A Spark to Ignite Your Joy

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  • 8/14/2019 A Spark to Ignite Your Joy


    The influence of each human being on others in this life

    is a kind of immortality.

    -- John Quincy Adams

    An uplifting messagefrom Bob Gregoirewww.bobgregoire.com

    009 Bob Gregoire

    A Spark to IgniteYour Joy and Faith

  • 8/14/2019 A Spark to Ignite Your Joy


    Can you imagine discovering that you are a child of royalty? Can you imagine your words being sopowerful, that simply by placing them in your own mind, your life and the world changes for the bet-ter? Can you imagine facing lifes biggest challenges, and the smaller ones as well, without fear or worry but with a smile because you know things will work out?

    All of this is true.You are royalty. Your words have super powers. Your fears are not warranted,because everything will work out. Thats why I wrote this eBook. I wrote it to remind you of the peace

    and love that comes from faith, and help you learn the practices that bring out the best in you.

    This is part of my communitys mission to bring peace to the world, by increasing wisdom and knowl-edge through education. We believe that peace will come when each of us has peace in our own mindsand hearts, and when each of us is living a life of love and compassion within our own family and com-munity on a daily basis.

    Although our unique cultures are good, and provide us with wonderful richness and provide theworld with the gift of diversity -we sometimes lose track of our commonality as humans. Thishappens when we focus on our differences, and not what unifies us.

    Peace will come as we spread the message of our spiritual connection to each human in the world. Ifeach person is truly a spiritual brother or sister, it makes no sense whatsoever to continue practicesthat cause us to hate, hurt and kill each other.

    Our primary strategy for bringing peace is to embrace one mind at a time, by increasing each personsknowledge of the principles of peace, love and compassion. These qualities of life flow from the worldof faith. We believe that it is usually our ignorance on a particular subject that causes us to fear or hateanother person or group of people. Wisdom, which we can gain through education, takes the place in

    our minds that has been preoccupied with fear and ignorance.

    Our foundation brings the best practices and wisdom from the worlds of faith and psychology into eas-ily understood and simple practices that may be implemented on a daily basis. Practices include read-ing, prayer, meditation, community service and recitation of affirmations to fill our minds and souls withloving and peaceful thoughts. If our thoughts are loving and peaceful, our actions will also be loving andpeaceful.

    Please accept this e-book as a small gesture of thanks for the role youve played in com-

    municating this message so far.We invite you to forward this book to every person in your family,company, school and network who will benefit from its contents or assist us in spreading the message.

    Peace and love,

    Bobtwitter.com/bobgregoirefacebook.com/bobgregoirewww.bobgregoire.comor drop me a note [email protected]

    http://www.twitter.com/bobgregoirehttp://www.facebook.com/bobgregoirehttp://www.bobgregoire.com/mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]://www.bobgregoire.com/http://www.facebook.com/bobgregoirehttp://www.twitter.com/bobgregoire
  • 8/14/2019 A Spark to Ignite Your Joy


    A Spark to Ignite Your Joy and Faith

    Ignite Your Potential For Joy

    Have you ever noticed that a baby provides unlimited joy to everyone around it? I have alwaysbeen amazed by this and think Ive found the answer: it is just being itself.

    Babies dont yet have any successes or disap-pointments to judge life by. They also haventassumed any specific role beyond being ador-able, even though they will soon become sonsand daughters, employers and employees, andultimately mothers and fathers themselves. Aswe grow up, these roles are either assigned to

    us by parents, coaches and teachers, or takenon by us willingly.

    I think that we tend to look at babies as specialgifts from God no matter His name. Thats because babies are Perfect Spirits as are you andI. But much like that newborn baby, we are incapable of understanding why.

    For reasons both cultural and spiritual, it is often tough to admit to yourself that you are lov-able just by being you and you dont need any material possessions to make you lovable. The

    sum total of ones net worth is consistent throughout our lives because we were born withtremendous value and potential.

