A job of my dream Kabargina Victoria College of Business 11

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Transcript of A job of my dream Kabargina Victoria College of Business 11

  • A job of my dreamKabargina VictoriaCollege of Business 11

  • It is not easy to decide what profession to choose. Students plans for the future usually change many times during the school years. There are so many people who influence on choosing your occupation. Parents and friends play a very important role in your choice.

  • Many people continue careers of their parents but it is not the case with me. My mother is an accountant and my father is a fireman. But Ive always been a creative person.

  • Ive been taking pictures and shooting different videos. And Ive always dreamed that my future profession will be connected with movies or TV. I have been editing different videos for about 2 years. So I have already decided what career to choose. I want to be a film editor.

  • The film editor is an indispensable figure in film and TV. The profession of film editor is one of the perspective and exciting. The combination of artistic sight and a broad of knowledge of modern computer video technologies allow to create films that become masterpieces.

  • The profession of film editor involves interest in film and TV, a good memory, a sense of tempo, the ability for hard work combined with creative thinking and big responsibility. A very important quick response and the ability to work in high pace.

  • Any program is necessarily edited, so the channels employ a huge number of editors. A competent editor is always a godsend for any TV channel, production center or an advertising agency.

  • Unfortunately, today, almost all TV channels are experiencing a real hunger in good editors. So the profession of film editor is in great demand on TV, in films and commercials.

  • Thank you for your attention