A new life for an old chair

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A new life for an old chair. How to restore an old chair:. process tools and materials. History of the chair. - time of transition. - appearance of the chair. Chair before the refurnishing. dirty cover. broken seat. Removing of old parts. - old cover. -construction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of A new life for an old chair

  • History of the chair - time of transition- appearanceof the chair

  • Chair before the refurnishing dirty coverbroken seat

  • Removing of old parts- old cover -construction of the seat

  • Removing of old parts- pulling out the nails- tools

  • Wood worm treatment- treatment with wood worm killer- wrapping in the film

  • Closing the holes with hard wax

  • Surface treatment sanding


  • Surface treatment priming of the chairsanding it again

  • Patinatingbeforeafter

  • After varnishing

  • New cover - new life- keeping the old construction- new materials

  • Thank you for your attention

  • Vocabulary listEnglishGerman

    time of transitionbergangsperiodeperiod of rapid industrial expansion in Germany (1871-1873)GrnderzeitturnedgedrechseltcoverBezugto pull outausziehenclawNageleisenpliersZangestaplerTackerstrapGurtspringsFedercleaning solutionWaschverdnnungto wrapeinwickelnleakageEntweichenhard waxHartwachssoldering ironLtkolbenplaneeben machen, abziehenscraperAbziehklingesandschleifensand paperSchleifpapierto stainbeizento primegrundierenspray-gunSpritzpistoleto patinatepatinierento varnishlackieren upholstererPolsterer