    Potential for what? To develop spiritually and to become the loving and compassionate peoplethat we are capable of being.

    You control how you feel about your spiritual maturity, your relationship with God and yourrelationship with other humans. When you give yourself high grades in these areas, all ofthe disappointment and discouragement is truly external and seems small and insignificant in

    comparison.Realize your true net worth in baby steps

    Life is too precious to spend on activities you dont value

    Everlasting answers to all of lifes questions come from within


  • 8/14/2019 A Spark to Ignite Your Joy


    A Spark to Ignite Your Joy and Faith

    Trauma-Proof Your Life

    What happens when life does hand us disappointment? When sickness, divorce, or job loss hitsyour universe, the range of emotions can go from isolation to guilt, insecurity to depression,and general worry to fear.

    At any or all of these points, its exceptionally important to have a very healthy mind, strongbody and unyielding faith in God and yourself. This is possible if you set your foundation prop-erly. But how?

    Ask yourself if something traumatic happened tomorrow, can I answer these three questionstoday:

    What can I do as of today to improve spiritually, mentally, and physically?Who will become part of my support network as I make these changes?

    Am I committed to starting the process?

    Spiritually, this looks like being a part of a faith community. Your friends of faith will be there tosupport your faith at a time when you might be more vulnerable than usual to feelings of nega-tivity or despair. The same type of kinship exists in your daily physical experiences as well: thegym, the coffee shop, dinner with friends. These relationships exist to be there to listen, call,

    visit and pray for you during the entire experience.

    Without a strong foundation life is a circus

    Increased awareness fuels mental, spiritual, and physical growth

    Success means not getting bogged down in current reality


  • 8/14/2019 A Spark to Ignite Your Joy


    A Spark to Ignite Your Joy and Faith

    Embrace Your Royal Lineage

    Christians believe that God gave us the Bible as a blueprint for life. I believe the same, only thatHe gave us the black and white version for us to decorate as we so choose with all the color,people, and personality we can.

    In every aspect of our life, we receive based upon the beliefs and expectations that we holdin our minds about what were worthy or capable of receiving. If we are to become open andaware of new possibilities, our beliefs must change in order for us to be willing and worthy ofreceiving.

    Are the beliefs that you have about yourself consistent with your values? Knowing that we get

    what we expect, what treatment do you expect from the outside world? Or, closer to home,how do you expect to treat yourself?

    Consider this: children of royalty learned early on in lifethat they should expect to be treated royally because ofwho they are. This is why theyre famously known forusing the Dont you know who I am? tactic to get by inthe world.

    What if you tried that? Youre a child of God no mat-ter His name. And blood doesnt get more royal thanthat. Because of your status as a unique child of God, youshould be treating yourself to the feelings of joy, love,happiness and optimism. These are granted as a result ofyour acknowledgment of your prince/princess status andare guaranteed to last forever.

    Are there additional benefits that come along with your

    royal status as a child of God? Yes.

    You receive unconditional love on a daily basis from

    your spiritual Father

    You always have someone who will listen for as long

    as you need without interruption


  • 8/14/2019 A Spark to Ignite Your Joy


    A Spark to Ignite Your Joy and Faith

    You get the hope and trust from God always watching over you with a plan

    You know that upon leaving Earth, you have a heavenly place to live in peace

    You can perform miracles because nothing is too small or impossible to solve

    You have 6.7 billion fellow princes and princesses, each sharing in the gifts of love and regularprayer. I believe this is a requirement to maintain your spot in the royal court.

    As a bonus, this newfound status also comes with a trust fund you are granted the ability tolaugh at all the silly things that used to cause you fear, despair, and insecurity. Concern over bills,jobs, property, cars, fashion and all other worldly concerns have been replaced with love, faith

    and trust by the heavenly Father. All thats asked of you is that you remain conscious of the factthat all that is truly important your spirit is always in good hands.

    You are royalty if you believe

    Meditate often on the phrase Dont you know who I am?

    I am a child of God.

