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<ul><li><p>A COCKTAIL ISNT JUST A DRINK......its a celebration of innovation, balance and character. Alongside the usual classics, youll find a selection of long-forgotten liquid inventions that we salvaged from our library of long-out-of-print cocktail books. So whether you want your old favourite or are feeling adventurous, our skilled bartenders will whip you up a flawless mix.</p></li><li><p>COCKTAILS...DOCK STREET G&amp;T... 7.5Gin, mint, pomegranate, elderflower &amp; Fever Tree Tonic</p><p>BLANKET ROW SOUR... 7.5White rum, Cointreau, lime, ginger &amp; spiced carrot syrup</p><p>HIGH STREET MARGARITA... 7.5Sage, tequila, pineapple, Cointreau, lime &amp; paprika salt</p><p>HUMBER ST. HARD LEMONADE... 7.5White rum, lemon, apple, thyme &amp; Fever Tree Tonic</p><p>LIBERTY LANE ICED TEA... 8.5Gin, vanilla liqueur, lemon, tea-infused sugar syrup &amp; Fever Tree Tonic</p><p>MINERVA TERRACE MOJITO... 7.5Hendricks Gin, cucumber, lime, mint, sugar &amp; soda</p><p>BUTLER'S ROYALE... 8Aperol, Creme De Cassis, aromatic bitters &amp; prosecco</p><p>HARRY'S ROYALE... 8Gin, grapefruit, apple, mint, elderflower &amp; prosecco</p><p>ESPRESSO MARTINI... 8Vodka, Khalua, sugar &amp; fresh Espresso</p><p>PIER STREET MARTINI... 7.5Gin, raspberries, lemon &amp; egg white</p><p>FRUIT MARKET MARTINI... 7.5Pear vodka, ros, cranberry &amp; Chambord</p><p>'ALBEET' DOCK... 7.5Honey &amp; beetroot reduction, spiced rum, lime, aromatic bitters &amp; ginger beer</p><p>FINKLE STREET MOJITO... 7.5White rum, elderflower, apple, lime, mint &amp; soda</p><p>JBS... 7.5Bourbon, Cointreau, Star Anise &amp; ginger ale</p><p>VICTORIA STREET SOUR... 7.5Bourbon, lemon, sugar, egg white &amp; Rioja</p><p>MARINA PUNCH... 7.5White rum, Chambord, sugar and passionfruit</p><p>...</p></li><li><p>WHITECRISP &amp; DRY</p><p>SAUVIGNON BLANC, CLOUD ISLANDMARLBOROUGH, NEW ZEALAND</p><p>SAUVIGNON BLANC, BRAMPTONWESTERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA</p><p>SANCERRE, LES PIERRES BLANCHESBOUGRIER, LOIRE</p><p>LIGHT &amp; DELICATE</p><p>CHARDONNAY, AIMERYVIN DE PAYS DOC</p><p>PINOT GRIGIO, FONTEVENETO, ITALY</p><p>PETIT CHABLIS, DOMAINE MILLETBURGUNDY</p><p>RICH &amp; AROMATIC</p><p>MAYA, LUGANAITALY</p><p>ESK VALLEY VERDELHONEW ZEALAND</p><p>PECORINO, LA PIUMAABRUZZO, ITALY</p><p>POUILLY FUME DOMAINE CHATELAINFRANCE</p><p>OFF THE BEATEN TRACK WHITES</p><p>PICPOUL DE PINET, CUVEE THETISLANGUEDIC, FRANCE</p><p>ROUSANNE, YALUMBA AUSTRALIA</p><p>REISLING,PEWSEY VALE, AUSTRALIA - INT. CHALLENGE COMMENDEO</p><p>LOSSTERRASSEN GOBELSBURGERAUSTRIA</p><p>5</p><p>4.5</p><p>4.5</p><p>4.7</p><p>7.2</p><p>6</p><p>6</p><p>6.6</p><p>21</p><p>18</p><p>19</p><p>18</p><p>25</p><p>30</p><p>25</p><p>22</p><p>28</p><p>28</p><p>22</p><p>//</p><p>//</p><p>//</p><p>//3.8 /</p><p>23</p><p>AS WINELOVERS...... weve very happily done our research to source the most exceptional wines from near and far. With labels from little known producers rubbing shoulders with distinguished vineyards, youll easily find one to pair with your meal, or simply enjoy with good company. </p><p>28</p><p>26</p></li><li><p>ROSSOFT &amp; FRUITY</p><p>GARNACHA ROSDADO MARQUESDE ALFAMENCARINENA, SPAIN</p><p>ROSE D ANJOU, BOUGRIERLOIRE, FRANCE</p><p>SANCERRE, LA GEMIEREFRANCE</p><p>CHAMPAGNELIGHT &amp; FRUITY</p><p>CHAMPAGNE TAITINGER BRUT RESERVE REIMS, FRANCE</p><p>CHAMPAGNE TAITINGER PRESTIGE ROSE REIMS, FRANCE</p><p>VEUVE CLICQUOT REIMS, FRANCE</p><p>PROSECCO, VITICOLTORY PONTETREVISO, ITALY</p><p>AURORA ROSE VITICOLTORY PONTETREVISO, ITALY</p><p>CHAMPAGNE H.LANVIN &amp; FILS BRUTFRANCE</p><p>BUBBLESFRESH &amp; FRUITY</p><p>4.7</p><p>4.9</p><p>6.6</p><p>7</p><p>18</p><p>19</p><p>22</p><p>28</p><p>24</p><p>55</p><p>60</p><p>//</p><p>//</p><p>/</p><p>3.8</p><p>3.8</p><p>5</p><p>/</p><p>/</p><p>55</p><p>REDSOFT &amp; FRUITY</p><p>MARQUES DE ALFAMENCARINENA, SPAIN</p><p>MERLOT, CALITERRA RESERVA CHILLE</p><p>BOURGOGNE PINOT NOIR LOUIS JADOTFRANCE</p><p>RIPE &amp; EARTHYSHIRAZ, STELLAR RUNNING DUCKSOUTH AFRICA (ORGANIC)</p><p>VALPOLICELLA RIPASSOCANTINA DI NEGRAR, ITALY</p><p>CHATEUNEUF-DU-PAPEDOMAIN DU PERE PAPE, RHONE</p><p>ANFORORIO VINO NOBILE DI MONTEPULCIANOITALY</p><p>ROBUST &amp; FULLRIOJA, FINCA DE OROSPAIN</p><p>MALBEC, ANDEAN VINEYARDSMENDOZA, ARGENTINA</p><p>AMARONE DELLA VALPOLICELLA CLASSICOCANTINA DI NEGRAR, ITALY</p><p>BAROLO TERRE DEL BAROLOITALY</p><p>OFF THE BEATEN TRACK REDSPINOT NOIR, PETER &amp; PETERPFALZ, GERMANY</p><p>JARDIM DA ESTRELAPORTUGAL</p><p>CABERNET SAUVIGNON/SHIRAZRIO SOL, BRAZIL</p><p>LE COLOMBIER MASSAYALEBANON</p><p>23</p><p>25</p><p>25</p><p>4.6 6.2 18</p><p>23</p><p>36</p><p>//</p><p>4.6 6.2 18</p><p>26</p><p>38</p><p>//</p><p>4.7</p><p>4.6</p><p>6.6</p><p>6.5</p><p>18</p><p>18</p><p>30</p><p>3.8 ///</p><p>//</p><p>42</p><p>5.9 8.4 //</p><p>8.5</p><p>23</p><p>24</p></li><li><p>BOTTLES...BELGIUM</p><p>DELERIUM TREMENS 330ML / 8.5%... 5.5</p><p>DUVEL 330ML / 8.5%... 5.5 WESTMALLE DUBBEL 330ML / 7%... 5</p><p>KWAK 330ML / 8.4%... 6</p><p>KASTEEL TRIPEL 300ML / 11%... 6</p><p>TRIPEL KARMELIET 330ML / 8.4%... 5</p><p>CHIMAY 330ML / 7%... 5</p><p>AMERICAN</p><p>FOUNDERS ALL DAY IPA 355ML / 4.7%... 4 GOOSE ISLAND IPA 355ML / 5.9%... 4</p><p>ANCHOR STEAM 355ML / 4.8%... 4.5</p><p>SIERRA NEVADA 355ML / 5.6%... 5.6</p><p>BRITISH</p><p>BOSPHOROUS RUBY ALE 500ML / 6.5%... 5 WOLD GOLD BLONDE ALE 500ML / 4.8%... 3.6 BLACKSHEEP 500ML / 4.4%... 3.6</p><p>MEAUX ABBEY ALE 500ML / 9%... 5</p><p>JAPANESE</p><p>HITACHINO WHITE ALE 330ML / 5.5%... 4</p><p>EVERY BEER TELLS A TALE......and at Butler Whites we consider ourselves master storytellers. All of the beers behind our bar have been chosen because of their integrity, reputation, personality and calibre, making every sip, quaff and gulp a narrative of flavour.</p></li><li><p>DRAUGHTSFRONTIER 4.5%... 4.2 / 2.1NEW WAVE CRAFT LAGER</p><p>SHED HEAD 4.6%... 4.4 / 2.2AMERICAN IPA </p><p>MAHOU 5.5%... 4.7 / 3.6SPANISH LAGER</p><p>BAD APPLE 5.1%... 4 / 2CRAFTER CIDER </p><p>SAN MIGUEL 5.5%... 4.5 / 2.3SPANISH LAGER</p><p>GUINNESS 4.3%... 4 / 2IRISH STOUT</p><p>SOMERSBY 4.0%... 4 / 2FRUIT CIDER</p><p>BROOKLYN 5.2%... 4.6 / 3AMERICAN AMBER LAGER</p><p>STOUT</p><p>ANCHOR PORTER 355ML / 5.6%... 4.6</p><p>BRICKNELL CHOC PORTER 500ML / 4.8%... 4.5</p><p>FRUIT</p><p>FLORIS MANGO 300ML / 3.6%... 