AASA-Changing Role of Supt 2015

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Transcript of AASA-Changing Role of Supt 2015

1. Leadership in the Information Age: A Changing Role for Superintendents 2. Leadership in the Information Age: A Changing Role for Superintendents Todays Presenters: Bridget OConnell, Superintendent Palisades School District, near Philadelphia, PA 2014 Bammy! Award Finalist for Superintendent of the Year @BridgetOConnell Brad Saron, Superintendent Chippewa Falls Area School District, WI 2012 Tech Savvy Superintendent of the Year in eSchool News @BradfordGS 3. Leadership in the Information Age: A Changing Role for Superintendents Todays Presenters: Joe Sanfelippo, Superintendent Fall Creek School District, WI 2014 Bammy! Award Finalist for Superintendent of the Year @JoeSanfelippofc Dan Frazier, Superintendent Litchfield School District, MN 2012 Tech Savvy Superintendent of the Year in eSchool News 2014 Bammy! Award Nominee for Superintendent of the Year @DanielLFrazier 4. Our Topics and Agenda 1. Our Changing World 2. Community Engagement through Social Media 3. Positive Promotion: Examples 4. Higher Expectations by Staff and the Public for Communication 5. OUR CHANGING WORLD 6. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA Public Relations and Telling Your Districts Story 7. Clearly this will not be 8. Should Should Should Should Should Should Should Should ShouldShould 9. The Experience Feels Different for Everyone! 10. Where do many stakeholders live? Parents Students 11. I cant wait to go home and look at the District website -Nobody 12. 2005 13. 2013 Image via businessinsider.com 14. Kindergarten Concert Image captured by Joe Zydowsky, Cadott School District 15. 406,000 Tweets 377,000 Unique Twitter Users 21,600 Photos Viewed 120,000,000 times 1.7 Billion Person Reach 13,000 people attended 16. 406,000 Tweets 377,000 Unique Twitter Users 21,600 Photos Viewed 120,000,000 times 1.7 Billion Person Reach 13,000 people attended 17. Never Give Up The Opportunity to Say Something Great About Your School 18. Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District 19. Communication Audit 20. Communication Plan 21. Build Your Asset Package Brand Promises Elevator Speech Brand Attributes Representation of Brand Signature Style Graphic Identity and Story 22. Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District Our Brand Promises Personalized Attention Dedicated and Highly Trained Faculty Education of the Whole Child A Culture of Excitement A Sense of Belonging Inbounding Strategies Pictures of Graphic Identity Telling Our Story Using Facebook to Link Back to Our Website Communication Plan 23. Build Your Asset Package 24. Build Your Asset Package 25. Build Your Asset Package 26. Build Your Asset Package 27. Build Your Asset Package 28. Build Your Asset Package 29. Build Your Asset Package 30. Build Your Asset Package 31. Build Your Asset Package: School Promotion 32. AWARD of EXCELLENCE: 1. Annual Report - Budget Book 2013 (Annual Report/School Performance category) 2. Governance Brochure (Marketing Material category) AWARD of MERIT: 3. The Cardinal Line - (Newsletter - Community category) 4. Compensation Framework (Special Purpose Publication/Project category) 5. CFAUSD Website (Website category) 6. Chippewa Chirp - DEC2013 (Newsletter - Internal category) 33. Build Excitement, Create Pride, Develop WOM 34. Positive Promotion: Examples Bridget OConnell 35. Palisades School District Community Outreach 2014 36. Of note since we last met Hurricane Sandy impacted our area in October,2012 Palisades Red Cross Shelter Remained Opened Longest in Bucks County; Excellence in Leadership Award received for our efforts. Riegelsville Borough Students Officially Enrolled in Palisades as of July, 2013 approximately 50 new students enrolled. 37. Pennsylvania State Police Workspace Grand Opening in October, 2013 Grant received to work with Seniors for Greater Education in Bucks County for our PEARL volunteers. Significant decrease in reporting of underage drinking and marijuana usage by students. CTC grant monies very effective. 38. Comprehensive Plan 2013- 2016 Goal 1-Academic Achievement Goal 2-Enriching Environment Goal 3-Leadership Opportunities Goal 4-Community Engagement 39. Goal 1: Academic Achievement Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Replaced with School Performance Profiles (SPP) Palisades High School 88.6 Palisades Middle School 80.1 Durham Nockamixon Elementary School 90.8 Springfield Elementary School 83.5 Tinicum Elementary School 91.6 All information regarding School Performance Profiles can be found at - http://paschoolperformance.org/ Total of 100 points possible. School improvement plans are shared annually at our Education Programs and Services Meeting which is open to the public. 