    Like a baker needs flour/sugar/milk,

    you need faith/love/knowledge


  • 8/14/2019 A Spark to Ignite Your Joy


    A Spark to Ignite Your Joy and Faith

    Dont Fear the God-given Donut

    Once again, one reason its easy to see that babies are Perfect Spirits is because they are as-of-yet untainted by the outside world. Our mornings are often like that: school hasnt called to saythe kids are sick, or the prospect hasnt emailed to say we didnt get the business, and the con-tractor hasnt stopped by with the estimate for the leaky roof.

    I once read somewhere to smile in the face of adversity. I know I can because I have God onmy side. As setbacks occur in my daily life, Ive trained my internal and external response to beThank God that this is my biggest problem!

    Therefore, I find myself constantly thanking

    God for small speed bumps along my road tothe ultimate destination just a minor detour,a block or two out of the way nothing more.

    For example: On the way home from churchseveral weeks ago, my car seemed to be han-dling funny. It wasnt until I got home that I re-alized my tire was completely flat. Given thatthe flat is on a soon-to-expire lease, my initial

    impulse was to think Why is this happeningnow? but instead I turned it into Thank Godthat this tire is my biggest problem!

    When I got to the tire shop the next day, theynotified me that the $300 special tires had tobe (of course!) ordered and would not show up for (of course!) four days. That meant I wouldbe driving around Boston with the spare donut tire on my car and unable to exceed 50 milesper hour for four days. Again, instead of turning negative, I thought Thank God that driving

    slow for a few days is my biggest problem!

    The tire did come in a week later, was installed, and I was sent on my way. However, not 30 yardsfrom the shop, a warning light came on the dashboard that said I had a problem with my brakes.Because I assumed this was an authorized dealer fix, I drove 30 miles to the dealer to see if theycould fix the problem. One of my many daily affirmations popped into my head during the driveand I found great strength in it: I am bigger than any problem that is presented to me.


  • 8/14/2019 A Spark to Ignite Your Joy


    A Spark to Ignite Your Joy and Faith

    When the service manager came out to look at the car, it took him a split second to notice thenew tire (on for not 40 minutes) was a truck tire (on my sedan). Having one tire larger thanthe other three was causing the warning light. Being told this, I very calmly took a step back,

    breathed deep, and repeated, Thank God for allowing a big tire to be my biggest problem.

    Rather than focus on the reality that was being presented me, I triggered my forethought tofocus on my plans for later that evening: getting dressed up, taking my beautiful wife to dinnerwith the president of my daughters school, conversation with other parents over cocktails, andpicking my daughter up for the weekend. How fortunate am I?

    You can take the spare donut tire literally and break lifes events into three categories: thebad (or your least favorite type of sweet treat), the middle of the road (a sweet you like but

    dont love), and the good (the best indulgence you can think of). For me, it would be a jelly do-nut, an clair, and a bear claw.

    See, you and I always get the choice of dwelling on the negative or turning our thoughts towardthe positive.

    Dont fear the God given donut

    Mental, spiritual, & physical strength

    prepares you for lifes roadblocks

    You never know when divine intervention will happen


  • 8/14/2019 A Spark to Ignite Your Joy


    A Spark to Ignite Your Joy and Faith

    Dont Prejudge: See Real People,

    Not Your Perceptions of Them

    Before the lease could come up on that car with the now perfect tires, I decided to take theleap and purchase a new one. After taking my wife to lunch, I asked if she would like to join mein a test drive at the local dealership.

    Though she agreed, I could feel her hesitation increase as we turned the corner and saw thedealers sign. See, Carolyn, like many people, is very apprehensive around typical sales people:they are manipulative, insincere, and often appear slimy. After 20-plus years in coaching andtraining salesmen, I can share a big secret with you: its not just you and Carolyn most sales-

    people are just as uncomfortable calling or approaching prospects or customers out of fear ofrejection.

