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A Presentation on J.K. Tyres

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Mr. Sulabh Nalwaya Sir Abhishek Dadhich 11EJAME003

A Presentation On J.K. Tyre

Manufacturing Plants :-Jk Tyre has 6 modern plants in India which are strategically located at: Mysore, Karnataka-3Banmore, Madhya PradeshKankroli, RajasthanChennai, Tamil Nadu Jk Tyre started manufacturing tyres in 1977 with a capacity of 0.5 million tyres per annum. It has grown multi-fold over the years, and currently has a capacity of more than 16.6 million tyres per annum from its 9 plants in India and Maxico. With the commissioning of the Greenfield Project in Chennai.6Basic Requirement of Tyre :-LOAD CARRYING CAPACITYTRANSMIT DRIVING/BRAKING TORQUE. IT SHOULD PROVIDE FLOTATION. In addition, tyre must possess : High durability strength Good appearance Fatigue resistance Heat resistance Low rolling resistance Weather resistance Low energy loss Riding comfort Low noise levelDepartment of manufacturing Tyre components :-RAW MATERIAL MIXING DIP UNIT CALENDERS



Components of Tyre:-BeadFillerNylon BeltTreadSteel BeltPliesSidewallChafer

The Components Of Tyre :-Tyre is the only engineering product, which requires three-dimensional performances. It is a high technology product, made by combining many components. Each component has its unique role in overall performance of tyre. TREAD:That portion of a tyre that comes into contact with the road. It is distinguished by the design of its ribs and grooves. This provides the traction, maneuverability and determines the mileage of the tyre. BREAKER:A rubber-coated layer of cords that is located between the plies and the tread. It helps in bonding between the tread and plies and protects the casing from road shocks.

PLY:A rubber-coated layer of fabric, usually Nylon, containing cords that run at opposite angle to each other; extending from bead to bead. No. of plies determines the strength of the tyre and load carrying capacity of the same. SIDEWALL: That portion of a tyre between the tread and the bead, which flexes in service. All the tyre related information is written on this part of tyre. This protects the plies from getting damaged from external cuts.






DWhat is on The Tyre Sidewall?A: Tyre Size (12. 00 indicates Section width & 20 Rim Dia in Inch )

B: Ply rating of the tyre

C: Logo of the manufacturer

D: Brand NameE: Manufacturing Country

F: Type of Fabric used.

G: Tyre serial Number & date code

H: Manufacturer Name

Machine for Green Tyre:-Manufacturing of Tractors Green Tyre 12428 :-K70First PlySecond PlyPly DownBeadTurn UpOuter PlyBreakerChafferSide Wall

Next Process for Green Tyre convert into Main Tyre:-Defects in Green Tyres :-Bead off set / Bead dropTurn down wrinkles side wrinklesLoose turn up / Turnup wrinklesHigh/Low wall addingNegative/Positive tread spliceAir in sidewallAir below the treadOf centre treadInner liner sqeezing peel offOpen/Bayer chafer

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