40. Outstanding Achievements: PHS is ranked among the top 2000 high schools in the nation; coming in at 1398/25,000 schools! Cyber centers established in our high school and our middle school for students who are taking classes online. Online learning is available K-12. Our SAT scores remain above the state and national averages; 538 for Math, 508 for Verbal and 516 for Writing were reported for 2013. Our Advanced Placement scores remain above state and national averages 70% of students who have taken AP exams scored a 3 or better. Odyssey of the Mind teams competed at the world level - PHS took 3rd place and PALMS took 7th place. 41. Goal 2: Enriching Environment- Facilities Improvements/Security Installed softball field drainage system Resurfaced tennis courts Installation of new turf field planned for summer Conducted security inspections at each school and noted areas of concern Parent-Child Reunification drills conducted for students and parents Palisades practices reuniting children with parentsIntelligencer, Nov. 2013 42. Improving Security State Police held security awareness training for all staff at beginning of year Captured vestibule installed at PALMS Installed 911 emergency call buttons at each of our schools Implemented access control system at each school Received $26,000 grant from Department of Homeland Security for camera installation New security doors being installed at Durham Nockamixon Elementary School 43. Anti-Bullying Programs Stand Up to Silence high school students presented their anti-bullying message in Doylestown and were asked to come back to the Central Bucks Schools for an encore performance. Peace Center of Bucks County offering Respecting me, respecting you program at all elementary schools and support group for victims and perpetrators in Quakertown 44. Wellness Initiative New Food Court set up at the high school with salad and deli bar. Fresh fruit smoothies are being sold in all schools this year, along with fresh fruits and vegetables at the salad bars. The district received a $5,000 grant for non- competitive physical activities for all grades. Stadium refreshment stand was refurbished. All schools will be planting gardens to further our nutrition education program and initiate a farm to table program. 45. Goal 3: Leadership Opportunities Developing pathways for student leadership opportunities, examples include: Environmental Stewardship Red Cross-Disaster Relief Emergency Responders-firefighter, EMA, EMS Youth Sports Organizations or Summer Recreation School-Based Opportunities-working with younger grades Junior Council Person Program 46. Goal 4: Community Engagement PEARL Property Tax Rebate Program connects with SAGE Senior Adults for Greater Education; grant received for training/mentoring Parent Engagement Tinicum Elementary School is ramping up their opportunities for families and school personnel Operation Recognition Awarding eligible veterans with a Palisades Diploma Social media options for district communication Facebook and Twitter accounts active 47. Spotlight on Our Alumni Chris Creveling US Olympian and Silver Medalist; competed in Winter 2014 Olympics. Patrick Bogard Scientist (molecular biology), Ariosa Diagnostics. Tina Haskins Biological Oceanographer, currently conducting research of phytoplankton along the Western Antarctic Peninsula PalisadesInvesting in the Future! 48. Thank you for support of Palisades schools, students and families! Dr. Bridget OConnell Superintendent boconnell@palisadessd.org 610-847-5131, ext. 4024 49. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0UTD8mXpVg 50. In preparation for the White House visit I put a presentation together to share our #FutureReady efforts...is this something we would include as an example of marketing your district/communicating a message? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0UTD8mXpVg&feature=youtu.be 51. HIGHER EXPECTATIONS by STAFF and the PUBLIC for COMMUNICATION 52. Social Networking Fact Sheet Highlights of the Pew Internet Projects research related to social networking. As of September 2014: 71% of online adults use Facebook 23% of online adults use Twitter 26% use Instagram 28% use Pinterest 28% use LinkedIn 53. The Near Future: 2.7 zetabytes (2.7 x 1021) of unique new information will be created worldwide this year. 54. The Near Future: Third generation fiber optics will carry 10 trillion bits per second down a single strand of fiber. 55. The Near Future: The smart phone of 2020 may be as capable as todays business server. 56. Your School District Website 57. Create an Internal Network for School Communication 58. Generational Differences of Staff and Communication Baby Boomers and Gen X Millennial Generation Grew up without World Wide Web, cell phones, and social media. Prefer a traditional office hierarchy. Gen X and Millennials ask, WHY? Have been raised in a time defined by boundary-less communication. Sharing and networking. E-mail threads with double digit CCs. Prefer a flat organizational structure where all equal. 59. Technology & Commu