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    Abbeville Press and Banner jTrrrnrr,^ ^g.OO the Year. Tri-Weekly Abbeville, S. C., Monday, Sept. 26, 1921 - Single Copies, Five CenU. 77th Year. |



    Washington, Sept. 23..High officialsof the Ku Klux Klan may be jsummoned to Washington for*inter-regation by the department of jus- jtice, Attorney General Daugherty jindicated today. (

    Director Burn9 of the depart- (ment's bureau of investigation, Mt. jDaugherty announced, has been in- jatructed to set his agen ts at work onan investigation of the Skin's orga- jnization in various part) of the coun- ^try. . . j

    In connection with the possible pinie< had been separated for five yearsind who came here from New Yorktfonday, sat at his side with hernother, Mrs. Flora Durfee.


    ugene McCord Fined Fifty or Sis*ty in Police Court

    Eugene McCord went on onerhicken raid' too many. It is uselesso denote the race when chickenitealing is the crime, for everybodycnows the propensity of the negro.'or lifting thd feathered fowls fromhe yar# or roost Eugene gotugfht on one of his rampages S&tirdayand this morning the mayorhied him $50 or 60 days.The latest complainant against

    Sugene was W. D. Carroll. MoCordvas caught with the goods in a sackind could not give a satisfactory acwuntof the source. The testimonywas damning enough to justify conviction.The sack contained otherchickens than those of Mr. Carroll,it is said. The activities of MoCordn the white folks' chicken yards hasseen known for some time. In factle has been hauled before the authoritiesbefore on the same charge.Dn one occasion he visited the yard>f Dr. McMurray on Main street in>road open daylight, When no onewas at home. He gathered up a sackfull of the egg-producers and went>o the house next door and sold:hem. He was sent down the street;o Mr. Barksdale for his money andle was caught before he completediris sale.

    ng school, Rock Hill, and R. C.Chompson, principal of high school,rimmonsville.>.Track athletics, A. C. Flora, principalColumbia ' high school, vice

    presiaem. jnemoers appuijueu. x.5. Hanna, principal of Andersonnigh school, and W. P. Crawford,iepartment of athletics, Hartsvilleligh school.Declamation, Dr. S. H. Edmunds,

    superintendent of city schools, Sum;er.Members appointed: W. H.ftand, superintendent of cityschools, Columbia, and Z. L. Madden>rincipal of Union high school.Defoate: Prof. H. C. Davis and Dr.

    Steed Smith of the University ofSouth Carolina.



    Allendale, Sept. 24..Considerablroofnr? raof ovnifo.bUiO O VC* WW auu VI 5*. V.UU VV

    ment. Several days' search was madtfor Priester at that time, but he escapedand has not been heard oisince until last night.

    A SICK CHILD kLittle Helen White has been sicl

    for the past week at her home orGreenville street with fever. Th much as possible of this money atwork.

    Government war issues are heldi* mainly by persons of small means,according to treasury officials. Nolesson which came out of the war

    I was more thoroughly' learned thani that which. inculcated in the wages earner and the child the habit of sysitematic system. The seeds plantedduring the gr^at national emergency

    : are now, during the post war periodof readjustment, beginning to bear

    I iruxc. ,

    A PAINFUL INJURY.Mrs. M. L. Blackwell suffered a

    c painful injury one day last weeki when she stepped into a post holes and sprained her ankle which will1 necessitate the use of crutches forseveral weeks.

    OFYEARTS IN TIE.7-7erton High, Ancient RivcSeven in First GameComes Here Fridaykin Battle.s head work and splendid carryingtwork being responsible for the lone

    ftouchdown. Big Bruce possessed the

    1 trusty toe that added one point toj Billy's touchdown.

    Elberton's team outweighed Ab>beville's by several pounds and the1 hot weather played a considerables part in cutting down the possible speed of the faster team, which onr this occasion was Abbeville.i Two years ago Elberton romped on1 Abbeville to the tune of 79 to 0, so3 the locals certainly have every rea-son to be proud of the work of theteam Friday. They certainly have

    , improved while Elberton is not holdring their own.The lineup for Abbeville Friday

    c was: Nickles, right end; Galloway,> left tackle; Starnes, right guard;. Howie, center; Klugh, left guard;; Leslie, left end; Bradley, left tackle;I Harris, right half; Smith, left half;L T r> i. 1 1- . T A fulli i-/uug, d., Ljuai Lei uatR, uuug, iuu

    i back. Substitutions: Roche for A.- Long, Barnwell for Nickles, Gam.brell for Roche.

