A very cheesy asylum part 1

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Transcript of A very cheesy asylum part 1

  • 1. A creepy fairy wearing a purple dress...whatever could this be?
  • 2. It started off with Chewy growing into an adult. That wouldnt have been too unusual...except he was 14 days away from his birthday.
  • 3. The family were even more concerned when he pulled out a mop.
  • 4. Whatever the disease was it quickly spread through the house.
  • 5. One after another the teens prematurely aged into adults.
  • 6. The symptoms included hedious fashion choices and impailing body parts through walls. Look everyone, Ill get so much screen time now!
  • 7. No please dont look!
  • 8. Others were spared fish net stocking through the power of the default.
  • 9. Strange behaviors were seen.
  • 10. The symptoms worsened during the evening.
  • 11. It was decided a good nights sleep would probably fix things.
  • 12. But come the morning things had become worse.
  • 13. The shrink soon arived, diagnosed Silly Gilberts disease and commited everyone.
  • 14. Across town the disease spread to Sim Jos house....
  • 15. Okay, who turned out the lights?
  • 16. There was only one thing to do. Sim Jo needed to become Dr Jo Cheese!
  • 17. With her trusty side kick daughter, nurse Gem Cheese! Together they would rid the neighbourhood of this terrible disease.
  • 18. There was no time to lose! The neighbourhood was going crazy!
  • 19. So urm, can we all go back to being nice to each other now?! Boo! Stick ya finger in his eye!
  • 20. If you havent guessed yet you might now...
  • 21. Its the asylum challenge! With Dr Jo Cheese and her bunny slippers in charge, what can possibly go wrong?...Everyone went through a registration process which included setting all relationships to 0, removing all the famaily ties, putting aspiration to level 3 (Thats average green) removing all skills in simPE-Yes all that hard work at prep school gone! Oh and adding a few interesting things... like my bunny slippers. Those are the same slippers my simself had in the great asylum challenge of 07, except there I was a looney and this time I am the controlable with the LTW to eat 200 grilled cheese sandwhiches. So this time Im sain.. right...? Yes, but what about that knife!
  • 22. Nurse Gem is in charge of that, dont you worry about that.
  • 23. Okay this-I didnt bank on. I was thinking no one had any gender preference. Theyre swooning because Chewy is now a romance sim, because Iforgot and set it when they went to high school. I went around the aspiration wheel giving each sim the next one in turn. Apart from Gem and I who are cheese. I have also clicked all motive aspiration points for all house mates. I will not be adding conjure cheese as that hardly seems fair. Ill have to cook and eat those 200.
  • 24. I decided on cheese as I have far too many custom careers to wait for mine to turn up. I also removed my harder skilling and age hack for the challenge.While I am mostly following the rules, I have 9 simselves instead of 8 as I couldnt leave Gem out seeing she joined up at Prep-school. To make up forthat I added an extra sitting spot-a couch. There are still only 5 beds, but the couch adds a place to nap. Also dont expect great pictures, this is more picspam than anything. Just its easier to put it up on slideshare then it is to fiddle with photobucket and HTML lines.
  • 25. Scribbles is here too, shes just trying to hide between the wall and the bin. Darn, who ratted me out? The bin. I knew he wasnt to be trusted!
  • 26. Lets introduce the inmates! First up is Jess, who got fortune. Poor Jess, fortune sims tend to do fair rather badly in asylums. Hello, Im Pippi Longstocking, see how energetic I am...urrr I moved really I did.While that costume kind of suits the character I wouldnt let simJess wear that throughout the challenge-Dont worry!
  • 27. For anyone that doesnt know, Pippi Longstocking is an eccentric childs book character. She lives alone with her animals doing energetic things such as chasing down bullies and climbing trees... I moved really! Sheesh.
  • 28. Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas and stuff!Sawyer is our jolly elf/Santa wannabe. He picked knowledge out of Santas bag.
  • 29. Rudolph the red nosed reindeeeerr had a very shiiiiny nose! Ho, ho ho!
  • 30. Meeeow! Enough with the ho slurs Sawyer!Scribbles is a cat burglar... ^_^ with emphasis on the cat. She also picked romance.
  • 31. She is actually pulling a face at sawyers Playing.
  • 32. She has this really odd tail that looks like its made out of a tree branch.
  • 33. Gem is a cheese loving phyco knife carrying nurse. But Im sweeeeet! See the bow!
  • 34. Right...