A Primer on Abrasive Blasting for the Custom Coater A Primer on Abrasive Blasting for the Custom...

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Transcript of A Primer on Abrasive Blasting for the Custom Coater A Primer on Abrasive Blasting for the Custom...

  • A Primer on Abrasive Blasting for the Custom Coater

    What you should know about Abrasive Blasting and Profiles, and more!

    Chris McKinnon Aegis Industrial Finishing Ltd.

    May 2-3, 2016

  • What’s in it for me?

    • Thank you to PCI for allowing me to participate in this event.

    • Aegis Industrial Finishing started in 2009

    • Family business with history of metal finishing going back to 1948.

    • Opportunity to become leaders in our market with emphasis on service, quality, and education.

    • Fulfill my objective to share what I’ve come to learn and hopefully help you in your business in some small way.

  • What’s in it for you?

    • Understanding and appreciation of the benefits of abrasive blasting

    • Working knowledge of the equipment required to do it right

    • Safety considerations

    • How to ensure quality

    • Coating performance gains

    • Step in the right direction to see if it is right for you

  • Where are we going today?

    • How to talk to the talk (Standards and Associations)

    • Is it a good fit for your business?

    • Safe Production with Abrasive Blasting

    • Equipment required to do the job (startup equipment, PPE, quality tools)

    • Types of blast media and specific application equipment

    • Demonstrated and repeatable quality

    • Learn from my failures and observations

    • 10 Minutes at end for Q&A

  • Talk the talk

    • Associations • NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) • SSPC (Society for Protective Coatings) • Sa (Swedish Standard)

    • Key terms • Deadman • Media • T-Valve • Blast Profile (Peaks and Valleys) • Mesh • Adhesion • Mill Scale • Hot Rolled / Cold Rolled • Peen vs. Cut

  • Is abrasive blasting a good fit for your facility?

    Some questions to consider: • What does our market require?

    • Do I have the space, power, and air volume?

    • How much am I willing to invest?

    • What size parts do we handle?

    • Who will my competition become?

    • Do we have the technical expertise to be successful?

    • Do we want to grow our business into a new market?

  • Is abrasive blasting a good fit for your facility?

    Some other options you may consider:

    • Can I partner with a blasting shop to handle the work? • Does this limit me from securing the type of business I want to pursue?

    • Quality is critical, but some customers don’t require a white metal blast every time.

    • Will a small blast cabinet meet my needs or do I need to invest in a proper blast booth?

  • Safe Production

    • PPE Required • N95 paper mask at a minimum • Helmet • Gloves • Coveralls

    • Proper breathing air • Silicosis

    • Training of your operator

    • Preventative Maintenance

  • Equipment Required to do the job • Compressor • Filters • Blast Room

    • Clean, dry, and contained • Material Handling equipment

    • Overhead crane • Forklift • Carts

    • Safety Equipment • Helmet • Gloves • Coveralls • Steeltoed Footwear • Dust masks (for reclaim / moving parts in and


    • Dust collector • Media Reclaim • Disposal method

    • Dust • Galvanized media and zinc content

  • Blasting Media

    • Not sand, never ever sand

    • Starblast (staurolite) – great multipurpose blast media, uniform shape and size, peens instead of cut.

    • Walnut Shells – great for removing paint

    • Aluminum Oxide – aggressive media, high cost, angular

    • Steel shot – hard, good for steel, peens

    • Copper slag

    • Steel slag – cuts

    • Garnet – readily available, 2 – 3 turns, cuts.

  • Repeatable Performance

    • Salt Spray Testing

    • Adhesion Testing

  • Quality Tools

    o Needle gauge – test velocity of air speed in your blast hose

    o SPG – Surface Profile Gauge

    o Pull off adhesion tester – Verification tool for coating bond strength

    o Tape test w/ Anvil Micrometer – Measure blast profile like it’s 1979

    o VIS-1 Visual Standard Guide – NACE/SSPC certified visual guide for degrees of

    blast cleanliness

    o Sand paper – knock down blast profile when doing single coat

  • Substrates

    • Aluminum

    • Steel

    • Stainless Steel

    • Galvanizied Steel

  • Learn from my mistakes….

    • Grease

    • Light gauge material (oil canning)

    • Welds

    • Shadows

    • Adhesives

    • Multi Metal Blasting

    • Material Handling

    • Pressure differential / blockages / couplers etc

  • Learn from my mistakes….

    • Brush blast on mill scale

    • Bar stock with tears in it

  • Questions?

    If you are too shy to raise your hand please feel free to talk to me afterwards or contact me at chris@aegisfinishing.com