity and customer service. Our customers feel the American spirit, not only in the products they buy but also in their total ownership experience. At the heart of ABI are Real voices, on the other end of the phone, finding out what our customers needs really are! This philosophy doesnt stop with the sale but goes clear through to the service after the sale, ensuring a positive ownership experience. We are an American company, establishing Ameri-can relationships and building most of your products in the U.S.A.!

    At ABI, we are passionate about creating innovative products that truly make a dif-ference in our customers lives! Our motto is Innovation, not Imitation and decades of an intense passion to genuinely under-stand the needs of our customers, and deliver them highly effective solutions, has earned the trust of thousands of cus-tomers from around the world. Our cus-

    tomers come to us from a variety of mar-kets including: horse & livestock owners, property owners, contractors, sports turf and parks & recreation, just to name a few!

    Many ABI products were invented by our owners and hold multiple U.S. patents! Even our products that do not hold patents offer unique designs and features you sim-ply wont find anywhere else. Our products are designed to help make our customers be more efficient and effective getting the work of their life done, so they can invest more time with family and friends!

    If an American product, made by Ameri-can hands and innovated by the American mind is the kind of product you need, then ABI is the company you want.

    Used and recommended by the AQHA, NRHA, NCHA, NRCHA and clinicians such as Clinton Anderson, John Lyons, Trevor Brazile, Al Dun-ning, Stacy Westfall, David OConnor, Debbie McDonald and thousands more!

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    Although every reasonable effort is made to ensure accuracy in this catalog, Absolute Innovations, Inc, (ABI) is not responsible for typographical or illustrative errors. Specifications and features are subject to change without notice. Actual products may differ slightly from images and may be shown with optional equipment.


    TABle of ConTenTS

    Arena Drags Arena Services Manure Spreaders Utility / Dump Trailers

    4 - 12 14 - 1713 18 - 19

    Driveway Graders Infield Groomers Chain Harrows

    Tillers & Discs

    28 - 3024 - 27 31


    Rotary Mowers


    TR3 Rake........ 6, 7, 27, 34 Kiser DragMaster. . . .4 - 5 Kiser Edge.. . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Kiser SpeedMaster.. . . . 9

    Arena Rascal Pro. . 10 - 11 Classic Spreader. . 14 - 16 Elite Spreader. . . . . . . . 17 Workman Trailers. . 18 - 19

    Gravel Rascal. . . . . 24 - 25 Infield Rascal. . . . . 28 - 29 Rotary Tillers. . . . . . . . . . 32

    w w w . A B I e q u i n e . c o m w w w . A B I a t t a c h m e n t s . c o m

    Water Wagons. . . . . 20 - 23

    Landscaping & Grading

    34- 35

    Water Wagons

    20 - 23

  • 4 Toll Free 877-788-7253Arena Drags

    WaterLevelGroomLoosenControlFinish Profile

    Kiser DragMaster is the most trusted arena drag in the world for all equine events, both English and Western! Earning the trust of the World Equestrian Games, AQHA, NRHA, NCHA, NRCHA and competitors like David OConnor, Debbie McDonald, Trevor Brazile, Shawn Flarida and hun-dreds more is not easy. It can only be earned with hard work and proven results over a long period of time. Today, the Kiser Dragmaster is the arena drag to which all other arena drags are measured. It is the pinnacle of the arena drag market, bar none. What makes the Kiser DragMaster so special and dif-ferent from the rest? It begins with the design. Flawless arena drag design comes from a complete understanding of every facet of horse arena construction and maintenance combined with exceptional understanding of how different types of equipment affect a variety of soil combinations and condi-tions. This knowledge can only be earned over a lifetime of res-olute dedication to study and testing. The Kiser DragMaster is the fruit of Bob & Jim Kisers passion for moving the indus-

    try beyond what was possible by helping to maximize per-formance, protect from injury and increase longevity of the competitive life of the horse. Key design innovations of the Kiser DragMaster include:

    Kiser DragMaster

    There Is No equal

    There Are No LimiTs

    Tow behind trailing style enables independence from tractor undulations and creates a perfect ground plane.

    All ground engaging components are independently ad-justable from the frame for the ultimate in control.

    Profile Blade Technology cleans the top of the base sur-face of compaction layers and eliminates ridging.

    Hydraulic control of the functions of the drag, from the seat of the tractor, enables efficiency and precision.

    Massive PTO watering system mixes water into the foot-ing to control dust and maintain proper moisture levels.

    Versatile design for both English & Western equine disci-plines in any soil type or condition.

    U.S. Patent Pending

  • KiserDragMaster.comOnline Video or DVD

    5www.ABIequine.com Arena Drags

    Hydraulic Scarifiers

    Hydraulic Leveling Blade

    Profile Blade

    300 - 500 Gal. Water Systems

    Finish Drag Bars

    Laser Systems Available

    Grooming Rods

    Stabilizing Wheels


    nal E



    t Sho


    Kiser DragMaster Models

    KD08 8 2,800 lbs. 45 h.p.

    KD10 10 3,406 lbs. 55 h.p.

    KD12 12 4,093 lbs. 65 h.p.

    KD14 14 4,220 lbs. 95 h.p.

    KD16 16 4,760 lbs. 105 h.p.

  • 6 Toll Free 877-788-7253Arena Drags

    help protect the arena base by controlling the loosening depth and offsetting the natural undulation of the tractor. The back 3/4 hardened steel Finishing Rake leaves behind a beautiful signature finish. The TR3 not only maintains consistent level footing but it also has the ability to repair and regrade the top footing layer of an arena! Options (shown on page 7) may be added to transform the TR3 from a general purpose drag into a specialized drag for most any equine discipline. The TR3 is also ideal to grade gravel driveways, create paddocks, prep pastures for seeding, prep food plots, light land clearing and so much more! See pages 27 & 34 to see more of what the TR3 can do outside of the arena.

    TR3 Rake is Americas favorite arena drag and the best selling, professional quality, arena drag on the market. Many of the industrys top horsemen use and recommend the TR3 Rake for many equine disciplines. ABIs patented de-sign enables the ultimate in effectiveness, durability, versatility & ease of use. Anyone who is of age, and trained to operate a tractor, may use the TR3! The exclusive Auto Leveling Blade levels the arena while the operator drives. No hydraulic adjust-ments needed; the TR3 does all the work. Due to the heavy weight and style of the fixed Loosening Teeth the TR3 easily breaks through hardpan and eliminates hard and soft spots for consistent footing depth. The foam filled Stabilizing Wheels

    Loosening Teeth

    3-Point Hitch

    Finishing Rake

    The TR3 Rake is the only 3-point tractor tool, i