900 Pound Gorilla

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How to beat more powerful competitors through strategic focus on company, customer, and competitor.

Transcript of 900 Pound Gorilla

  • The Strategy TechniqueBeating the 900 Pound GorillaKelly Lefkowitz, President

    Strat/Assist12610 Mitchell AvenueSuite EightLos Angeles CA 90066310.980.6641 kellylef@comcast.net

  • Play Differently

  • Three Faces of Corporate StrategyProduct LeadershipOperational ExcellenceCustomer Focus (Intimacy)

  • Product LeadershipInnovationNew Product IntroductionProduct DesignBrand/Reputation


  • Product Leadership ExamplesIntelProctor & GambleSonyNikeRalph LaurenAmazon.Com

  • Operational ExcellenceLow PricesHigh QualityHassle Free Service


  • Operational Excellence ExamplesWal-MartFederal ExpressGateway 2000SaturnLimitedSouthwest Airlines

  • Customer Focus (Intimacy)Best Product + Best Price = Best ValueLive the Customers ProblemsClose Relationships Help Companies to Recognize Customer Needs


  • Customer Focused CompaniesBennettonChapperal SteelCheetah Software SystemsRyder Logistics

  • Total Focus on One Strategy?NO! NO! NO!You Have to Maintain a Competitive Threshold in The Other AreasAchieve Outstanding Performance in One Area While Remaining Competitive in the Other Two.

  • The Strategic TechniqueProduct




  • When Up Against The Market LeaderSurvive - if a large company is committed to providing unmatched value of a particular kind, to one of the three value disciplines, get out of the way.Thrive - look at the natural advantages of big companies to see where your leverage points are for each of the value disciplines

  • Survival StrategyIf a Large Company is Well Managed it Will Get What it Wants, but it Cant Excel at All Three Values.Focus and Innovate in a Different Type of ValueMinutemen Vs. British ArmyWalmart Vs. SearsCPA Vs. Big 6Ben & Jerrys Vs. Baskin Robbins

  • Using the Strategy TechniqueTo Analyze Your Customers/Segment Your MarketsTo Position Yourself Against CompetitionTo Provide Focus to Your Employees/ Co-workers

  • Analyze Your Customers/ Segment Your MarketA Brilliant Sales ToolSales Force IntuitionFocus On Your Target Market

  • Position Against Your CompetitionHow Do They PlayThe Downside of Each StrategyGo for the Soft Spot

  • Focus Your EmployeesSimple to Understand the StrategyTraining Costs ReducedDecisions Are Easier to Make

  • Your Customers Triangle

  • If a Customer Is Product FocusedOperating Efficiency HelpsLow Cost ComponentsConsistent QualityCustomer Flexibility HelpsOutsource Services (Black Box Programs)J-I-TProduct Focused HurtsToo Much Value Added Cost in ComponentsDesigns May Change Too Often

  • If a Customer is Operating EfficientProduct Focused HelpsAssure Components are of High QualityOperating Efficient HelpsKeeping Cost LowCustomer Flexibility HelpsOutsource Activities that Would Prevent Efficiency

  • If A Customer is Flexibility FocusedOperating Efficiency HelpsConsistency of Product & ServiceFlexibility HelpsJ-I-TStrategic Alliance

  • Your Competitions Triangle

  • Your Strategy Triangle

  • Beat the 900 Pound Gorilla!!!