    That said, one of the lions came out of the denlike we were deer entering his enclosure beforeI even had a chance to open Carolyns door. Af-ter an over the top hello and invitation into theshowroom from Kevin The Lion, we entereda testosterone-filled room of ten other lions

    waiting for their own deer while slurping cof-fee and consuming whole donuts in a single bite.This was not doing anything to soothe Caro-lyns already shot nerves she was feeling likeSnow White waiting for the Queen to pop out,say come here my pretty and offer a poisonapple.

    I explained to Kevin The Lion the position I was

    in: four more lease payments to go but I hadrubbernecked by a particular model severaltimes and would like to test drive (no use fight-ing it because its part of their sales process).I was just as happy with the car post-drive as Iwas excited pre-drive, so we decided to take a

    look at the lease options. With Carolyn so fervently wishing for the seven dwarves to pop up


  • 8/14/2019 A Spark to Ignite Your Joy


    A Spark to Ignite Your Joy and Faith

    and rescue her from the lions den, she chose to take solace in the car, while Kevin The Lionand I settled on rates and insurance and I was told to pick it up the following Monday.

    When I arrived to meet my car a few days later, Kevin The Lion took me to the lot to explainall the electronic gadgets and somewhere along the line he pulled out what has to be my favor-ite book not written by me: Og Mandinos The Greatest Salesman in the World. We chattedfor an hour on the ten concepts that had changed both of our worlds and couldnt believe howmuch we had in common.

    Although I had been pretty confident in my decision to purchase the car, there was some ap-prehension in the interim about buying the first car from the first salesman at the first dealer Ivisited. But when Kevin The Man pulled that book out of his pocket, I had received a sign from

    God that I had absolutely purchased the perfect car at the perfect time at the perfect den fromthe perfect lion. I never had to look under the hood.

    When life drops you in a lions den, keep moving:

    dont get caught in the headlights

    People are like used cars:

    exterior dents can hide internal power and beauty

    Take a proactive approach to battling the

    negativity that surrounds us all


  • 8/14/2019 A Spark to Ignite Your Joy


    A Spark to Ignite Your Joy and Faith

    Are You Here to Prove or Improve?

    Have you ever felt that the world around you is changing so muchthat you may not be able to keep up? It may not even be happen-ing directly to you: a family member could have just lost their job,a friend might be going through cancer treatment, or your kid mayhave come home with a scraped knee.

    When were experiencing any of these my world is falling apart orI think that my eggshell is beginning to crack feelings, its usuallybecause weve allowed a reality in one area of our life to spill overand contaminate other areas of our life that should not have been tainted.

    You have the power and ability to isolate any negative thoughts occurring in your mind and toconvert them into how you would like your life to be going. Fixing this is relatively simple: if wecontrol our thoughts and engage in the actions that we know consistently make us feel good ona consistent basis, were well on the way to a life that is truly blessed.

    Heres an easy exercise:

    Once these new ways of living become engrained in your new being, replace them with newgoals and affirmations based upon the next vision of your higher self in that area of your life.

    You control your thoughts no one else gets to violate that sacred space without your permis-sion. You control your actions. The correct actions always positively impact our attitude.


    1. Identify the actions/behaviors in your life that youre confident will haveyou feeling better physically, mentally or spiritually and choose at leastone from each area of your life: health, spirituality, education, family, social,work, financial, etc.

    2. Identify how often you would like to engage in this activity that will give youthis good feeling. Is it daily? Is it multiple times per week? Is it monthly?

    3. Write a present tense statement (affirmation) that includes the emotion ofyour feeling when acting, speaking or living the way that youre envisioning.

    4. Read each of these affirmations every morning upon awakening and every

    evening prior to sleeping.

  • 8/14/2019 A Spark to Ignite Your Joy


    A Spark to Ignite Your Joy and Faith


    When your eggshell is cracking, relieve the pressure

    Consistent actions yield consistent results

    Our world is at peace when we co-exist as members of the same

    spiritual family

    What happens when we determine that the truths upon which we base our life are false? Wouldyou rather prove yourself correct or improve yourself?