3.6 FLORIS HONEY 300ML / 4.6%... 3.8 KASTEEL ROUGE 300ML / 8.0%... 5</p><p>LIEFMANS FRUITESSE 330ML / 3.8%... 4.5</p><p>DELERIUM CHERRY 330ML / 8.0%... 5.5</p><p>GLUTEN FREE</p><p>DAURA 330ML / 5.0%... 4</p><p>WOLD TOP, AGAINST 500ML/4.5%... 3.6THE GRAIN </p><p>CELIA 330ML / 4.5%... 3.8</p><p>FAVOURITES</p><p>PERONI 330ML / 5.1%... 3.9 CORONA 330ML / 4.5%... 3.8 BECKS 275ML / 5.0%... 3.8</p><p>ALCOHOL FREE</p><p>ERDINGER ALKOHOLFREI 500ML / 0.4%... 3</p><p>SAN MIGUEL 0 330ML / 0%... 3.8</p><p>GERMAN</p><p>FRUH KOLSCH 500ML / 5.0% / 4.5</p><p>ERDINGER WHEAT BEER 500ML / 5.3% / 4.8</p><p>AUGUSTINERBRU MNCHEN 500ML / 5.4% / 5</p><p>COMMERZIENRAT RIEGELE 330ML / 5.2% / 4.5</p></li><li><p>APPLETISER... 2.2SPARKLING 100% APPLE JUICE</p><p>SPARKLING ELDERFLOWER PRESSE... 3HAND-PICKED ELDERFLOWERS BLENDED WITHPURE, SPARKLING SPRING WATER.</p><p>FEVER TREE GINGER BEER OR GINGER ALE... 3DISTINCTIVE GINGER FLAVOUR CREATED FROMA BLEND OF THE WORLD'S FINEST GINGERS</p><p>FENTIMANS DANDELION &amp;BURDOCK... 3INFUSIONS OF DANDELION &amp; BURDOCK ROOTSCOMBINED WITH NATURAL FLAVOURS.</p><p>SAN PELLEGRINO... 3A CHOICE OF BLOOD ORANGE, LEMON &amp; MINT OR ORANGE &amp; POMEGRANATE.</p><p>SPARKLING...2OR MINERAL WATER...500ML 2NATURALLY PURE &amp; REFRESHING TASTE</p><p>J20, APPLE &amp; RASPBERRY,PASSION FRUIT &amp; MANGOOR APPLE &amp; MANGO... 3AN INTENSELY JUICY EXPERIENCE</p><p>ORGANIC SPARKLING LEMONADE,CLEMENTINE OR RUBYORANGE... 3</p><p>SOFT DRINKS</p><p>AN ORGANIC TAKE ON THE OLD FAVOURITES</p><p>FOR WHEN YOURE FEELING SAINTLY...... a little sensitive or simply fancy something different. Alcohol free but full of flavour. Refresh yourself with one of our tasty soft drinks.</p></li><li><p>POT OF TEA... 2.1 / 3.5POT OF TRADITIONAL TEA SERVED WITH SUGAR CUBES, JUG OF MILK. FOR ONE OR TWO PEOPLE.</p><p>SINGLE ESPRESSO... 2.05Small intense flavour.</p><p>DOUBLE ESPRESSO... 2.5For when one shot just doesnt cut it.</p><p>MACCHIATO... 2.1Espresso with just enough milk to soften the intense flavours.</p><p>AMERICANO... 2.1Mixed shots of espresso with steamed milk.</p><p>FLAT WHITE... 2.2Shorter than a Latte. Blends espresso with silky steamed milk.</p><p>LATTE... 2.4</p><p>HOT DRINKS</p><p>Shot of espresso and hot steamed milk</p><p>RECHARGE &amp; WARM THE SOUL...... with one of our lovingly crafted cups created by our expert baristas. </p><p>Brought to you using the highest quality ingredients, it's the perfect way to unwind or finish of a hearty meal.</p><p>CAPPUCCINO... 2.4Espresso with steamed, frothy milk.</p><p>MOCHA... 2.75Espresso with hot chocolate.</p><p>SYRUP... 0.8Add a dash to your coffee</p></li><li><p>ICED FRAPP... 2.8 / 3.8Cool and creamy with a hint of coffee.</p><p>LIQUEUR COFFEE... 5.5Espresso topped with a liqueur of your choice.</p><p>LIQUEUR ICED COFFEE... 5.5Espresso on shaved ice topped with a liqueur of your choice.</p><p>BUTLERS ICED COFFEE... 5.5Fresh espresso shaken with milk, cream, Havanna No7 rum, black magic rum and vanilla topped with whipped cream.</p><p>LIQUEUR &amp; ICE</p><p>HOT CHOCOLATE... 2.6Luxurious, rich creamy mix of chocolate and steamed milk.</p><p>CHOCOLATE</p></li></ul>