    The first game to be played athome will be with Belton on Rosenfberg field Friday afternoon a(t 4:30

    r o'clock. Admission will be 50c foradults, and 25 cents to school pupils.

    ; The season ticket buyers will savei .money.




    After an argument over the dis-position 01 me prucccusfrom the Sale of cotton seed,'J. R.McAlister of Iva, Anderson county,Saturday afboiit 2 o'clock, shot andkilled John Hall, a negro about 60year old. The shooting took place onthe Burt farm near Lowndesvillewhich is rented by McAlister andsub-rented to the negro, Hall. Mr.McAlister came to Abbeville immediatelyafter the shooting and surrendered.He was released today underhabeas corpus proceedings beforeChief Justice Gary.

    According to testimony at thehearing today Mr. McAlister hadspent Friday night in a room atHall's house. Saturday afternoonMcAlister and Half were In the lotnear the house. Hall had returnedfrom Lowndesville where he had solda load of cotton seed. Hall -had pickedflhe cotton from a crop which hadibeen deserted by Luther Dofabs, anothershare-cropper on the sameland. Luther Dobhs owed Mr. McAlistermoney and the latter askedHall to make out the bill for pickingthe cotton and he would pay himfrom the seed money. Hall saidDotobs had told him to bring themoney to him and that he would doit.

    During this discussion tne two"were squatted on the ground. Mr.McAlister told Hall that he couldnot take the money to Dobbs asDobbs owed him. Then . the negrorose and struck at Mr. McAlister,the latter warding off the blow withhis hands. He ran back to his automobileand grabbed his gun.' Hallstarted toward him, thrusting hisright hand in the side pocket of his"trousers.

    Mr. McAlister says Hall wasknown to carry a 41 Calibre Derringerpistol, and in fear for his ownlife he shot Hall.Bond was fixed by Judge Gary at

    $1,000 and he was released this morning.Hall, the dead negro, is said to

    have a very bad reputation in hiscommunity. He shot and woundedone man several years ago, and es-? J- TT . 21capea to norma, ne k inu sum lvTiave shot a man in Florida.

    ' At the inquest held Sunday the followingtestimony was heard by CoronerCox:Dr. D. S. Knox testified as to the

    'nature of the wound which causedHall's death. H said the bullet enteredthe neck about two inches belowthe juncture of the chin and neckand ranged slightly downward, comingout just inside of right shoulderblade.

    Miss Annie Waters, an eyewitness,said:

    "I live in Abbeville County Wherethis homicide took place. Yesterday(Saturday) about 1 o'clock, JohnHall, who lives here, and J. R. McAllistercame. They were disputingabout cotton seed. The first thing Isaw was John Hall ran to Mr. McAllisterand said he did not like ita dam bit. Then Mr. McAllister struckat Hall with his fist. Hall ran backand then Mr. Allister jumped on therunning board of his (McAllister's)automobile and grabbed his gun. Atthis t:me Hall was advancing on Mr.McAllister with his right hand in hisn>ht Docket. When within ten to |fifteen feet of McAllister, McAllisterfired. It was a Winchester rifle. Hallwas hit in front. He ran a little pieceand fell. Hall never spoke. I saw oneof Hall's daughters go to the bodyof Hall and take two pocketbooks,some papers and a pistol from Hall'spocket after Hall fell. Hall sub-rentsfrom McAllister. When Mr. McAllisterwas down here he lived upstairsin the same house with Hall."The verdict of the coroner's jury





    Anderson, Sept* 24..Walter L. < %'Hayes,, wealthy Anderson countymerchant, and his brother-in-law,Ed. Wilson, were sentenced here todayto serve a 15-year term in thestate penitentiary at Columbia onconviction of manslaughter by a jurywhich tried them for the killing of "j,T. F. Ramey near here last July.George Wilson, father of Ed. Wilson,and Allen Emerson, the other j

    two defendants, were sentenced topay fines' of $100 each and to serve -J30 days on the county chaingang,the jury having held them guilty only .of carrying concealed weapons. The Sjury rendered its verdict after 23hours of deliberation.

    Counsel for the accused men said ,later they were considering appealson the cases. Hayes and Ed. Wilson


    will not be allowed bail as a South >>::;Carolina statute prohibits bail where -

    sentenceis more than ten years.Allen Emerson and George Wilson

    had previously been convicted ofkillings and were serving life termswhen paroled in 1912 by the gover- ; 3nor. The present charges grew out of a fight at Harney's home, the statecontending the defendants tried tobeat up Ramey over an old quarreland they asserting they went to hishome to make peace an