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A Pyrophoric Affair. Phosphorus Chemistry for the New Millenium. Hennig Brand Discovers Phosphorus painting by Joseph Wright, 1771. Our Current Research Areas. Phosphorus Chemistry. Osmium, Rhenium, and Ruthenium Chemistry. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of A Pyrophoric Affair

  • A Pyrophoric AffairPhosphorus Chemistry for the New Millenium

  • Hennig Brand Discovers Phosphorus painting by Joseph Wright, 1771

  • Phosphorus ChemistryCurrent Students: Ryan Nelson, Jeff Johnson, Chris Krug, Yong Soo HooOsmium, Rhenium, and Ruthenium ChemistryCurrent Student: Travis McKenzieOur Current Research AreasOther Research AreasBuckminsterfullerene (C60) Chemistry Synthesis of Aminophenytoin Development of New Organic & Inorganic Laboratory Experiments

  • Current Senior Gustavus Phosphorus ChemistsRyan NelsonJeff Johnson

  • Industrial Synthesis of L-DOPA

  • 1. Synthesis of the Organic Backbones2. Preparation and Characterization (NMR, IR, elemental analysis) of the Phosphorus(III) Anions3. Exploration of the Chemistry of the Phosphorus(III) Anions and their DerivativesPhthaloylphosphide Projects - Overview

  • Bidentate Phthaloylphosphine LigandsPrepared from Phthaloylphosphide

  • 31P NMR spectrum

  • 13C NMRspectrum

  • Ryan Performing a Schlenk line filtration

  • Ryan working in the glove box

  • Jeff Operating the 300 MHz Multinuclear NMR SpectrometerNMR Spectrometer Funded by NSF, Dreyfus, & GAC

  • Future Research Directions1. Quantification of the physical and chemical properties of the phthaloylphosphides and their derivatives2. Exploration of the ligand behavior of the phthaloylphosphides and their derivatives 3. Use of phthaloylphosphides in preparation of R-PH2 (R = organic group)4. New preparation of P2H4 via phthaloylphosphide5. Preparation of new organic conductors via polyfunctional phthaloylphosphides...

  • A Platinum Complex of a Bidentate Phthaloylphosphine Ligand

  • Charge-Transfer to formOrganic Conductors?

  • Some Scenes from Our Research Laboratory

  • Jeff Johnson, Brian OBrien, and Ryan Nelson, Summer 1998Student Stipends provided by the ACS Division of Fluorine Chemistry (Jeff) and Gustavus Adolphus College (Ryan, Presidential Student/Faculty Research Grant)

  • Research Group Meeting, Summer 1998

  • Views of Laboratory Operations

  • Preparation of Our Primary Starting Material

  • Ryan and Cesium

  • Items From the Heavenly Bakery

  • The End