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To be considered college ready, students must complete the A-G Requirements. This presentation includes required and suggested high school coursework for students to be ready for college.

Transcript of A-G: Requirements for College Readiness

  • 1. TakingtheRightClasses: AssimpleasA-G

2. How do you become an eligible applicant? 3. Ifyouareseriousaboutyourfutureandaboutgoingto college,youneedtogetseriousaboutschool! Knowtherequirements TakeHonorsandAPClasses Takerequiredexamina?ons Takeaproac?veapproach inyoureduca?on High School Graduation Requirements University Admissions Requirements Reality Check 4. History/Social Science 2YearsRequired Includes: 1 year of U.S. History or 1/2 year of U.S. History and 1/2 year American Government 1 yearof World History, Cultures, or Geography 5. English 4YearsRequired Must be College Preparatory English Honors and Advanced Placement are recommended 6. Mathematics 3YearsRequired 4YearsRecommended 3 years = Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II 4th year = Advanced courses (i.e. Trigonometry, Math Analysis, Calculus, and Statistics) 7. Laboratory Science 2YearsRequired 3-4YearsRecommended Needtohaveoneyearoflife science,suchasBiology Andoneyearofphysical science,suchaschemistryor physics **EarthSciencedoesnot counttowardtheA-G progression! 8. Language Other Than English 2YearsRequired 3-4YearsRecommended Needstobe2yearsofthe SAMElanguage Examples:Spanish,French, Japanese,AmericanSign Language,etc. 9. 1YearRequired Needstobethesamesubject fortheen?reyear Examples:Dance, Photography,Orchestra, Drama,Ceramics,Pain?ng,Art History Visual & Performing Art 10. 1YearRequired An extra year of one of the A-F requirements If you take the recommended number of courses from one or more of the A-F subjects, you will satisfy this category and help make yourself more competitive! Or you may take a course that is specifically listed in the G category Examples: Economics, Earth Science, Psychology College Prep Elective 11. Whats the difference between an Applicant and a Competitive Applicant? 2 years of History / Social Science 4 years of English 3 years Math (starting with Algebra) 2 years of Laboratory Science 2 years of a Foreign Language 1 year of Visual / Performing Arts 1 year of College Prep Elective Minimally Eligible Applicant 3 years of History / Social Science 4 years of English (AP / Honors) 4 years Math (starting with Algebra) 3 years of Laboratory Science 3-4 years of a Foreign Language 1 year of Visual / Performing Arts 1 year of College Prep Elective Competitively Eligible Applicant 12. Do Grades Matter? YES!! Collegeswillnotacceptanygradeslowerthan aC-70% Failedclassesmustberetaken Summerschool,nightcourses,followingyear 13. https://doorways.ucop.edu/list/ 14. Benefits of Honors and AP courses Why should you enroll? GPA booster Competitive applicant College preparation College credit Save you time and money How do you enroll? Alternatives Enroll in community college courses 15. UC Admissions Criteria " Academic A-G Requirements 3.0 GPA SAT Reasoning Test or ACT plus Writing, and 2 SAT Subject Exams (not required for class of 2012 and beyond) AP & Honors Courses " Supplemental Personal Statement Extracurricular Activities Honors and Awards Volunteer Service / Proof of Leadership 16. Take a Proactive Approach Finish off this academic year strong Meet with your counselor to plan your schedule for next year - and choose a challenging curriculum Make sure all of your high school courses are UC approved https://doorways.ucop.edu/list/ Take the PSAT Start reading up on SAT & ACT info Do volunteer work Join clubs and organizations Get involved! Join AVID 17. AdvancementViaIndividualDetermina?on Aelec?veclassthatpreparesstudentsfor college Adirectsupportstructureforrst-genera?on collegegoers,grades4-12 Aschoolwideapproachtocurriculumand rigoradoptedbynearly4,000schoolsin45 statesand15countries What is AVID? 18. AVID Student Profile Na?onwideAVIDGPAis between2.0-3.2But,while inAVIDgradesgoup signicantly. AtMendezmostly3sand 4sBasicandProcient. Firstgenera?oncollege bound HighSchoolAVIDisVERY compe??vetojoin,but studentswhocomefrom MendezAVIDhavean advantagetobeing accepted. 