    Sometimes we find out that a belief that we hold dearly in our minds is wrong. When this hap-pens, it can sometimes cause us to question other beliefs that weve been using to set the limitsof how much we give and how much were able to receive.

    The brain is a literal mechanism it doesnt argue with us which is why its crucial that wespeak positively about ourselves and others. If I tell myself there is no way that I can get all of

    this done today, then human nature says I will sub-consciously waste just enough time so that I dontcomplete everything. Were always trying to provethat were correct for thinking the way that we do.See, I told you that I couldnt do it! We have tostop being proud of ourselves for setting and meet-ing low expectations.

    Here are examples of two different beliefs fromtwo separate individuals:

    Positive Penny: I enjoy owning my own business

    because it provides me with the ability to create theideal lifestyle for my family.

    Negative Nadine: I could never start my own busi-ness. Even if I did, it probably wouldnt make anymoney.

  • 8/14/2019 A Spark to Ignite Your Joy


    A Spark to Ignite Your Joy and Faith


    If each of us receives in our life consistent with the beliefs that we hold in our mind and wedo consider the drastically different lives that will result from the opposite beliefs above.

    Today is a great day to assess each of the beliefs that youre using to create your reality. Are youaware that about 80% of the beliefs that we hold in our minds are not actually true? Most ofour beliefs have been cemented into our minds from listening to other people share their be-liefs with us friends, co-workers, family, etc. Starting this instant, Im asking you to install theWho Said So? security system: start questioning the credibility of all original sources of theinformation youre receiving.

    Screen each piece of information as if its most likely false. Become a skeptical receiver of theinformation that is coming into your life from all sources conversation, the web, books, maga-

    zines, the radio and television, etc. Assume that the information is false unless it 100% passesyour security system. Even then, just because the information was true when it entered, itdoesnt mean that it has to be true forever. The limits that we place in our minds have been setand created by us or people that weve ordained to be credible others. You get to decide whenits time for you to improve your performance in every area of your life.

    This newfound consciousness that you are developing is connected to the consciousness thatexists in all other humans and with God. When you and I start thinking, believing and acting athigher levels of consciousness, awareness and truth, we start relating to others at higher levels

    of love, compassion, patience, understanding and peace.

    Be your own customs agent at the

    gate to unity consciousness

    Desire to improve rather than prove yourself correct

    when you realize youre wrong

    Serenity comes from within,

    meditation allows us to see within ourselves for answers

  • 8/14/2019 A Spark to Ignite Your Joy


    A Spark to Ignite Your Joy and Faith


    Create the Life You Want in an Instant,

    Through Nourishing Thoughts

    Our thoughts lead us to the type of life that we deserve. Our thoughts are the result of everyexperience that weve had since birth. Our self-esteem is created by the thoughts that we thinkand by assimilating the words that are spoken to us by others. When we allow the words ofothers to negatively influence our self-esteem, were giving away the power and control thatlies inside of us.

    Always assume complete responsibility for your thoughts. Be certain to reject the negative

    thoughts or comments that are coming your way on a daily basis.

    If you were brought up in a negative, demeaning environment or have allowed the words ofothers to have you feeling lonely, forgotten or unworthy, you can change all of that in an instant.

    You are blessed and your life is blessed. You are natures greatest miracle. Like all of Godscreatures, there is and can only be one you: only one person on the whole planet with yourmind, with your smile, with your eyes and with your soul, who has lived through all of the

  • 8/14/2019 A Spark to Ignite Your Joy


    A Spark to Ignite Your Joy and Faith


    wonderful and not-so-wonderful experiences that have made you uniquely you!

    The beautiful thing about thought is that its instantaneous. Thought is creation. Were actively

    involved in the process of creation every instant when we accept responsibility for each andevery thought. When I tell you that youre handsome or beautiful and you believe me, you startthinking and acting handsomely or beautifully. When I tell you that youre smart and you givesanction to my words and think to yourself Yes, I am smart! you will start reading and learningand assimilating information because you know how smart and capable you are.

