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Goods to serviceTravel agencyTangibilityContinuum of Evaluation from Product to service.


TicketingHotel confirmationsVISA.Coach and other servicesServices of A Travel Agency:

4 Characteristics & 5 Parameters of evaluation for A Service:IntangibilityVariabilityPerishabilityInseparabilityTangiblesEmpathyAssuranceResponsivenessReliability

About Indian Out Bound Market & COX & KINGS.Indian out bound market fast growing than in bound ( nearly twice).Far east and Europe are the most often visited by Indians.Old Players- Cox and Kings, Thomas Cook, SOTC etc.Todays Market leader- Make my trip. (Online service provider concurred the market share of store based, traditional approached big players.)COX & KINGS- a brand positioned as make moments memorable. Products in the Market:Group tours/ package tours.Flexible tour/ requirement bookings.VISA Consultation/ processing assistance.FOREX ( Corporate, individual).Niche products of CNK:Language specific Group Tours (Ami Traval Kar- Marathi group tours)Gaurav Yatra- tour for Vegetarian.

Customer Satisfaction In pre tour services

Simplified Interactions

Loss of credibility at one store is loss of credibility of all stores of the organization.Managerial Question: What to do to decrease the loss of credibility of the organization

Research objective: What are the factors/ reasons for loss of credibility What hat is the frequency of its occurrenceResearch Question: What are the various interactions (both with client and internal) in pre tour services.What are the critical interactions in the process?What are the bottle necks and lapses that may occur in the process?What is the root cause of the lapse? What is the frequency of the lapse in that organization?Store performance and the pattern in which these lapses occur

Research Type: Exploratory Research

Data collection:Collection of lapses in the process by observation, Case study and depth interview (Clients, Sr. Mangers).To find root cause of customer failure by factorization of lapses.Usage of 5 point Likert scale for collecting data. variable to subject ratio of 3:1, so data collected from 200 sourses.Continent stratified Sampling. Strata -1: basis on department.Strata -2: basis on designation.Limitations: due to norms of the organization the data for factor analysis .i.e. for level of dissatisfaction that each laps may cause is could not be collected directly from clients.The rating was taken from Sr. managers, managers and scale 2 officers which was highly correlated with clients opinion.( from literature review).

KMO and Bartlett's TestKaiser-Meyer-Olkin Measure of Sampling Adequacy..617Bartlett's Test of SphericityApprox. Chi-Square12725.598Df1830Sig..000

Results of Factor Analysis (PCA)

KMO >0.5 data is sufficient/ adequate.Bartletts >0.5 the variables are highly co related.Eigen value >2.5.=> total variance explained is 60%No. Of factors: 7.1st is most contributing of % and rest count= 25 cases out of 162 cases (nearly 30%)All root causes are coded as listed above(1 to 6).Mode=1 => the most occurring issues is due to wrong information.

Stages in the ProcessCheck PointsResponsibility ofPlanningUnderstanding the customer requirements properly and suggesting a right alternative of group tour or FIT. To fix clients expectations. SOsBookingClear dollar rate and its changes.Visa and document requirements submission duration (including Buffer time).Payment time line made according to booking date informed to LO and client.Also Probability of tour operation is to be touched up on to help clients make any changes.The file to be handed over to LOs is to be clearly specified about the processing to be carried forward mentioning all details of countries of travel, booing form signed, any specifics if any. SOsPayment and Document collectionTimeline specified by SOs to be confirmed/ intimated to clients by LO. Though collection of payment is altered, document collection is to be done priority.LOFollow- upCustomers are to be kept informed about any changes made from tentative and taken confirmation.Visa Submission, Processing timeline is to be intimated to clients.Any delays or implications are clearly informed and alternative suggestions are to be discussed as a stand by plan.LOs, VOsPartly SOs (since SOs are to be involved in the entire process)Hand overEnsure customer is proactively informed from organizational end about the hand over and is delivered at door step. ( if promised so)If they are called to the store the hand over is to be kept readily packed without making them wait in the store for any confirmations.LOs & SOs

Recommendations made- A check list at every stage of process

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