19. AVID at Mendez CornellNotesinallsubjects Binder/AgendaChecksforallsubjects Tutorialswithcollegetutors MovingstudentsintoHonorslevelcourses Readingandwri?ngsupportandprac?ce Collegestudyskills TwoCollegeFieldtrips Oneop?onaleldtriptoAVIDnightatKnoesinMarch Op?onalUCLAFootballgameeldtrips CommunityServicefor8thgraders CollegeandCareerResearch 20. MendezSchoolWideAVID Strategies RigorousCoursework HonorsLevelClasses Readingandwri?ngstrategies Socra?cSeminar CornellNotes WhyareCornellNotessoimportanthereat Mendez? 21. Curve of Forgetting How does Cornell note-taking increase achievement? ElapsedDays Percent Reten?on ofMaterial 10minutes 5minutes 2-4minutes 22. ELD Sheltered Instruc?on Appro- priate Strategies Build Language ELD Program (Intensive) At appropriate language /reading level Goal- Language Develop- ment(BICS/ CALP) Sheltered Classusing SIOP (Strategic) Standards- based/ gradelevel Goal- Content- area knowledge (CALP) HowisELDdierentfromShelteredInstruc?on? Student Grouping- ELsonly NoA-G Creditin High School Student Groupis Hetero- geneous A-GCredit inHigh School 23. CuleslabasedeSantaAnaAdelante? SantaAnaAdelanteeslainicia-vamsrecientedelaAlianzade SantaAna,quefueformadaen1983porUCI,CSUF,SAC,SAUSDy laCiudaddeSantaAnaparaelevarelaprovecha-miento acadmicoylapar-cipacinuniversitariaenSantaAnaysurea conurbada.NuestrametaesqueundatengamosunLtulo universitarioencadahogardeSantaAna. Qubeneciosofrecealosalumnos? SantaAnaAdelanteofreceacadagraduadodepreparatoriade SAUSDlapromesadeseradmi-doaCSUF,siempreycuandose inscribaenelColegioSantaAnayterminetodoslosrequisitos acadmicosydesolicitudparatransferirseaCSUF. 24. GOAL:ToseeacollegedegreeineveryhomeinSantaAnaby2020 STATEGY: Earlycollegeandcareerplanningbeginninginthe6thgradeforboth parentsandstudentsintheSAUSD. All6thgradestudentsandparentswillsigntheMyCollege-Going Pledge. SAUSDseniorswillreceivepriorityregistraDontoSACthefallsemester priortograduaDngfromhighschool. TheCityofSantaAnawillcon?nuetopromotetheSantaAnaFutures ScholarshipaspartoftheirannualemployeepayrolldeducDon program,providingconDnuingnancialsupport. AllSAUSDstudentsaeendingSACwillreceiveindividualassistanceto ensuretheyaccessallavailablenancialaidwhileatSAC. 25. CSUF/UCIwillprovidealeeerofacceptancetoeach SAUSDseniorenrollingatSACwithintenttotransferto CSUF/UCIandwhomeetsCSUF/UCIadmissions standardsuponcomple?onofrequiredcoursework. SAUSD/SACstudentswillreceiveaCSUF/UCIlibrarycard andhaveaccesstoalllibraryservicesatCSUF/UCI. CSUF/UCIwillhostanannualgatheringforSantaAna PledgestudentsenroutetoCSUF/UCI. CSUF/UCIstawillworkwithSACfacultyandSantaAna Partnershipcolleaguestoensurestudentsreceive regularcommunica?onsregardingopportuni?esand programsatCSUF/UCI. 26. Where on the Web Financial Aid / Scholarships SAT info. www.collegeboard.com High School Course Lists https://doorways.ucop.edu/list/ www.actstudent.orgACT info. College Searches www.californiacolleges.edu www.collegeboard.com/finding/ www.csumentor.com/Select www.petersons.com UC Application www.universityofcalifornia.edu/apply www.finaid.org www.fastweb.com www.scholarships.com www.hermana.org www.petersons.com/finaid www.brokescholar.com www.hsf.net www.chicanalatina.org www.wiredscholar.com www.srnexpress.com www.studentaidalliance.org www.yesican.gov