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A brief look at how Unbxd connects users to the right products with solutions like personalized search and navigation, product recommendations, analytics and more. A complete platform for an ecommerce company that puts customers first.

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  • 1. Personalization & Recommendation Platform for Ecommerce Companies

2. What does Unbxd do? 3. Personalized Search With Unbxd, Steve, Adam and Myra can see relevant & personalized search resultsShoesShoesShoes 4. Personalized Navigation While browsing, Steve, Adam and Myra can see a unique version of category pages based on their preferences and intent 5. Intelligent Recommenders While shopping, Steve, Adam and Myra see personalized product recommendations based on their search query, previous purchases and other important markers.ShoesRecommended ProductsYou might also like:Recommended For youPowered byPowered byPowered by 6. Dynamic & Personalized Landing Pages Steve, Adam and Myra search for black shoes on Google. They click on an ad for your Ecommerce store. What will they see? Using Unbxd, you can show dynamically-created, personalized landing pages to paid search visitors.Buy black shoesBlack Shoes - Upto 20% offBlack ShoesBuy black shoesBlack Shoes - Upto 20% offBlack ShoesBuy black shoesBlack Shoes - Upto 20% offBlack Shoes 7. Powerful Merchandising Help solve your category managers dilemma with Unbxds merchandising functionHow do I clear inventory at the end of the season?How do I boost holiday-themed products?How do I promote highly-stocked, new products? 8. In-depth Analytics Unbxds rich analytics give you actionable insights on what your visitors are doing on your website. Trust us. Your marketing team will thank you!Conversion Funnel Add-to-CartsCLVCohort AnalysisRepeat Customers performanceHits Clicks Marketing ROICategory ChurnUser SegmentingBrand 9. The Unbxd Impact 10. Our Performance Increased Conversions by 10% Increased product views by 500% on a 2 month averageReduced bounce rates by 55% and customer acquisition costs by 24% Increased average order value by 24% www.unbxd.com 11. Our customers love us! 12. Testimonials We wanted a search solution for our Mobile App and a product discovery engine on our web site which can give accurate product suggestions. Unbxd was the perfect solution and we immediately saw a marked increase in conversionsThe search experience that Unbxd provides is unparalleled. Highly relevant results for all kinds of queries has increased our product views and conversions. Kudos!The Unbxd platform is an intelligent tool that takes visitor preference into account. Definitely helped us increase revenue and reduce bounce rates. Great team to interact with as well.Apart from improving the shopping experience on our site, Unbxd also has an incredible merchandising tool that made it easy for us to promote products and manage inventory. Moreover, the team was always available and helped greatly with the integration process 13. Interested? Contact: Ridhima Mohla sales@unbxd.com+91 88613 03342 http://unbxd.com 14. Connecting Users to ProductsThank you for your time.