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Awarded By

Department of Business Management Veer Kunwar Singh University, Ara (Bihar)

Under Guidance of: Mr. Kundan Sharan (D.G.M., Sales)

Submitted by: Abhijeet Kumar Class Roll No. 40

Kalyanpur Cements Limited

Univ. Roll No. 209 M.B.A. (Marketing)

Department of M.B.A.Dr. Ram Janam Sharma Prof. & H.O.D Deptt. Of Economices & Director M.B.A. Email Id: mba_vksu_ara@yahoo.com Mob:- 09835676913

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TO Whom it may be concern This is to certify that Mr./Miss Abhijeet kumar bearing the Univ. Roll Number 209 has successfully completed the project work on An Assessment of market position, performance and perception of different brands of cements comparison with Kalyanpur Cements Limited under the guidance of Mr./Mrs. Raghavendra Saran (internal) and Saran (external). This project report is submitted to the Veer Kunwar Singh University, Ara in partial fulfillment of Mr./Mrs. Kundan

Veer Kunwar Singh University, Ara

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the requirements for the award of Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) during Session:-2008-10.

Prof. Ram Janam SharmaDirector Departments of M.B.A. V.K.S.U.,Ara.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTThe presentation of this project report has made possible through direct and indirect co-operation of various persons whom I wish to express my appreciation and gratitude. I express my heartiest thanks to Dr. Ram Janam Sharma who gave me a chance to undergo summer training programme in Kalyanpur Cements Limited, Patna. I also wish to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Kundan Sharan (D.G.M. (Sales), Kalyanpur Cements Limited, Patna) whose guidance and direction showed me path to complete my project. I am also grateful & thankful to Mr. Sanjay,(D.G.M. (Administration) KCL, Patna).Who helped me directly and indirectly in the completion of my project.

Veer Kunwar Singh University, Ara

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I am really indebted for all the help, pain staking efforts and admire of my guide and mentor Mr. Raghavendra Sharan (Faculty of V.K.S.U., Ara) who, whenever needed have arisen, he came forward with all his soft spoken and fruitful advice. Last but not the least, most of all gratitude honor accrues to my parents, guardian, &all my friends for their unfailing support during exhausting period of this work. No word can express my feeling for them & for sacrifices they have made. Abhijeet Kumar V.K.S.U., Ara Session: - 2008-2010

PREFACEThe world of business is moving very fast and it is highly competitive. Marketing research is the central element of management for information and acts as easy as it seems to be. So the management of various organization is increasingly recognizing information from the market. As this would not only keep the managers up to date of the latest trends in the market but also it would forearm them to handle any crisis that may occur in future. A marketing project is an organized study of problem, which inculcate both theoretical & empirical aspects to find a solution. The project is of great help both for the organization and for the management student. Since, it provides a problemcentric-solution to be organization and theoretical-practical-nexus-insight to the management student. As a student of Business Management, it is beneficial for me to undergo two months practical training in any organization of repute connected with industry, Trade and Commerce. I have completed this training at Kalyanpur Cements Limited (KCL), Patna, on 30th july2010. The project report is comprises of the general study of the company and the research conducted on the Brand positioning, Performance and perception of KCVeer Kunwar Singh University, Ara Page 4

Super Cement. The details mentioned on the project is based on real situation. It is the study of cement users/non-users with special reference to KCL, at various localities of Patna. I have tried my level best to bring in, as much relevant matter as possible. The report is prepared with full care to avoid errors, yet the response collected through respondents cant be totally error free and I hope I shall be excused for that.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARYIn todays competitive market survival of any firm has become significant to exist in the market. Market is volatile, unpredictable and full of competition. Every firm is trying to beat one another in such fierce competition by adopting different strategies. To survive in the market understanding and assessment of market is very necessary. Promotional strategy is a tool to understand market and get competitive advantages over rival competitors. Promotional strategy is a way to disseminate information of existing product in the market to consumers in a way that the product remains in the memory of consumers for a long time. AN ASSESSMENT OF MARKET POSITION, PERFORMANCE AND PERCEPTION OF DIFFERENT BRANDS OF CEMENTS IN COMPARISON WITH KALYANPUR CEMENTS LIMITED helps to understand the market position, performance and perception of Kalyanpur Cements Limited and its competitors in Patna/ outsides.

Veer Kunwar Singh University, Ara

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Generally most cement companies follow the same type of promotional strategies but it is the innovative promotional strategies which give competitive advantage to a firm over another firm. This project is an effort to produce innovative strategies to enhance the market share of KCL. The summer Internship Program commenced from 1st June 2010 to 31st July 2010.


S.No . 01. Chapter -1

Table of Contents

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Introduction of the study Scope of the study Objective of the study Research Methodology Limitation


Chapter -2Organisational Profile Cement makers step up brand building Marketing Network Brand Positioning Marketing and Marketing Detail


Chapter -3Promotional Strategies of Acc Promotional Strategies of Lafarge

Veer Kunwar Singh University, Ara

Page 6

Promotional Strategies of JP Buland Promotional Strategies of Ultratech Promotional Strategies of Kcl


Chapter -4Swot Analysis Conclusion Suggestion


Chapter -5Lists of outlets covered Data Analysis Questionnaire Bibliography

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Veer Kunwar Singh University, Ara

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Chapter Name -01


Chapters Name Introduction of the study

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Scope of the study



Objective of the study



Research Methodology





Veer Kunwar Singh University, Ara

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Introduction of the studyAn project training is a plate form where student intern to learn to project training is based upon targetable tasks which assigned by the company. During this period we were assigned various tasks by the company which were the part of the day to day the main functioning department within the organization. The project training provides direct exposure to executive and support function of the different skill of department. Project training gives of knowledge of team work, organizational culture, team dynamics, result orientated, target pressure. Project training provides the knowledge of managerial and selling skill which is most important part of our carrier in corporate sector. And this training also describe the marketing scenario that how marketing is going on. Its gives us knowledge of customer what they want they need what they desire so that this training provide aptitude of the market. Project training is most important part of the management. Curriculum because its Provide direct exposure of corporate world. We learn only in the class but we have learned practical knowledge only through the project training.

Veer Kunwar Singh University, Ara

Page 9

Scope of the StudyScope of the project was limited for Patna. For this project 60 days duration was taken. There was an opportunity to meet mostly all types of retailers and interact with them directly, which was good experience. Meeting the retailers, who helped us to understand their needs and requirements regarding cements? Interacting directly with people is very joyful experience. Talking with them, understanding their problems helped to know what could be the promotional strategy of Cements Company. It was good opportunity to develop skills and acquire knowledge, which is required for the field work. KCL has installed so many hoardings of its cements in all over Patna.KCL has also installed tube light hoardings in some region of Patna that illuminates at night.

Veer Kunwar Singh University, Ara

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Objective of the Study

The cement industry has continued its growth trajectory over the past seven years. Domestic cement demand growth has surpassed the economic growth rate of the country for the past couple of years. The growth rate of cement demand over the past five years at 8.37% was higher than the rate of growth of supply at 4.84% as also the rate of growth of capacity addition during the same period. Demand for cement in the country is expected to continue its buoyant ride on the bank of robust economic growth and infrastructure development in the country. The market has number players and all wants to expand rapidly; therefore they has to undergo continuous research and development in