    The key here is not to wait for me or anyone else on the planet to be responsible for buildingup your self-esteem and blessed life. Ideally, you will surround yourself with positive peoplewho are more likely to build you up than belittle you. Its your responsibility to create the ideal

    life for yourself by changing your thoughts about yourself and the world.

    Even if you arent in the ideal situation where most of the people around you are speakingconstructively, you CAN begin the habit today of speaking positively to yourself. This habit willtransform your life!

    Your life is blessed. I know that it may not always seem that way. I think that its because many ofus tend to focus on whats going wrong and ignore all the things around us that are going right.

    Youre as individual as a zebras stripesand that is the surest sign of a blessed life

    Fear inhibits your ability to receive new thoughts & knowledge:

    replace it with love

    Life and God are forgiving:

    design your ideal future & reformat your brain

    By intentionally repeating our thoughts of who or what we choose to become in the future,we create deep mental paths muscle-memory in the brain. By filling our brains with positive,deeply emotional thoughts of how we choose to be in the future, were effecting our mind, ourbody and our spirit. Were literally talking ourselves into wonderfully healthy and happy days,

  • 8/14/2019 A Spark to Ignite Your Joy


    A Spark to Ignite Your Joy and Faith


    weeks and years mentally, spiritually and physically.

    If we continue thinking the same (sometimes limiting) thoughts that weve been thinking for a

    long time even if were relatively successful, well continue getting the same results, the samehappiness, the same income, the same health, the same job, the same vacation location, etc.Without new thoughts, there is little or no hope that you (or tomorrow) will be any different orbetter than today.

    There is a better way to live and think and act and feel!

    When we have hope in the future and faith in ourselves and in God, we get fleeting thoughtsabout what might be possible. Thoughts such as:

    Id like to improve this relationship.

    I wish that I could start my own company.

    Id really like to get my body healthy.

    I wish that I spent more time with my children.

    Id like to have a more fulfilling spiritual life.

    Did you notice the tense of the thoughts that I mentioned above? Frequently our thoughts arelike New Years resolutions these thoughts are always ideas that we know are possible, soimagine how excited youd be once youve brought that idea into reality! So what happens toour great ideas and intentions? Future tense thoughts allow our brains to say that was a goodidea, why dont we do that someday but not today please. And then the thought is gone atleast for a while.

    Heres a very simple process to begin assimilating and acting upon all of your genius attacks orgreat ideas that you get from others:

    Once you get a thought of inspiration, write it down immediately.

    Make the idea future tense, so I will becomes I am

    or I enjoy or I earn

  • 8/14/2019 A Spark to Ignite Your Joy


    A Spark to Ignite Your Joy and Faith

    Writing your thoughts for the future in present tense statements begins the process of talkingyourself into feeling comfortable at your next level of excellence. I put each of these thoughts

    of mine onto 3x5 index cards so that I can have them all together and so that I can read them atany time of day where ever I happen to be on the couch, in bed, on the plane, in the car, etc.

    The more often we read these statements of belief, the deeper the grooves become in ourminds. Reading them two or more times per day to yourself is ideal. Little by little, were con-vincing ourselves that we really can become the type of person that we envision in our minds.

    This process allows us to deliberately fill our minds with positive thoughts about whats possibleas if they were already accomplished. The process enables our minds to become 100% focused

    upon what were choosing to become as opposed to being stuck in the present without anynew thoughts or ideas.

    Intentional improvement is an index card away

    You are a Perfect Spirit acknowledge it, nurture it,

    and encourage it

    Music brings out our full range of emotions and

    is one of the purest forms of inspiration


  • 8/14/2019 A Spark to Ignite Your Joy


    A Spark to Ignite Your Joy and Faith

    Join Your Voice with Mine and Others

    Who Want to Live in Harmony

    Music inspires me. Harmony sends chills up my spine and goose bumps to my skin. Musical har-mony always makes me think of human harmony voices of different ranges, volumes and tonaquality coming together to create a sound that is so much better together than separate.

