A Marfil masterpiece

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House property in Marfil, near Guanajuato, Mexico

Transcript of A Marfil masterpiece

  • A Marfil masterpiece

    RetReat from the bustle of Guanajuato and luxuriate in a modern, spacious property centered on a beautiful secluded garden. Nestled by the Marfil river at the end of a narrow cobbled lane, this charm-ing and very livable property boasts two houses separated by a beautiful secluded garden. The main entrance is through a large wooden gate at the end of the street. The property and its neighbors were constructed by an Italian architect, Gior-gio Belloli, in the 1950s from the original stone walls of a 17th Century hacienda associated with the regions rich silver-mining history.


    Guanajuato, a UNESCO World Heritage city, was the worlds leading producer of silver in the 18th century. Its also famous as the site of the first major call for independence from Spain in 1810. The heads of the revolutionary martyrs were displayed from the rafters of the Alhondiga for more than a year. Nowadays, Guanajuato is a bustling metropo-lis, where you park your car under the city in the subteraneo--originally built to divert the river --and walk through cobbled streets and narrow alleys past colorfully painted houses.



    Upper house(1 floor)

    River house(2 floors)







    the upper house can be entered from the garden or through a courtyard from the narrow, cobbled street. Simple in design with a single large bedroom, it has a living and dining area, a modern kitchen and a tiled bathroom with a shower. The river house has been developed into two living areas on sepa-rate floors. The ground floor has for many years been set aside for family and guests. It consists of two large bedrooms, separated by a small kitchenette, a half bath and a large tiled bathroom. The sec-ond floor is a self-contained single-bedroom apartment overlooking the river through gabled windows. The bathroom is unique in that the shower opens directly onto a balcony. There is also a tasteful kitchen and a brightly-lit dining area. The area of the property is 11,872 square feet or 1,103 square meters.

  • Guanajuato is the crown jewel

    of colonial Mexico

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