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  • 1. Teacher Job Outlook: 2011 and Beyond January 27, 2011
  • 2. Teacher Job Outlook: 2011 and Beyond Moderators: Deborah Snyder, Grove City College, PA John Snyder, Slippery Rock University of PA Panelists: Todd Fukai, Cherry Creek School District, CO Carrie Durley, Aldine Independent School District, TX Mark Brophy, Worcester Public Schools, MA AAEE Executive Board Liaison:Diana Sanchez, California State University San Marcos, CA Webinar Tech Support Matt Ulrich, Grove City College, PA
  • 3. Deborah Snyder is Associate Director ofEducation Career Services at Grove CityCollege, PA. She has more than 20years experience in college careerservices and currently serves as asenator for AAEE.John Snyder is Interim Director of CareerServices at Slippery Rock University of PA.He has 25 years of experience in careerservices and previously served as an Englishteacher and school counselor in publiceducation.
  • 4. Todd Fukai is a Director of HumanResources in the Cherry CreekSchool District in Colorado. He hasbeen in education for 21 years. Toddhas also served as an elementaryteacher, assistant principal andprincipal. He is the president-elect ofthe Colorado Association of SchoolPersonnel Administrators (CASPA)and a senator for the AmericanAssociation for Employment inEducation (AAEE).
  • 5. Carrie Durley is the Executive Director ofHuman Resources in the AldineIndependent School District in Houston,Texas, where she has worked for 43years. She has been in education for 46years and in personnel/human resourcesfor 24. Carrie has, also, been asecondary English and special educationteacher, elementary counselor andadministrator, Title I Supervisor, andDirector of Personnel. She has held alloffices in the Texas Association of SchoolPersonnel Administrators and waspresident of the American Association ofSchool Personnel Administrators in 2008-2009.
  • 6. Mark Brophy is the Staffing/MentorCoordinator for the Worcester PublicSchools. He has been in education withinWPS for 26 years. Mark has also been anelementary teacher, School Psychologist,Special Education Team Chairperson anda full-time released teachers associationPresident. He is the president-elect for theAmerican Association for Employment inEducation (AAEE). He also is an electedschool committee member for the QRSD.
  • 7. Our objectives:Review the most recent educator demand data from the annualAAEE survey of professionals in the field.Provide job search feedback and advice for career servicesprofessionals to pass along to their education majors andteacher candidates.Your questions:If you have questions during the course of this webinar, use theQuestion box on your screen to type and send your question tous. Time permitting, we will present your questions to ourpanelists.
  • 8. 2010 Educator Supply and Demand SurveyContinues a 34-year tradition of AAEEThese results are based on representatives from 386 colleges /universities and 115 school districts completing the online surveyRespondents shared their perceptions about the demand foreducators in 63 teaching and specialist areas ranging fromAgriculture to Speech PathologyRespondents also shared insights about the factors impacting thedemand for educatorsThe report is available to AAEE members at the AAEE website:www.aaee.org, Neil Shnider, Executive DirectorThis years report was sponsored by:
  • 9. The data we are sharing about the demand for educatorsby certification area are the composite national results.These national data may mask variations in the demandfor educators in specific states or regions.Generally, however, the national data reflect regionalneeds as well.ExampleNational average for Bilingual Education: 3.98Region 5 average for Bilingual Education: 4.22
  • 10. The greatest surplus of teachers:Elementary EducationPrimaryKindergartenIntermediateSocial StudiesPhysical EducationNote: Because of the EC-4 certification area in TX,Pre-K has a large surplus.No need for Earth Science teachers in MA: Thegeneral science certification takes care of that area.
  • 11. Other areas with some surplus ofteachers:ArtEnglishHealth EducationElementary EducationPre-KMiddle SchoolJournalismTheater / DramaNote: Theater/Drama not an area of surplusin CO
  • 12. Factors leading to a surplus of teachers:Todd In Colorado the following have created a surplus of teachers inmost areas: School funding issues creating fewer new positions and some school districts having to downsize. Housing market-foreclosures and less new growth. Retirees not retiring because of economy. People with teaching degrees returning to profession or people seeking alternative licensure because of economy. Teachers moving to or back to CO because of economy in other states, and other states not hiring so teachers not leaving. Too many teachers in a content area or an area with very few positions.
  • 13. Factors leading to a surplus of teachers:Carrie In addition to what Todd has indicated, in Texas The decrease in property taxes has resulted in fewer local dollars being available to school districts to hire and/or add new teachers, a school funding issue. Because stimulus money is being phased out, school districts will be increasing the student/teacher ratio, therefore, reducing their teaching force and putting more teachers out of work if they cannot be absorbed into positions being vacated. The Texas legislature, which convened this month, is considering increasing the current 22:1 elementary ratio that is in effect. In some cases, university students are not aware of how saturated the market is in certain areas.
  • 14. Factors leading to a surplus of teachers:Mark In Massachusetts, an additional factor is the customer issue,especially in Early Childhood Education and ElementaryEducation - many young adults want to be an elementaryteacher and go to school specifically for that teaching area.After graduation, the reality of the competitive job market hits.We really encourage the elementary and early childhoodeducation student to become dually licensed especially in ESLor special education.
  • 15. Certification areas with the highest need for teachers:Special EducationHearing ImpairedVisually ImpairedSevere / Profound DisabilitiesEmotional / Behavioral DisabilitiesPhysicsChemistryMathNotes:Advance Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB)There is a large demand for STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), dualcredit (earning college credit in high school), and multi-endorsed teachers.Health Science Technology, Bilingual Education, Spanish as a foreign language (TX)Nebraska Dept. of Ed: Art, Business Education, Foreign Languages, Language Arts,ESL, Family/Consumer Sciences, Industrial Technology Education
  • 16. Other teaching areas with a need for teachers:LanguagesBilingual EducationESL / ELL (English Language Learner)SpanishChineseClassics: Greek, LatinJapaneseSpecial EducationAll other areasEarth / Physical ScienceBiology
  • 17. Need in educational support services for professionalsin:AudiologyOccupational TherapyPhysical TherapyReading DiagnosticianSchool NursingSchool PsychologySpeech PathologyNotes:High need in CO and TX for audiology, OT, nurses, andspeech pathology. High need in MA for audiology, OT, PT,speech, and vision.
  • 18. Teaching Areas in Demand and with a Surplus at a GlanceA Demand for Teachers A Surplus of Teachers Special Education Elementary Education Foreign Language English Math Social Studies Science Health & Physical Education Art Journalism, Theater
  • 19. Now that we have reviewed the AAEE EducatorSupply and Demand results from 2010 survey, letsmove on to the job search. Even those candidatesin areas of demand need to conduct an effectivejob search, and our panelists will now share theirthoughts about successfully completing theapplication and interviewing process.
  • 20. The application processCarrie Make sure that they are complete Give correct addresses, phone numbers, etc. for references Update your application as information changes (name, address, e-