A Whirlwind Tour of Apache Mesos - YOW! Conferences Mesos Analogy to an Operating System Linux Mesos

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Transcript of A Whirlwind Tour of Apache Mesos - YOW! Conferences Mesos Analogy to an Operating System Linux Mesos

  • A Whirlwind Tour of Apache Mesos

  • About Herdy

    • Senior Software Engineer at Citadel Technology Solutions (Singapore)

    • The eternal student 

    • Find me on the internet: _hhandoko hhandoko hhandoko https://au.linkedin.com/in/herdyhandoko

  • Presentation Overview

    • Problem Domains

    • Mesos Fundamentals

    • Mesos Frameworks

    • Mesos in the Real-World™

    • Demo!

    Image source: https://mesosphere.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/dcossdashboard.jpg

  • Once Upon a Tweet

    • I’ve heard of: • LAMP

    • WIMP

    • MEAN

    • But what is SMACK?

    Source: https://twitter.com/theotown/status/643377504527495168

  • Mesos in One Paragraph

    Apache Mesos abstracts CPU, memory, storage, and other

    compute resources away from machines (physical or virtual),

    enabling fault-tolerant and elastic distributed systems to easily be

    built and run effectively.

    Image source: https://mesosphere.com/wp-content/themes/mesosphere/library/images/views/why-mesos/mesos-architecture.png

  • Mesos in One Sentence

    Operations / DevOps

    Next-Generation Cluster Manager

    Developers / Data Scientist

    Distributed Systems SDK

  • Mesos in One Sentence (cont’d)

    Datacentre timesharing

    Image source: http://www.computersciencelab.com/ComputerHistory/HtmlHelp/Images2/IBM7094.jpg

  • Problem Domain: Static Partitioning

    • Many and complex provisioning scripts

    • ‘Snowflake’ servers

    • No automated failure handling

    • Repartition takes hours or days

  • Problem Domain: Resource Management

    • Low utilisation rate (i.e. waste)

    • Hard to predict workload

    • Application performance jitter

    • Scale and capacity are coupled

    Image source: http://www.slideshare.net/mesosphere/apache-mesos-and-mesosphere-live-webcast-by-ceo-and-cofounder-florian-li

  • The Inspiration: Google Borg

    • ’Top Secret’ orchestration system (in use since ~2004)

    • Efficiently parcels work across Google’s vast fleet of computer servers

    • Google is building Omega (Borg vNext)

    Source: https://www.wired.com/2013/03/google-borg-twitter-mesos/all/

  • The Birth of Apache Mesos

    • A research project at the University of California Berkeley • Hindman’s initial ideas from working with

    many-cores Intel processor (64 – 128 cores)

    • Hindman teamed up with Kowinski and Zaharia who was working on software platform that work on massive data centres

    • Twitter took a keen interest and further developed Mesos (as an open- source project)

    • Becomes an Apache project in 2013

    Source: https://www.wired.com/2013/03/google-borg-twitter-mesos/all/

  • Mesos Analogy to an Operating System

    Linux Mesos

  • Mesos vs Virtualization

    Virtualization Mesos

  • Mesos Architecture

    • ZooKeeper coordinate master nodes and elect leader

    • Mesos master manage agents and schedule Tasks

    • Mesos agents make Offers and run Tasks

  • Key Concepts

    • Frameworks • Mesos understands the technical

    primitives of distributed computing but have no intelligence on how to do it

    • Frameworks tell Mesos (kernel) how to run the applications

    • A framework comprises of Scheduler and Executor

    • Resource offers • Agents advertise available resources • Offers can contain user-defined


    • Resource isolation via LXC

    • Resource allocation • Roles • Weights • Resource Reservations

  • Two-tier Scheduling

    1. Agents offer resources

    2. Allocator decides where to offer the resources

    3. Framework may accept an offer and execute a task in an agent, or

    4. Framework may reject the offer and it will be passed along

  • App Specific Frameworks

  • General Purpose Framework: Marathon

    • Container and framework orchestration platform

    • Runs long running services (`init.d`), e.g. web applications

    • Features • High availability (active / passive) • Service discovery & load balancing • Health checks • Event subscription • REST API

    Image source: https://mesosphere.com/wp-content/themes/mesosphere/library/images/assets/continuous-deployment/marathon2.png

  • General Purpose Framework: Chronos

    • Fault-tolerant jobs scheduler for Mesos

    • Distributed `cron`

    • Features • Distributed and fault-tolerant • Supports bash and custom executor • Schedules based on ISO8601

    repeating interval notation • Handles jobs dependencies

    Image source: https://mesos.github.io/chronos/img/chronos_ui-1.png

  • Framework: Aurora

    • Service orchestration framework

    • Functionality-wise, combined Marathon + Chronos, and so much more

    • Twitter wanted an all-in-one framework for total control

    Image source: http://aurora.apache.org/documentation/latest/images/components.png

  • BYO Framework

    • Existing frameworks provide good coverage of most use cases (80/20) • Hadoop: Batch processing

    • Storm: Stream processing

    • Chronos: Task scheduling

    • Marathon / Aurora: long-running services

  • Custom Framework Demo!

  • Demo Resources

    • Rendler Code: https://github.com/mesosphere/RENDLER

  • Mesos in Production Today

  • Mesos and Mesosphere

    Mesos is the name of the open- source Apache project

    Mesosphere (Mesosphere Inc.) is the company which commercializes the open source project and provides consulting services

  • DC/OS Demo!

  • Demo Resources

    • DC/OS Installation Instructions: https://dcos.io/docs/1.7/administration/installing/cloud/packet/

    • Packet Hosting: https://www.packet.net

    • Hashicorp’s Terraform: https://www.hashicorp.com/terraform.html

    • Mesosphere Tweeter App: https://github.com/mesosphere/tweeter

  • Predictive Scheduler: Quasar

    • Resource efficient and QoS- aware cluster manager

    • Uses fast classification techniques in Machine Learning to profile workloads

    Image source: http://regmedia.co.uk/2014/02/27/quasar.jpg

  • Mesos on Windows

    • Mesosphere is working with Microsoft to port Apache Mesos to work with Windows Servers

    • Platform-specific tasks will be run on the supported nodes

    Image source: https://media.licdn.com/mpr/mpr/shrinknp_800_800/AAEAAQAAAAAAAARRAAAAJGVhZTYyODFlLTVkZmMtNGUzMi05MzRlLTcyZWVlZmE1YTU2MA.jpg

  • Fit for Purpose?

    Good Fit

    • Stateless systems • Web applications

    • Spark

    • Hadoop

    • Distributed systems • Cassandra

    Poor Fit

    • Stateful systems* • Relational Database

    *Note: Support for persistent storage volumes is under active development

  • Whitepapers

    Hindman, B., Konwinski, A., Zaharia, M., Ghodsi, A., Joseph, A.D., Katz, R.H., Shenker, S. and Stoica, I., 2011, March. Mesos: A Platform for Fine-Grained Resource Sharing in the Data Center. In NSDI (Vol. 11, pp. 22-22).

    Verma, A., Pedrosa, L., Korupolu, M., Oppenheimer, D., Tune, E. and Wilkes, J., 2015, April. Large-scale cluster management at Google with Borg. In Proceedings of the Tenth European Conference on Computer Systems (p. 18). ACM.

  • Books

  • Last But Not Least

  • Thanks!