    While my son was singing in his high school choir, hed be up on stage with about 100 other14-18 year old boys all dressed in white shirts, blue blazers, khaki pants and red ties. Themostly geeky high school boys of different heights, weights and dispositions would sing beauti-fully together. At a few points in the performance one of the boys would step to the front and

    sing a solo. The soloist usually had a voice that was mediocre at best when singing by himself,but when he was singing with the rest of the mediocre voices they somehow sounded magicaltogether.

    Music the sound that resonates up myspine, into my ears and into my brain allows me to feel the presence of God.I know that musicians are artists whoallow us to experience God through

    other vehicles rhythm, sound, wordsand the feeling of the vibrating vocalchords or instruments.

    Certain music causes me to work outharder. Other music causes me to cryat weddings or funerals. Other songscombine words and music that inspireme to become a better person. Its like

    we all belong to the town of Harmony it doesnt matter the country the vibrations connect us all.

    I frequently use music to set the proper tone and environment for activities exercise, driving,relaxation, meditation or background music for a party. Music for many of us has very deep,strong emotional bonds to memories in our minds that will last forever.


  • 8/14/2019 A Spark to Ignite Your Joy


    A Spark to Ignite Your Joy and Faith

    Here are some of mine:

    I believe that God has plan for me, so I dont really believe thatmy iPod actually has a shuffle feature I think divine interven-tion decides whether I need to hear Queens Youre My BestFriend or Shed A Little Light by James Taylor.

    Because music also plays a big part in my daily exercise rou-tine, I have my favorite playlist. It includes the likes of Chicago,The Doobie Brothers, James Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Mariah

    Carey, Michael McDonald, The Script, Steely Dan, and StevieWonder.

    In the spirit of unity consciousness and the belief that musicalvibrations really do connect us all, I ask you to join me in cre-ating the Ultimate Shuffle: a compilation playlist of music thateffects and connects us all.

    To participate in this Ultimate Shuffle playlist project:

    Send your name, city/state, and a list of your favorite songs [email protected]


    The song that was on the radio when my first girlfriend broke up with me:

    Colour My World (Chicago). A song that was played at my Dads funeral: On Eagles Wings (Josh Groban) First musical gift given to me by my daughter for Christmas 2008 The Script CD My college bands signature song Easy (The Commodores) Any James Bond theme song makes me think of my son James, a 007 fanatic! Any Michael Buble song reminds me of a wonderful family vacation in Newport, RI The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra will be the song that I dance to with

    my daughter at her wedding

    http://[email protected]/http://[email protected]/
  • 8/14/2019 A Spark to Ignite Your Joy


    A Spark to Ignite Your Joy and Faith

    Join Me in Joy Everyday

    You have a choice to make each day a living example of your faith, and receive the benefits thatcascade over you.

    Dont let the events of this season be one of the few times during the year that you will expressyour gratitude for the life you experience. Make this one of many times during the year thatyou reach out to family and friends to share a meal. Let this book ignite or re-ignite your dailyprayers of thankfulness for the bounty you have been given, and energize you to act kindly withothers and of course, be kind to yourself.

    Some of the places you can find me:

    twitter.com/bobgregoirefacebook.com/bobgregoireand at my home on the web atwww.bobgregoire.comor drop me a note [email protected] can also find my weekly pod cast on Itunes, by searching Bob Gregoire.


    Please send this book on to friends, family and everyoneelse whom you believe needs more joy and faith

    in their lives.

    Peace and Love,

    Bob Gregoire

    Published by Pegasus Media World

    http://www.twitter.com/bobgregoirehttp://www.facebook.com/bobgregoirehttp://www.bobgregoire.com/mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]://www.bobgregoire.com/http://www.facebook.com/bobgregoirehttp://www.twitter.com/bobgregoire