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A Cheju of SHILLA - New Brand Identity Strategy -. Contents. Situation Analysis Strategy for Brand Communication 3. Practical Tactics. Situation Analysis for Brand Communication. Market Analysis. Different results corresponding from the same causes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of A Cheju of SHILLA - New Brand Identity Strategy

  • A Cheju of SHILLA- New Brand Identity Strategy -

  • Situation Analysis

    Strategy for Brand Communication

    3. Practical Tactics


  • Situation Analysis for Brand Communication

  • Market AnalysisDecreasing numbers of foreign touristsIncreasing numbers of domestic touristsDifferent results corresponding from the same causes SARS - Epidemic disease - Threat of terrorNECESSITY TO FIND NEW MARKETSource : KNTOSource : KNTO

  • Constantly Increasing in numbers of convention held. Pie is getting bigger ?

    Growing Domestic competition among COEX, BEXCO, EXCO, ICC

    Convention Industry Mainly concentrated in Seoul area.

    Cheju accounts for 10.47% and ranks second.

    Before the opening of ICC Cheju, Shilla took up the largest portion of M/S in Cheju Other areas in Korea ChejuMarket AnalysisSource : KNTOSource : KNTO

  • Enlarging the pie by co-hosting / co-relating with ICC.

    Cheju : A place to be capable of hosting a big convention in beautiful environment with nature.

    Threat to the major Position in convention hosting in Cheju? Opportunity to collaborate?vsOpening of ICC Cheju ?Market AnalysisShanghaiBusanSeoulTokyo

  • Target No.1 : Free Individual TravelerSoutheast Asians BOBOs 30-50

    - Generally Favorable impression of Korea- upper- middle financial status- Yuppie: Put high emphasis on both professional work and private lifeSource : KNTOCustomer AnalysisWhen a FIT thinks of Cheju Island, they both typically perceive it as a scenic and unpolluted nature.FITs Impression of Cheju IslandSource : 100 questionnaires(50 : Koreans, 50 : foreigners)

  • Name : Catherine Zwang, (representing REST)FemaleNationality : TaiwanAge : 36Occupation: Dentist

    Brand contact audit : TV soap opera

    interested in Korean Show businesses. prefers leisure rest rather than has a serious interest in her beauty. likes to play outdoor sports and activities, such as sightseeing and scuba diving, golfing

    Customer AnalysisTypical Customer case #1

  • Safety ? - Political safety - Free of environmental hazards and diseases - Security support Nowadays epidemic diseases and terror threaten the people, so safety is the most valued factor. Target No.2 : Convention organizerCustomer AnalysisSource : Renaghan, Leo, Kay

  • Source : MICE 2003Convention organizers valuesQuality of staff and service the most!Customer Analysis

  • Customer AnalysisTypical Customer case #2

    Name: Robert Allen. (representing Work) MaleNationality : United StatesAge : 42Occupation: running his own Public-relation firmHighly disposable incomeCame to Cheju once for business meeting.

    Brand contact audit : Paper related to his job.

    He already knew that Cheju is strategic place in east-Asia.Considered many determinants about location and facility.Choose the meeting place based on Knowledge from business and private life.

  • Positionof ShillaWorkRestThe Field of WorkICC, job-related facilitiesThe Field of RestPension, Tour Inn

    Position of Shilla = The Shilla Cheju holds both the concept of work and the concept of restCompetitors in ChejuHyatt Regency, Lotte Cheju, KAL, ..Competitor Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis(Source : KCBI)(Source : F.G.I)Shilla needs to improve its brand awareness !!No. 1 recognition in Domestic Market Compared to Koreans, foreigners are not as much familiar with Shilla.

  • Source : F.G.I Shilla Cheju Cheju LotteKALCompetitor AnalysisMaintain Positive Images of Shilla Cheju Take Advantage of Negative Images of Other Hotels+

  • Analysis : Conclusion

    1. The recognition level of Shilla Cheju should be improved.

    2. A clean image of Cheju will appeal to Convention organizers/ participants, FITs.

    3. The Shilla Cheju will hold the concept of work AND rest.


  • Strategy for Brand Communication

  • Strategy for brand communication Source: F.G.IShilla ChejuLocal background and potentialChain HotelsLack of Locality

  • The necessity of integrated image of Cheju and ShillaStrategy for brand communication Only Cheju Island in tourists mind Take the edges of Cheju to boost the awareness !

  • A Cheju of SHILLAQ) How can we position ourselves? A) Building a new brand identity which represents Cheju.Strategy for brand communication There can be lots of Chejus people enjoy. But only the Cheju you enjoy with SHILLA is the truly best for you.Taking the image of Chejus clean image that attracts FIT & CO.

    Reminding the customer of the brand SHILLA when they perceive Cheju

  • Re-create the best of you Professional ability to progress the convention Located only few mins away from Cheju ICC State-of-the-art technology available including wireless Internet access

    Work and RestStrategy for brand communication Located in Natural environment Beautiful scene of pacific ocean and Mt. Halla PGA and LPGA approved and acclaimed Golf club Guerlain Spa make you the best of you can be RestWork

  • Practical Tactics for Brand Communication

  • Build the Brand of Shilla with Advertisement

    Build the Brand of Shilla With Support

    Build the Brand of Shilla WithCooperation

    Build the Brand of Shilla with Cultural Event

    Build the Brand,A Cheju of ShillaPractical Tactics

  • Build the Brand of Shilla with Advertisement

    Build the Brand of Shilla with Cultural Event

    Put out ads. on traveling magazines for countries in the Southeast Asia, on wedding magazines, or on luxury magazines. Experience Chejus traditions by listening to local music, riding horses,and picking fruits.Practical Tactics

  • Build the Brand of Shilla With Support

    Build the Brand of Shilla WithCooperation

    Active promotion and support to major travel agencies in targeted countries.Provide tourism or convention related schools with financial support. Sponsor international convention organizations.Practical Tactics

  • Practical Tactics Name : Amy Lynn

    Age : 22

    Nationality : United states

  • Are you satisfied with this?Now,you can have every pleasure of Cheju in SHILLA. A Cheju of SHILLAPractical Tactics - AD

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