A Cornerstone for Family ... A Cornerstone for Family Services Family & Youth has been a...

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Transcript of A Cornerstone for Family ... A Cornerstone for Family Services Family & Youth has been a...

  • A Cornerstone for Family Services Family & Youth has been a cornerstone for family oriented services in Southwest Louisiana since its founding by the Junior League of Lake Charles in 1970. In its forty-six years of service, Family & Youth has

    grown from a small counseling service agency into the inclusive organization that it is today, boasting eight divisions under its business umbrella. Together, the eight divisions of Family & Youth provide an encompassing range of services to the community of Southwest Louisiana. Just as Southwest Louisiana itself has grown and expanded to meet the needs of its community over the years, so has Family & Youth.

    Today, Southwest Louisiana is growing again, bringing in new residents, businesses, and other beneficial economic growth. As always, Family & Youth will expand and grow to accommodate our residents, both new and old, and the needs that may arise during this time.

    Family & Youth has already responded to the expected increase by initiating a Domestic Abuse

    Response program to help women overcome the struggles of an abusive relationship. Family & Youth is also increasing access to the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) by training new staff and adding daily interview slots, ensuring that as the number of cases of child abuse increase that the CAC will be able to meet the demand. This guarantees no child is turned away and interviews occur in a timely manner to reduce the trauma of physical and/or sexual abuse experienced by children and adolescents.

    Family & Youth’s ability to make a difference in SWLA and to continue to expand and grow to meet the needs in our community is due to the generosity of our donors who support Family & Youth in all of its endeavors. We would like to say a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone for their past, present, and future support of Family & Youth. Our donors are critical to the work we do; every donor, every dollar, makes a difference in

    Mark Hanudel 2016 Chairman of the Board

    Julio Galan President and CEO

  • the lives of the clients we serve. We thank each of our donors for giving their time and treasure to support Family & Youth and its mission to serve SWLA. We hope that you continue to support Family & Youth, and individuals in our community, for years to come.

    2016 has come to an end and we are looking forward to all that 2017 and beyond will have to offer. Southwest Louisiana is looking towards a bright future, and so is Family & Youth. Thank you again for your guidance and support throughout the year as we dedicate ourselves to continuing to meet the needs of Southwest Louisiana’s children and families.

    Family & Youth Mission It is the belief of Family & Youth that all individuals possess the ability to solve their own challenges and live full and healthy lives when support is available. It is the mission of Family & Youth to provide affordable and professional support, through programs and services dedicated to advocacy, counseling, and education for the people of Southwest Louisiana. Our effort and commitment to building family values will guarantee a stable and stronger community.

    Board of Directors 2017 Mark Hanudel, Chair Donald Brinkman, Vice Chair Nora Popillion, Secretary Caitlin Guillory, Treasurer

    Joey Alcede Ann Barilleaux E.T Browning Rachel Chatters Ron Childress Trey Fielder Lisa Guerrero Gustavo Gutierrez Michael Hankins Karen Harrell

    Mark Ieyoub Jennifer Istre Lynn Jones Emily McDaniel Caitlin Morris Paul Pettefer Gene Steech James Steward Fr. Alan Trouille Tammy Truax

    Mark Hanudel 2016 Chairman of the Board

    Julio Galan President & CEO

    2016 Mark Hanudel, Chair Donald Brinkman, Vice Chair Nora Popillion, Secretary Owen Thompson, Treasurer Ann Barilleaux, Immediate Past Chair Emily Abshire Joey Alcede Kerry Andersen E.T. Browning Rachel Chatters Ron Childress Trey Fielder Lisa Guerrero Caitlin Guillory Gustavo Gutierrez

    Leslie Harless Mark Ieyoub Lynn Jones Caitlin Morris Paul Pettefer Gene Steech James Steward Fr. Alan Trouille Tammy Truax

  • An author reveals Napoleon’s greatest discovery was that men would be willing to risk their lives for the privilege of wearing small medals on their chests (Laurie Beth Jones). Applying this intriguing concept to mental health, we could say “…the greatest discovery is that all too often people are willing to forego an empowered, satisfying life for the privilege of keeping hidden (even from themselves) their innermost fears, anxieties, and regrets.” And even though the opportunity to engage in professional counseling is more accessible than ever before, taking the first step is not without difficulty.

