A BackTable Presentation By Antonette, Sami, Rashid, Rendell

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Transcript of A BackTable Presentation By Antonette, Sami, Rashid, Rendell

  • A BackTable PresentationBy Antonette, Sami, Rashid, Rendell

  • Rosengarten Mountain This mountain, Rosengarten is located in northern Italy. Its elevation is nearly 10,000 feet.

  • In Italy my fathers grandfather experienced how hard it was for transportation in the mountains. It was almost impossible to move things. Him and other men had built some of the railroads going through the mountains. To thank him they named a street after him.

  • Venice, ItalyIn Venice people build townhouses and homes around the canals, this influences the worlds interest in visiting italy. Tourists are curious to take boats or gondala to see how this changes the living situations.

  • PhilippinesThe Philippines has 7,107 islandsTotal land area of approximately 300,000 square kilometers

  • Philippines EventI experienced a flood in the PhilippinesThe water was really highIt rained a lot

  • Philippines InfluenceTsunamis of the Philippines influence different parts of the worldTsunamis destroy land and agriculture that other countries may use.

  • This is the Jordan River and it borders Jordan and Israel. This river has fresh water and that is how Jordanians and Israelis get their fresh water.

  • My grandpa experienced a sand storm in the desert in Jordan. He said it was really bad because you wouldnt be able to see or breathe because of the sand getting in your nose, mouth, and eyes.

  • This is the desert in Jordan and this influences the world by having tourists all around the world visit it throughout the year.