A Maker Approach to Games: Pijin, Portland Makerfaire 2014

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Transcript of A Maker Approach to Games: Pijin, Portland Makerfaire 2014

  • 1. A Maker-Approach toCreating and ManufacturingTabletop (Word) GamesTRAVIS FELDMAN!OMSI - Portland Mini-Maker Faire!September 14, 2014

2. THE PROCESS OF MAKING PIJIN: DEVELOPED IN 12 MONTHS!! THREE MAJOR ITERATIONS! 3. GUIDING IDEAS:1. YOUR EXPERIENCE MATTERS - Spell What YouHear!!2. THERE ARE NO EXPERTS - No Official or ExternalWord Lists - Players Assess Each Move as a Group!!3. NO CHEAP STUFF - Use Good Quality, AestheticallyPleasing Materials for Game Pieces (Bamboo)!!4. MODULAR SYSTEM - Encourage and Build intoGame Openness, Variants & Expansions 4. As Ideveloped!the game, Ilearnednew things,includingcreativeways ofworkingrapidly withthe IPAchart. 5. I took amakers orhackersapproach:!!learn what isneeded as itis needed &creativelyassimilatefoundmaterials. !!For instance, Imade this !Table ofElements. 6. We spent monthsplaytesting. Wine, it turnsout, often improves theexperience of phoneticspelling. 7. By January 2014, I had arrived at a working prototype!complete gameset, with graphics and branding! 8. In November and December 2013, I usedTaoBao, Alibaba, ThomasNet, Amazonand Google searches to find differentsuppliers for each part of the game.!!!By January I had explored manymanufacturing options, I procuredestimates for the costs of making thegame using several different methods ormanufacturers. !!!At the end of January, I shot tons ofphotos, made a video, and was ready toraise the funds needed to make thegame.NovemberDecemberJanuaryFebruary 9. THE GROWING BOARD GAMES MARKET:Sales at retail game and hobby stores have risen15-20% for each of the last three years(ICV2.COM)Amazon says board game sales increased bydouble digits from 2012 to 2013*On Kickstarter, the amount raised for board game projectssurpassed the amount raised for video games last year, !$52.1 million to $45.3 million **NYTimes, May 6, 2014 10. So on February 10, I launched on Kickstarter -!Pijin: The Spelling Game of the Spoken Word 11. Kickstarter backers were !interested in many facets!of the game, including!the materials andconstruction!of the grab bag. 12. One project Update included close-up!photos of the bag 13. and thisHow Todescriptionfor making agrab bagfromrecycledmaterials. 14. I also shareddetails of tiledistribution,andalgorithmsused forcreating the144 unique,double-sidedtiles. 15. THE KICKSTARTER WAS SUCCESSFUL.!!NEXT I ORDERED!FROM MANUFACTURERS!AROUND THE WORLDTiles: Made in China!!Cards: Made in India!!Everything Else: Made in USA 16. When themanufacturedparts of thegame arrived, !about twomonths afterorders wereplaced, !I asked friendsto help meassemble andbox games!for shipment -!one night inJune, we puttogether 200game sets ! 17. TOWER OF BABEL!!!200 PIJIN GAMES!READY TO SHIP 18. MY APPROACH TO MAKING!PIJIN!WAS!!PROBLEM BASED!COLLABORATIVE!DEMOCRATIC!MULTI-DISCIPLINARY 19. when youLEARNTHINK DO 20. MANUFACTURING!IS HIGHLY EXPLORATORY!!!BE PREPARED!TO EXPAND YOUR AWARENESS, !THINK LIKE:A DESIGNER!!A PROGRAMMER!!A MARKETER!!AN ENTREPRENEUR 21. AS FOR PIJIN !REWARDS HAVE SHIPPED,!!PRE-ORDERS FULFILLED,SO WHATS NEXT? 22. PIJIN ON AMAZON 23. PIJIN IN CLASSROOMS 24. LETS PLAY!