    So yes, marching into physical battle demands extreme courage, but so does marching into emotional battle with oneself when entering a professional counselor’s office to talk about anything or everything that impedes personal well-being. Although it is a proven fact that the help of a professional counselor promotes self-actualization, empowers self- growth, and reduces emotional suffering, the magic requires a willing participant and a skilled therapist.

    And who chooses counseling? I hope it doesn’t surprise you to know, it is people like you (reading this report right now) and me who choose counseling. Most therapy clients are ordinary (and extraordinary) people like you, your friends and colleagues, who are struggling with everyday challenges. I first considered seeing a professional counselor after my mother died. As a young mother, I was left with conflicting feelings and wanted to make sense of my confusion. I finally called and made an appointment, but when the time came to sit with the counselor, I parked my recognizable car some distance from the counselor’s office. My plan was to get in and get out without being seen. I certainly didn’t want anyone to think I was having a “break down!” (Was I having a break down?) I surprised myself when by the third session, I parked at the entrance to the building. Two or three sessions later, I had developed a remarkably improved perspective. Sitting with a trained professional had been a wise investment for me.

    At the Shannon Cox Counseling Center, we address a wide variety of human concerns presented by individuals and families from a wide variety of backgrounds and socioeconomic standings. We are particularly skilled at addressing the myriad of challenges facing children, youth,

    Who Chooses Counseling? Dr. Candis Carr, Ed.D., Senior Vice President

  • and adults with a history of abuse, neglect, and victimization. We are equally skilled at addressing the myriad of challenges that plague highly successful people. These two sets of challenges can reside in the same client, by the way. Success doesn’t protect people from depression, anxiety, marital problems, or a history of abuse.

    An individual who invests in counseling may be struggling with any number of common concerns, such as having suffered a trauma that persists in memory; having headaches or aches and pains that have no medical explanation; over-using substances or alcohol to cope with stress; receiving bad feedback at work; accumulating a growing list of unrepaired relationships; losing enthusiasm for favorite activities; or recognizing that others are having more fun.

    Highly successful people may present any number of rather unique concerns as well, including, for example, the so-called imposter syndrome (the unrelenting feeling of not being good enough); a punishing and never-ending drive to succeed (sometimes stemming from hurt and pain in childhood); an ever-present fear of losing everything; the feeling of being ostracized by family, friends, and acquaintances, and no matter how successful – the sense that I am not worthy of my accomplishments. In fact, it is the successful person who often says, “I probably shouldn’t be here. I’m sure you have people with much bigger problems.”

    Shannon Cox Counseling Center professionals emphasize that problems and concerns are universal, but know that every client is unique. One key advantage of choosing our comprehensive private practice is our ability to utilize long-developed in-house expertise. We are aware that we have garnered a reputation of excellence that spans a 46 year history, and we continue every day to strengthen and expand it. We are committed not only to our clientele but also to the many professionals on a local, state, and national level for whom we serve as consultants.

    When friends and associates ask for guidance, please use the opportunity to endorse our excellent team at the Shannon Cox Counseling Center. We like to remember the insight of Shannon Alder who said, “Courage doesn’t happen when we have all the answers. Courage happens when we are ready to face the questions we’ve been avoiding our whole life.” When any of us chooses to address those questions, the magic of counseling begins.

  • Thank You To Our Family & Youth Supporters! Platinum Circle Axiall Cheniere LNG Childress, Ron CHRISTUS Foundation City of Lake Charles Coushatta Casino Resort Entergy Harrell, Karen Henning, John & Ginny Lake Charles LNG - BG Group L’Auberge Casino Resort - Lake Charles Mallard Cove Men’s Golf Association

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